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  1.  The online daddy


    Brilliant off line and was brilliant online but now alas its been totally ruined by hackers! What a shame as there's simply nothing that even comes close to replacing it.

  2.  Good but not great


    There's nothing that black ops does that MW2 doesn't do better. Its quite good but certainly not as good as MW2 (infinity ward) and thats both online and offline. I'm back to playing MW2 and I've traded my black ops in for AC brotherhood.

  3. Mafia II

    Mafia II


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     Not bad


    Well its good but not great. The graphics are quite nice and the characters and story are all quite well done. The maps about 1/3 the size of the GTA map but boast's a little more attention to detail. However the game content is just too short with just 15 main missions and no side missions it doesn't take long to complete the game. I put the difficulty level on max to increase the play time and this gave me about 15 hours (I'm not a great gamer) but in a sandbox style game this is just not long enough. I have not downloaded the extra content yet but hopefully this will add a few more much needed hours into the game

  4.  A visual masterpiece


    I can't get enough of the stunning visuals in this game. Everything in the landscapes, buildings, people and the animals all look so rich and detailed. The weather system works perfectly with constant changes in lighting and shading throughout the day. I often find myself just wondering around on horseback and just watching the lovely environment around me while doing almost nothing. The game benefits from a solid storyline and plenty of good gun fights and chases. There are a few bad points which are only small but worth a mention. The frequent gun fights are often a bit too easy and the graphics in almost all of the cut scenes are a bit of a let down. However despite these minor bad points I'd have to say it is still a wonderful game which has clearly had a lot of work put into its development. Oh and the story ending in my opinion is great.

  5.  The Castle of Eagles....


    Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton line up for a mission impossible in war torn Germany. Great cast, fine music and a gripping plot all combine to make this a first rate film which I am very pleased to see is getting the blue-ray treatment.

  6.  Picture perfect!


    I read the good reviews and decided to buy this film on Blue-ray and I must say I wasn't disappointed. The picture quality is crisp, clear and full of lush, vivid colour. This is a fine HD transfer which should be the bench mark for all future transfers to blue-ray. Lets hope titles like the Great Escape, Saving Private Ryan, Ben Hur and Gladiator all look as good as this.

  7.  Smashing!


    Well I won't go into much detail about the brilliant graphics, A. I and story line ect ect because its been said before in other reviews. Instead I'd like to mention the skirmish mode because I'm not online. I know I'm in a tiny minority with just about everyone else online but now at last I can play the online maps offline against A I bots and boy oh boy is it fun! Why has no other shooter done this before, its a first rate idea and gives a game so much more longevity. Great stuff!

  8.  Impressive


    I'm only about 1/3 of the way through this game but so far I'm enjoying it very much and I would recommend it. The graphics and sound are decent and the game play is good and allows for frequent upgrades and skill development. The map is big and very open in places but its certainly not on the scale of games like GTA or Far Cry. I enjoy roaming around the wastes of DC while playing both the main and secondary missions at the same time and picking up plenty of guns and ammo to use and or sell. The best parts of the map are the more built up locations and the underground metro tunnels and stations in those areas are a nice feature. I'd recommend the strategy guide too as its proved to be very useful so far and provides some great hints and tips and lots of alternative ways to complete missions. Great game.

  9.  Sounds great!


    Well realreview you say this game is like uncharted (outstanding game i'm sure many people will agree) then that's good enough for me, I'll be buying it!!

  10.  Just my cup of tea.


    I'm a fan of WW2 shooters but since selling my PSP over a year ago I haven't played a BIA game and I'd forgotten what a great FPS it is. You need to think a bit in this game you don't just charge in shooting from the hip. I like the more considered approach needed when taking on the enemy in BIA which is something that's always been absent in any COD game. The single player mode is quite substantial which is refreshing compared to many other FPS and it will take more than just a few hours to complete which again is something that can never be said about COD. The story line is good, graphics and sound are good and the game play is outstanding and I'd give it five stars at least.