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  1.  Just Action


    If its an action/comedy your after and youve seen all the othe rone sout there, give this a bash. The plots a little ridiculous at times, but hey....its meant to be, great acting by the two leads, Cruise is sauve as usual but adds much of the comedy to the film, Diaz is great as the eye candy. Ignore the "Knight and Day..Stay away" review...i mean if they prefer Ah-nulds acting is good in True Lies....nuff said!

  2.  Get off my lawn


    Another classic line to add to his already great repetiore.."get off my lawn", classic one liners aside this film shows how Clint Eastwood can shift from genre to genre effortlessly, from playing the man with no name, to Dirty Harry, to a boxing coach to Walt Kowalalski...the lead character of Gran Torino, a bitter aging war veteren who goes from hating his new Asian neighbours with utter racism (as many others he comes across in the movie), to going on to beocme friends with the young boy whom tried steal his Gran Torino and the boys family.
    Touching, funny, thought provoking, sad....Clint Eastwood is turning out to be as good (or if possible better) at directing as he is at acting, heres hoping this wasn't his last acting role....but if it was what a swan song

  3.  Rod The Mod


    Maggie May, Stay With Me, Hot Legs, You Wear It Well, Rhythm Of My Heart, 4.99....Sale?
    If those 5 classic tracks and another 27 spread over 2 CD's for justa fiver didn't sway it for you then the followings not going to either....Rod Stewart, the gravvly voiced godfather of Rock...he's been on the go for over 40 years and he's covered almost every genre you can think of and done them all quite sucessfully, he hosted the biggest ever concert to date in Rio De Janerio, Brazil to about 4 and a half million fans...and this CD with all his hits is a fiver...a FIVER!!!...i've got mine pffft you guys can fight over the rest

  4.  Set your faces to stun!....


    Get ready...get ready....until last weekend i had never seen a single Star Wars movie...ok ok you can stop gasping now. All the fuss, all the hype, "Star Wars is one of the best movies ever" people say.......what a major let down! The effects looked amazingly dated (sure it was made in 77 but still, why all the hype?"...Mark Hammils acting would fit straight into Worzil Gummidge, Carrie Fisher ...cheesy, James Earl Jones voicing Darth Vader....why? Harrison Ford was the only good part about the acting force.
    Alot of the first part of teh movie revolves around 2 robots "speaking" to each other, i found this tedious and frustating. The story picked up though and it turned out to be nothing more than an average movie. Sci-Fi nerds will be in their glory im sure, but this is yet another movie that was outdone by it's own hype..and can be thrown into the same category as "The Matrix", "I Am Legend", and "The Da Vinci Code"

  5.  NOT the original


    This is not the original tale of obsession as the previous reader would have you believe, as most of its ideas are stolen from Clint Eastwoods Play Misty For Me, but with that aside this is still a very good film, well acted and worth watching

  6.  Al Pacino + Jon Avnet = Utter Dross


    I seen this film had 3 1/2 stars as it's average rating, lets bring you people actually thinking of buying this up to speed.....this is not a film worth 3 1/2 stars. Al pacino will not be on good form at all, possibly the worst film i have ever seen him in, worse than s1m0ne (if you liked that hey....stop reading now this is for you) the "twist" becomes clear 30-40mins into the film , unlike righteous kill (with pacino aswell) where it is clear from the first 5 minutes. The directing is poor (same director as righteous kill by the way)
    The action is lame it never really gets going. Although i would probably class this as a thriller, minus the thrills ...i can't think of any reasons why you should buy this at all actually a huge dissapointment to thriller fans and pacino fans alike.....

  7.  Worlds biggest indy fan left gutted....


    For all of you REAL Indiana Jones fans that havn't seen the film, looking for some information and reading these 5 star reviews below (or above)...don't get too excited. Indiana Jones is over the top at times, i'll give you that, in Temple of Doom there were moments that seemed surreal but because of great acting and direction you had to think for a moment "could that really happen.....", In Kingdom of The Crystal Skull this is far from the case it goes from ridiculouly surviving a nuclear explosion in a fridge, to driving a truck off a cliff into a tree which carries it to safety...over the top indeed, perhaps too much. The feeling of the last 3 films is lost totally. Still a few enjoyable moments and when the film seems to get going its ruined by another piece of stupidity. Indy may be 65, but I still think he's the kinda guy who would avoid marriage....oops...i got that wrong.

  8.  not dead yet


    i'm going to disagree with the last few reviews i read there and say this is one of (if not) the best die hard movies. the willis wise cracks are still there, the action is non stop, and justin long is great as his tag along partner. okay so this is typical american hero stuff with a fairly obvious story and ott action.....but this is die hard is'nt it...so who cares!

    i highly recommed this to any who has enjoyed the other 3 in the series, or just to anyone who likes a good action movie

  9.  Short and sweet


    like the title says im going to mae this short and sweet:

    these are the 3 best adventure films of all time...buy them