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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo Wii

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     Not good at all.


    I've been playing Fifa for over 10 years now, on all different consoles.
    I've been playing Fifa for WII since 09, and have to say this is the worst one to date.
    Simply because of the 'stars' transfer system.
    In most football games, you have to have a good club and enough money to purchase the best players.. But even if you have the worst team in the world with no prestige, as long as you have 'stars' you can buy anyone. It's pretty pathetic and very unrealistic..
    Surely it's not difficult to implement real money.

    Graphics are mediocre and game-play is exactly the same as last year.
    Apart from the new 5v5 which is pretty cool, But gets boring very very fast..


  2.  Absolutely Amazing.


    I've been playing this game since it came out in '06. I also have the 'Immortal Throne' expansion.
    Any fan of any type of RPG game NEEDS to have this game.
    Not only are the graphics spectacular (even 5 years after release, ran in high) but the gameplay itself is absolutely superb.
    with 3 (each) patches out, and ALOT of 'mods' floating around.. The game-play and any bugs have been tweaked and fine-tuned to near perfection.

    The RNG (Random Number Generator) usage means that NO game will ever turn out exactly the same.. Monsters drop different loots and there are different chances of finding rare-items.

    The story-line is fantastic and the game has an extremely wide range of side quests to do.

    There's WAY over 100 hours of game play here (including Epic and Legendary difficulties) and the expansion pack.
    Not to mention that the game community is still alive and creating mods to try.

    5/5 one of the best RPG games out there.
    Buy this!

  3.  4 stars


    I hear alot of people saying that Fifa is nowhere near as good as Football Manager in terms of reality and game-play. But I've played both FM and Fifa Manager and have to say that this game (imo) is alot better than FM.

    Not only is this game much easier to navigate and use (menu wise) but you can also easily customise every aspect of the game to suit the way you wish to play. I.E, Getting assistant managers/coaches to look after tactics or training etc.
    Or completely doing everything yourself with no help.

    The reason I only gave this game 4 stars is because of the 3D-play. If you like to control your players while ingame, then 3D doesn't really help.. Poor graphics and poor AI makes 3D play pretty useless to me.. Like players purposely slowing down and losing the ball. Or blatantly not doing what you've told them to do.

    Other than the above mentioned 3D problems, this game is amazing for gamers looking for a de-stress after work, or even hardcore gamers who like to challenge themselves.

  4.  Yay


    Bought this book from Play a while back and i've read it about 4 times now, Amazing book.. I've read all Anne Rice, this and Memnoch The Devil are definetly the best books ive ever read.
    Great buy