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  1.  Bowing out in style...


    Although the final chapter in the trilogy does get a little long-winded, it's still brilliant and it successfully ties up all loose ends.
    With Lisbeth in hospital or jail for the majority of the film, it falls to Michael to prove her innocence and clear her name.
    Pretty much follows straight on from the second film so it's a necessity to have seen that one and wraps the whole thing up nicely.
    A little slow-paced comapred to the previous two but still good.

  2.  Continuing to shine...


    The second installment of the Millenium trilogy sees Lisbeth and Michael reunited and on a mission to expose a sex-trafficking ring.
    Whilst not quite as good as the first film, this is a decent paced follow-up in which you delve into the world of Lisbeth a little more- by now I found myself rather attached to her and I was eager to learn more about her past.
    This film clearly had a bigger budget and it shows- the action sequences are immense and very fast paced -but it hasn't "sold-out" at all and still remains somewhat dark yet exciting.
    Ending on a cliffhanger, it really gears you up for the final film...

  3.  My heart was racing from start to finish...


    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is an incredible film and it's a travesty that a lot of people won't watch it because it's subtitled- don't let that put you off!
    The leading lady, Noomi Rapace, is absolutely exceptional and you really connect with her- you're heart is in your mouth any time she's in trouble.
    The film is very gritty- there's a lot of sex and violence within -but a gripping storyline and red-hot acting mean it's really worth all the hype.

  4.  "I had your name tattooed inside of my arm..."


    I'm a new member of the Gaslight Anthem fan-club. I first heard this album when one of my colleagues played it at work and I instantaneously fell in love with it- I don't know why but something just connected.
    Gaslight Anthem mix some of the most soulful and deep lyrics- Brian Fallon, their vocalist, also has one of the best, slightly gritty yet still smooth, voices I've heard in a long time -with typical American rock music and WOW, they do it well.
    Each and every song on this album never fails to mellow me out AND make me sing along but the standouts are definitely Boxer, Diamond Church Street Choir and Orphans.

  5.  Can Life Ever Be The Same Again?


    Once again, Sookie's life is suffering.
    Whether there's problems between her and the men in her life- be it Quinn, Eric or Bill - or her family - Jason and her sister in law, Crystal - everything is beginning to get too much for Sookie to take.

  6.  Sookie's Life Spirals With A Bang...


    This book is incredible.
    Granted, it takes a little while to get going- with Sookie beginning to date Quinna and Bill and Eric still vying for her attention, it all feels like the same old at first -but once she reaches the Vampire Summit, as an aide to the Vampire Queen of New Orleans, everything kicks off...

  7.  The Only Sidekick You'll Need...


    The maps are easy to read and the walkthrough is everso thorough- telling you where to find Lego Cannisters, Red Blocks and what super-powers ((i.e. other characters)) you'll need to use to find them.
    Covers all fifteen heroes missions and the corresponding villains missions too, this is all you need to get that total 100% completion ever gamer craves!

  8.  Super Cute Super Heroes!


    As an avid Batman fan, I was looking forwards to playing this game but was slightly sceptical as it combines one of DCs best creations with Lego... And it works!
    It's funny, it's cute and it's got the right mix of puzzles and action to keep fans of games playing right til the end.
    I also loved the fact that you can play as the bad guys, over in Arkham Asylum, and therefore get both sides to each missions story.

  9.  Completely Fabulous...


    I am a self-confessed Final Fantasy addict and the seventh installment of the game is my all-time favourite...
    I already have Advent Chldren on DVD and UMD but when I saw this, I was so pleased that I had a Playstation 3 and could watch this complete version to my hearts' content.
    Not only is there around half an hour of added footage, some of the original scenes have been tweaked slightly and changed a little so the story flows better and generally feels more complete.
    Even if you already have this film, I strongly recommend buying this edition as well as it is like a whole new film in itself.

  10.  Living Life On The Edge...


    Mirror's Edge is both a blessing and a curse.
    It's a blessing because it's the most diverse, unique game I have evr played and it absolutely fascinated me when I began my adventure with Faith... But it swiftly turned into a curse as it's highly repetetive and, at times, the path is unclear and it can take forever to try to complete a section if a level.
    The first-person point of view is a little awkward to get used to but once you've got the hang of it, it's really quite interesting.
    I also enjoyed it because of the lack of combat- it makes a nice change for a game to be mostly puzzle/platform orientated, as opposed to half platform, half shooter...
    However, there is a little combat and that can get very boring very quickly seeing as Faith, the main character in the game, is built more to run than to fight.
    All in all Mirror's Edge is a brilliant game worth playing... But is best taken in small doses, a chapter at a time, lest you go crazy.