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  1.  Very good headset


    Overall it is a very good headset, the sounds are clear and crisp. The Microphone is good and sensitive and it is very comfortable to wear. However, the instruction leaflet is out of date and doesn't tell you how to set it up on modern TV's (for my TV you have to put the green wire in the headphone slot, the instruction manual doesn't tell you this) also the sound insulation is very poor. If your wearing these and listening to a peice of audio (game or music) then everyone else around you can hear it very clearly and loudly, making it quite poor for late-night gaming. All in all however it is a very good headset and well worth the money.

  2.  Not a thing wrong with it.


    Very good game. Good graphics, extremely good gameplay and plenty of mods to keep you splitscreen gameplay fresh.

  3.  Very Poor Game.


    Being a long time Call of Duty fan and having a quite dislike towards Battlefield and Halo, I picked up modern warfare 3. Dissapointment struck me. Campaign? Boring, Predictible and all round poor. Spec Ops? The DLC Spec Ops Missions should have been on the disk, lets leave it at that. Survival? Unorginial, reppettive and not very manic or fun. Please let Multiplayer be good... No. Everything in the multiplayer is built or orientated in to making a poor game. The gun balance is rediculous, ACR 6.8, Type 95, AS50, FMG-9, Striker... ALL have still NOT been patched. Quickscoping ruins the experience because the point of a sniper rifle is LONG RANGE COMBAT. By having quickscoping you are throwing balance out the window. Secondly, the perk setup is dreadful, allowing you to have Assassin, Blind Eye AND Dead Silence. The specialist package is too powerful, the assault package is STILL stackable. The Emblems and Titles are no where near as good as Black Ops. Drop Shotting ruins the experience because all you do is die from being shot in the knee (Skyrim joke not intended). Sub-machine guns have way to much range as you can kill someone cross map easirly with a submachine gun. Shotguns are rediculous, some are too powerful and others are underpowered. The riot shield... well i simply can't understand why they bothered to bring that back. Machine Pistols are still in the game (which is pointless because there is overkill so why they put in Machine Pistols I don't know). No really new innotive killstreaks, same graphics as MW2, game engine feels groggy and old. Deathstreaks return which nobody liked so why they brought them back is beond God. The maps are the worst in the series, practically every map has so many flaws, the only one that is actually good is Hardhat. The good points: I like the new killstreak counter so you know how many kills you need to get to your next killstreak and I like how helping your team gets you points towards rewards. That's it.

    To Sum up: They have taken nothing from Black Ops (which was very good) and improved on very little. By buying this game you are buying a half completed game that was rushed and to be honest should have been cancelled in early development. Infinity Ward: Stop making CoD, you ruining it.

  4.  Perfection


    Words cannot describe how amazing Skyrim is. It's everything you want in a game, it's got amazing graphics, amazing game play. You cannot get bored. Customization the lot. I would happly spend loads on DLC for this game, the only things is I wish you could spend gold on changing race/ looks without having to start again. But other than that Perfect.

  5.  I was Wrong...


    At first I though this COD was awful but now they've fixed the quick scopes and the campers and the connection issues, it's not half bad. You're getting a pretty good deal if you think about it... loads of game modes and plus the zombies. It's very fun and love the Currancy idea. Very good Call of Duty! Can't wait for the Next Treyarch COD.

  6.  S'alright.


    Howdy Partner! For the Roswell incident the doctor (in cartoon form) sets of on an alien adventuary. Good Story line, Poor cartoons cuz the arms go down to there knee's but Im sure if your kids do like doctor who they would like this.

  7.  Better than anything yet


    better than Xbox 360 or a PS3 this console is a revaloution to gamers and non-gamers across the galaxy!!!! It is litteraly out of this world!!!!!!!
    Brilliant graphix, Brilliant way to burn of Fat, you don't even know your working out its that fun!!!! It must 99% Must buy. (the only 1% not buy is the day after when your legs and arms ache like hell)

  8.  Your weird if you don't like it...


    It is a really funny film. The humor is constructed. Terry Jones he must be one of my favorate directors!

  9.  The ticket to a new era of Gaming


    If you have not got a copy of this game, you insane! Buy one, you must buy one! Buy it now! Quests, Weapons, Gold, Marige evreything! Build from a little boy buying a box of chocolates for his sister and wham, the village is on fire, a man called maze comes and rescues you. Boom! You in the hero's guild learn the basics! And then. Do what you what! Get married, do quests, murder people, help people, Becaume a little angle, or the devil on Earth. Stricke fear into peoples hearts or buy house and fill the town's people hearts with love! Truly exeallant. Your weird if you hate it!

  10.  Must buy!


    This game is a real work of art. Its another brilliant game from the Total War serise! Run your medevil empire from your laptop or computer. Unfortuantly it doesnt come withe a huge castle. It really makes you feel your the ruler.