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  1.  LOLZORS!


    The film is actually amazing, I did laugh all the way through and I did go in a dark room and have a word with myself and I have to say I agree with myself this film is actually amazing, lol.
    The bit when Red is groggy and then Dale puts his head through the wall, it was like "FINISH HIM" *smash head through wall* "DALE WINS!......FATALITY!" .

  2.  This is a game of peerless MIGHT!


    Warriors Orochi has alot of elements within it that I feel should definately be introduced the main stream line of Dynasty Warriors games. for example the weapon fusion system was an ingenious idea and made obtaining and customising weapons much more fun plus the ability to switch between 3 characters and use combo moves between them was also brilliant and finally the level up system, GROWTH POINTS BABY by far the best level up system of any Dynasty title to date.
    The story line was actually quite well thought out and the individual force stories are well done too.
    Also this game provides a real challenge if you want those gamerpoints especially when trying to unlock all the characters, took me a while but I did it!
    overall this game is an absolute DEFINITE MUST BUY for all who have ever playedthe Dynasty or Samurai series.
    Congratulation KOEI another fantastic Installment, just cant wait for Dynasty Warriors 6.

  3.  Sweet mercifull CRASH!


    WOW this game was good.
    Crash has come back with style, he's got anew look new moves and the story line well..... I can't really put funny as hell any other way lol.
    I love the Crash games always have always will and this one is a definite must buy for all Crash fans, it has easy controls and amazing 3-d levels. But the main thing I have to say is that this title brings crash back to the good old platform style of gaming even if he is riding around on giant monsters.
    OH YEAH! and If you want to rack up some gamerpoints this is a good one to get I've got 1000/1000 so yea If I can do it I'm pretty sure anyone else can.
    Hours of fun for all ages.

  4.  OMGIES!!


    Well well well they've done it again.
    Congratulations CAPCOM you have successfully managed to keep me glued to the screen and burn a serious hole in my electricity bill.
    Once I started this game I had to finish it the story line was brilliant the game play was even better and the graphics and cut scenes well I'm speechless.
    I must admit I had my doubts seeing as this installment takes place in between DMC1 and DMC2 but the storyline still holds and is definitely the best game of the series to date.
    Just cant wait for the next one!