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  1. FIFA 14

    FIFA 14

    Xbox 360

    8 New from  £18.67  Free delivery

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     So bad its not even funny!


    Right so what has FIFA improved on .... heading. The rest of the actual gameplay is in fact worse than 13. Change player still awful, passing not great, tackling you have to do far too many times to actually retrieve the ball. Finesse finishing is a little better. Overall its just a really not good. They have imrproved non gameplay, ie the layout and UT searches but thats all they seem to focus on these days



    Can't say a bad word about this album, definately on par with Inside in / Inside Out all the tracks are soooo good! I can't actually pick a favourite theyre all so good!

    Main disappointment is that it doesnt appear the Play.com version has bonus tracks (The Saboteur and Carried Away) which is a shame because they are brilliant too ! Keep up the good work guys :)

  3.  Not quite 5 star but the best yet!


    Why not 5 star you may be wondering, 1 reason:
    Champion mode is just too short! the story line, fighting in prison, challenges in fights etc is brilliant but in the easier modes i completed it in under 4 hours!
    Other than that champion mode is excellent, the normal mode where you create a fighter is better than ever with more training features, sponsored events, training with top fighters etc. Still endless gametime and fun to be had. MUST BUY 4.5/5

  4.  Best male comedy since wedding crashers!


    To back up a fairly unique storyline, and good acting as you would expect from owen wilson & co. this film is full of laugh out loud scenes and quotes like 'fake-chow' etc. that you and your mates will be laughing about and quoting long after you've watched it. I saw it at the cinema and evryone seemed to enjoy it, the Farrelly brotheres have shown they can still do top notch comedies.
    After watching this i can see many Husbands anchoring after a hall pass off their wives! haha
    Have a watch even if its just renting it, im sure this is more of a dvd you'd want in your collection though!
    7/10 top stuff!

  5.  Reeled me in! A must watch for sure!


    Well first of all, coming from someone who isnt easly scared by movies, dont let the 15 guidance rating fool you! This film is gory, thrilling, chilling and a little bit scary even for me. I dont think i can look at the girl from kick-ass in the same light again!
    My mate actually rented this a wile back and i refused to watch it because i didnt think it would be much good. After being told otherwise i bought it and boy was i surprised how good it was. Great action scenes, a compelling storyline and characters who u genuinely cant help getting involved with. A budding young romance combined with top acting, effects, gore, chills and thrills, what more could you want. I would highly recommend this to anyone and evryone! Only downside is i didnt want it to end.
    Overall 8 pushing 9./10! Superb

  6.  Sir samuel of buca!


    This is by far and away one of the best comedies on TV and dan clark is not only a good actor but the show is well written. If you like side splitting comedy with a mix of joke styles (mainly dirty and a bit wrong!) then this is for you. Abbie is absolutely gorgeous shame shes not in series 2 although shes not a great actor. If you like HIMYM, Rules of Engagement, 2 and a half men, or shows like this then you must buy HNTLYL season 1 and 2. There are 6 episodes and bonus extras, enjoy! :)

  7.  Spiderman meets killbill and kicks ass!!


    Definately one of my favourite movies of the year so far!
    The general storyline is pretty good with 1 kid (kick-ass) asking the question "why has noone tried to be a superhero?" well he decides he shall do just that! With no training no powers and just a will to kick butt kick-ass is born.
    Along with the action, gore and some great acting and characters (hit girl is amazing! best character in my opinion) the film is also intriguing entertaining funny and not totally predictable.
    If youre looking for something like spiderman batman etc. with its own unique twist this film is for you! if not i'd watch it anyway you might be surprised how good it is!!

  8.  I love you bronameth!


    In a nutshell: a brilliant laugh out loud comedy.
    I saw this a couple of months ago just because of the leading actors rudd and segel thinking it would be good.. but it was brilliant! very original funny, querky, a definate lads comedy but i think the ladies would like it too! it has a bit of comedy for evryone. Segel and Rudd partnered up were brilliant! so many funny scenes from the ' man dates' to the sessions in the man cave. just epic!
    A must see 5/5 !

  9.  4 1/2 stars, wow this is overrated!


    Decided to rent this from blockbusters & was quite looking forward to seeing it, looked good and i like matt damon. Although he is good in this film and there are some good action scenes, it never really gets going. the storyline is a bit lacklustre (looking for WMD's in iraq & 1 of Saddams men) not excatly creative or original. and to be honest it never has you on the edge of your seat, drags and is quite boring.
    Not very entertaining at all, which war films nearly always are!
    I give it a generous 3 out of 5 i'd recommend dont buy if you want to watch it, rent and decide for yourself wether its worth buying, which i think most people would agree its not!

  10.  Scorsese does it again!


    didnt know much about this film going into it, a few people said it was good so i decided to watch it, not expecting it to be this good. Id have to say this is one of the best thrillers ive seen in a while, it really keeps you on the edge of your toes wondering whats going to happen next.
    The movie itself is very spooky and has a great psychological edge to it. i dont know how people could have seen the twist coming unless they read the book, because i couldnt believe it!
    Di Caprio and co were brilliant in this film backing up a strong unique storyline. Well worth a watch in my eyes.