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  1.  undecided


    first of all if your getting the for the pc make sure your rig can run it the game is rather heavy on the cpu.
    next problem is your going to need to jumpthrough a few hoops just to get started the game needs the games for windows live program to save and rockstar social club thing.
    when you get started though you will be treated to nice graphics (assuming you have too many gpus in your rig) a good story and humor, you might find the games story gets repetetive when most of the missions are variations of go here and kill someone but it was still enjoyable perhaps because the method varies the problem for me though is the end of game sandbox you have very little more that what you started the game with which is guns and a few safehouses and money but nothing to spend it on(except a suit you might be a killer in the game but you should at least look professional) that's it so your left with the feeling that all your work was for nothing and can only go on the same rampage you could allready do. compared to san andreas where you arrive with nothing and end up owning a casino a air field with a harrier jet, various helicopters, a jet pack which were fun for hunting the locals with etc in summary worth a play through but don't expect a lot of replay value

  2.  too much padding


    i would write more of a review but wiiloveit has allready hit the nail on the head, it seems like sonic team have a certian game length quota that they must meet no matter what, A lot of the game appears to be designed to waste time such as the hub worlds which involve pressing a until it's over or the werehog brawls where you can not advance until the enemies are dead. If the game was just day time levels it would have been a lot better ok it would have ended up a short game but so is portal which is still a good game

  3.  a great game but some flaws


    some ppl are probs wondering why i gave it 4 stars so i'll get the bad bits out of the way my first is the AI of the cpus although some things have improved since ssbm I.E they don't sit on 1 side of the stage together having a group hug while begging you to smash them off when someone gets a star or hammer now they keep fighting which is good in FFA but bad in a 1v1 where the cpu will try to attack the player with a star or hammer which is just stupid also luigi has figured out his up b move can be used to recover now other things include the cpu's tend to attack the player more often than each other which i found out in 4 player suddendeath where i ran around the stage for a minute and no one got ko'ed because they were all after me this is most annoying when the cpu gets the dragoon or smash ball since they aim at you regardless of the other cpu's situation my next point is the physics of the game have changed a bit too much for my liking but that's just my preference now my final bad point might be just my situation but i can't get a brawl going in a play anyone game i can never find other players i've waited up to 30 mins i can connect to nintendo wifi and watch others so it might be a problem on my end now on to the good bits classic is better and team matches are no longer biased against you like on very hard 2v2 in ssbm where your ally would fly off the screen if the enemy sneezed on them leaving you in a 2v1 with high lvl cpus the adventure mode is also better it has an actual story to it the characters are now more balanced (sadly i can't abuse fox or falco anymore) and there are more of them the ability to play over the internet is a welcome addition and you also get to download stages screen shots and replays so all in all good game if it got rid of the problems i mention at the start it would get a 5/5

  4.  these are great


    got these on my mobo and they work fine vista score of 4.4 as review before me said make sure u have a system than can use it u need a 64 bit OS or it will only recognise 3 or 3.5 gb since i first used these on xp i'm certian that i will be getting another pair soon (edit) 4.6 vista score after i changed the timings in bios to match these (another edit) got it to 5.1 forgot to put them in the right slots for dual channel