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  1.  Relaxing day, but not sure it's value for money now...


    ***Please note that my previous review gave this 4 stars - I have changed it to 3 stars simply because it has gone up in price by £4 since my original purchase and depending on how good your participating Marriott is, I'm not sure this is value for money anymore. I will think twice about buying it again.

    Obviously this review will depend on the location of Marriott leisure club!

    This will suit someone who doesn't necessarily want a long-term leisure club membership (or can't afford one) but would like a day using the swimming pool/jacoozi/sauna.

    We went to the Bexleyheath Marriott on a Sunday afternoon and really chilled out. Small pool but nice and clean. Laid down on the loungers around the pool after swima and sauna and nearly fell asleep, if it hadn't been for a child screaming! But still nice.

    Sauna not as intensely hot as some I've been in so you can stay in for longer.

    We were offered towels, plus shampoo and conditioner was provided in the shower - handy!! And they had one of those machines which dries your swimming costume - can't remember what they're called - so no laundry after, which my mum was grateful for!

    4 stars, not 5, because there was some confusion about parking - ring them beforehand to clarify - and we were not given a tour of the pool and ended up putting our towels on the floor rather than the hooks (we didn't see them!).

    Other than that, a really relaxing day out. I work nearly every Sunday so it was a real treat to be off and do something so nice - so worth it for a special day!



    I watched this on a plane coming back from holiday. And although films are really hard to watch on planes, I was really impressed!

    I wish it had been in 3D (I saw the trailer for it in 3D when I went to see Toy Story before my holiday) and it looked amazing.

    It's witty, it has a clear message and the graphics are excellent!

  3.  GREAT phone but a bit unreliable!


    First of all, I should say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone. I've always had old phones from friends and family when they have had upgrades and this is the first time I ever treated myself to something really savvy.

    I had the same experience as someone else... after 24 hours... faulty! I turned it off and when I turned it on again it lit up, gave me the NOKIA advert screen and then totally froze. I was in a foul mood but got a replacement in store the next day.

    All is well now, although there are times when it does something strange and I don't trust it. I just turn it off and on again...... which also fills me with fear, but seems to work!

    Nevertheless, the touch screen is great, the camera is good quality (but probably not the same quality as your digital camera), it's just really versatile, has loads of options for anything you want to do and has great games.... and mp3 player!! It's brilliant!

    So to be honest, I will probably just put up with its unpredictability because it's a great phone (this seems to sum up quite a few people's experience). I have mine insured on fonesafe so if anything happens, my fault or the manufacturers, I will just get a replacement. It's a total pain but I'm a sucker for the Nokia 5800.

    Totally understand people giving it the 1 or 2 stars, but for me it's a 4, I would give it 5 if I felt I really could trust it!

  4.  Pretty good!!!


    Saw this on a plane on the way back from holiday a 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it! I expected it to be a bit predictable but it really wasn't! Also, it didn't pretend that problems in relationships have a simple quick-fix solution. It shows that if you want to be happy, you have to go out and get it!

  5.  A great buy!


    This is a really cute top, bright colours for summer!

    I'm an 8-10 and I bought a M. It shrunk slightly in the wash but it was alright a bit baggy when I got it, so it sort of evens it out! So I would recommend buying a size larger than you normally would!

    To the reviewer below and others, if you're not planning to return it, try washing it! If it's only a little too big, a wash will probably do it the world of good, it did to mine! I'm just not sure if it shrinks the second time....... :)



    I'm mainly a folk fan but this is one of the best CD's I have EVER bought. I am so impressed with John Mayer!

    He is a fantastic singer song-writer and his guitar work is brilliant.

    This is a mix of pop, rock and blues, with fantastic lyrics about a range of subjects.

    There's a lot of songs on relationships don't get me wrong but he really engages with other stuff, the idea of "Belief", how we are all "Waiting for the World to Change", the relationship between Mothers and "Daughter" relationship, how quickly life passes us by and losing your parents, "Stop This Train"... really fantastic stuff!

  7.  His best stand-up to date


    This is Moran's best stand-up without a doubt. I saw this years ago on TV and I have to say I'm not very impressionable with stand-up comedians, there's so much rubbish out there but I truthfully did cry with laughter to the point where i ended up lying on the floor with cramp having been sitting up comfortably. The timing is spot-on - he is utterly unpredictable & highly irrational!

    One of the best dvds i've ever bought.

    Buy buy buy and DON'T sell sell sell.

  8.  Great gadget!


    Cleaned my keyboard with this tonight and i love it! It's especially fun if you're quite childish as it feels moist and gooey!

    It's a little awkward to handle and some bits break away (hence 4 not 5 stars) but it's really a fantastic little gadget!

    It does not come in a tub but in a re-sealable foil-type bag which is much better I think. I once bought wipes for my laptop and I left the tub lid slightly ajar and yes... they all dried up!

    The packet is also easier to wrap if you want to give it as a little Christmas present.

    Not sure how long it lasts though. I plan to clean everything in the next few days incase I forget about it and find it shrivelled up a month or so later. At least then everything has had one good clean.

    If you only buy one each time your stuff needs a good clean, even every 3 months, so be it! Better than not cleaning at all or buying a totally rubbish product from the start...

  9.  Hilarious!


    Well worth reading! I just did a review on this for uni studying contemporary literature, and I loved every second of it... prepare to laugh out loud!!!!!!