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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Appalling. Ea get off your high horses and sort this mess


    Where to start?? This game is only sucessful due to the promotion, adverts and false promises of what the game was meant to be.

    Ea have taken a step backwards from what was in Fifa 10. The game is glitch and bug riddled even worse then last years. This really should of even been released.

    Good points:
    - More injuries in CM
    - Better celebrations
    - Improvement on graphics

    thats it. There really isnt much else ea have done. Now onto the massive list of bad points:

    - Ai is terrible. AI on your team barely make any movements, bad positioning and just overall bad. Opposition Ai are terrible. Lack of attack, lack of shots, lack of challenges.
    - Become a Goalkeeper flawed. Computer Ai terrible on this and ratings are flawed,
    - Player faces still unrealistic in some cases. Rooney looks nothing like he does in real life.
    - Commentary is terrible. I scored a goal and this is what i got "the flag is up and the ball has gone out of play off the defender"
    - Online is seriously messed up. Unless you have been living on the moon you would have noticed that Ea's servers this year are terrible. Games being lagged or cut out. Flag glitches. The flag glitch according to Rutter had been fixed but it is still there
    - Fifa clubs online. Not working. basically games are being played and not counted. example one user on the Fifa11 forums played 3 hours last night(7 games) and only one of them, yes one of them was actually counted on the online leaderboard.
    - CM is bugged and a lie. Basically Ea promised a new engine and system for CM after the bad MM last season. This is a lie and hasnt happend. More on this later.
    - Game is scripted in places. In many games it is easy to see when scripting is occuring, you can see it in action
    - Difficulty weird and not challenging. Basically more of a challenge and test on semi-pro then on difficulties professional, world class and legendary. On the last 3 difficulties scorelines will be 0-0 or 1-0 to you. Opposition parks the bus. Dont attack and dont even try to score ie, one game for me. United vs Spurs. I had 92% passing, 72% possesion, 20 shots on target. Spurs had 0 shots, 75% passing and 28% possesion. That was on profesional, replay the game on semi pro and i won 3-2. I had something like 12 shots on target, spurs had 8 shots on target etc
    - Terrible scripting on strikers. Ie a weak defender from a league 2 side can out muscle, out sprint and outdo players like Nani, Rooney, Higuain etc
    - Music is VERY weak compared to 2010.

    Right now onto CM, the main reason i got Fifa11. Ea have falsely promised a good CM Its a let down. Into my second season and i am already bored and fed up. I have only had the game 11 days. Here is a run down of the bad points of CM:
    - 2 billion in debt glitch still there. Massive glitch from 2010 is still here
    - Glitch on March 30th. With a cup game before the game each year on 30th March will freeze. Unable to sim past it and unable to play the game
    - Same glitch as above just happens on Dec 6th area
    - Easy to get fired. Ai doesnt take into consideration games played. Ie at the first board review(mid october) with a team like Liverpool, Chelsea, United it is very easy to get fired. Ie many people have been fired for being in 2nd,3rd,4th spot and not in 1st even if the top team has played 2-3 games then you. Ie By mid October a team like City could be top by playing 9 games whereas your team with the cup games could be 3rd/4th having only played 6 games and still get fired
    - Cup Game glitch. A major glitch. Basically I had Leeds, Newcastle, Spurs, City, Fulham in the league cup matches. When it came to the Fa cup that same season i ended up facing the exact same teams in the exact same order.Not random tbc

  2.  best pes so far, but still some flaws


    i have been a fan of pes since the pes3 on the ps2. and well this year its the best pes so far.

    gameplay although a little slower is a lot more realistic then in previous games. graphics are really good and everything has been improved. how the players act in the game is rather like how they act in real life.
    i have been a fan of the master league and this year it has improved a lot. more clearly laid out and a lot more fun to play. money system has improved and can be set to pounds/euro etc. uefa champions league and europa leagues are good.

    now onto the flaws and problems. referees are not great in this game. however there is more fluency in play but it can lead to bad decisions. very dificult to be given free kicks or penalties.
    the difficulty of the game. before with top player it was very challening. This year however it seems asthough they have copied fifa by dumbing it down. top player this year is a lot easier then previous years. instead of losing 4/5-1 i am now winning on top player 4-0.
    The last flaw which is one that is starting to annoy me a bit now, is the negotiation/scout system on the masterleague. playing as united i am on my second season and struggling to make any big signing. i cant even sign a player such as nihat. the difficulty of the negotiations is very agravating specialy when other teams ie chelsea, arsenal, porto, barca etc are making big money transfers all the time. i like to sign players i want and with this years its increasingly becoming a pain trying to do so.

    overall however i rate the game 5/5. eventhough there are a few flaws , the game itself is amazing, the gameplay outstanding and its still buckets of fun. i am going to be hooked on this for the next year