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  1.  Come on guys! The cold war's over!


    The United States stands alone, definant against an impending doom of Russian dominance and only the fabled 'Bad' Company can alter the imminent launch of a third world war.

    Campaign Play:
    Although Battlefield should be bought for the multiplayer, i find a game can't stand on the online mode alone. The Campaign is a massive play on America's most infamous rivals (No not the Nazis...) The Russians. Its quite tiring in terms of the Russians constantly being placed as the supervillianous 'bad guys' but the game still has a fair bit to offer in terms of game play. First, the characters are back in full swing, with the strangely realistic attitudes of the main four; Further more, There are some quite impressive story points to this game (its a game that i actually enjoyed following the story rather then just to simply horde gamerscore). In total, It is quite similar to the first, it has some twists and turns but nothing that would particularly suprise you.

    In the End, the campaign is very fun to play and has a few other side missions in collecting weapons and destroying M-com stations throughout. The campaign does not quite beat that of Modern Warfare 1 & 2 but is definately worth a look in.

    Fantastic. The online in this game is truely spectacular. Imagine, if you can, Modern Warfare combined with the ability to destroy any building or item on the map. With the new Frostbite .2 engine, Battlefield has taken itself to a complete new level with gamers being able to completely level entire buildings and towns.

    There are four main classes online: Medic, Engineer, Assault and Recon (Sniper class). All the classes have certain elements that aid the others in some way, giving supplies, medipacks etc, gives points that allow you to advance through the long levels of multiplayer. i found that the game focused well on rewarding teamwork, whilst at the same time not destroying the concept of the 'lone wolf' strategy that so many gamers seem to play.

    Honestly, i enjoyed the first BC more in terms of single player campaign. I find that BC2 has tried to make itself a little more serious than the first, something i think is not particularly beneficial to the franchise. Online however, the game holds its own.

    This is a brilliant FPS that allows solid online teamwork, awesome gameplay, graphics & structure both offline aswell as online.

    Offline: 3.5/5
    Online: 4.5/5

  2.  Mankind is Failing, GoW2 is not!


    Set in a world were Mankind is failing, the team of infamous heroes continue to battle against the deadly locust hordes. For the evil that lay under the grounds of Earth, did not perish in their previous encounter with humanity and a new story of depth and dispair shall unravel.

    Gears of War 2 holds with in it a different and dynamic edge to console gaming. The first, i thought was an interesting if slightly dull shooter, however this one caught my attention from the start.

    The Good:
    GoW2 has added plenty of new stuff for you to play with in several fairly long chapters. The creatures have been made to challenge the player far more and are now varied rather then the same damp figures that you used to fight against. The multiplayer on this game is also something of interest, although i never played the first mutliplayer, i found GoW2 to be extremely fun! The 50 levels of Horde mode were indeed one of my favourite add-ons. But were this game excels the most, is in its campaign. The story, although 'macho' and ultimately awesome, was also increasingly 'touching'. There is a scene in one chapter (won't spoil anything) which made me think "This game has just reached a new level" in terms of seriousness and over all brilliance to the story.

    The Bad:
    Not much to say really, apart from the gamerscore that requires you to get "100,000 Kills" and the other "10,000 online matches". These i found were ridiculous and should be possibly replaced with atleast a possibility of non-powergamers to gain them.

    In the End, Gears 2 is a fantastic game with superb graphics, story and game play. Anything short of 40 pounds to buy this game is worth it by a long shot!

  3.  Albion awaits...


    The sequel to the brilliant and mystical Fable is something that I thought would surely fail, this belief of an impending doom was heightened when I was introduced to the notion that there would be 'guns' in Fable 2. Too sum it up in the most simplistic manner... I was wrong... so very, very wrong!

    Fable 2 starts us off, once again as a child in a city. It's just you and your sister struggling to feed each other, until one cold morning a travelling salesman sells you an item of ancient and magical power and a wish is made that changes the course of all Albion...

    The world is set in Albion a few hundred years after the first game. The heroes guild has been destroyed and there is little magic left in the world.

    The Good:

    Okay, well much has been improved upon the first game. To start with you can now buy every house and shop in the game; Secondly the story is interesting and holds well throughout; the game play hasn't been greatly changed since the first and so the controls are quite familiar; the magic system is now quite different though, I liked it but it is considerably different, you now have to charge your spells up and direct them upon a single target or multiple targets; also there are now several jobs that you can do throughout the world to make money; the purity and corruption system is new and creates a more diverse character for you to play; finally the most brilliant part of this game is that it evolves. Towns become larger and grander if you invest in them and if you choose to destroy them then they become barren. Also the guns are really fun to play with.

    The Bad:

    Fable 2 holds fairly linier game play throughout; There is also a rather large lack of quests, the quests that exsist are excellent but there needs to be more; Armour has now disappeared and clothing does not enchance any defense or make a difference to fighting; The game boasts that each region is ten times the size of the previous fable regions... however it forgets to explain that in fable 1 there were around 50 regions and in fable 2 something like only 13. This annoyed me, but did not ruin the game because they are still varied and interesting areas.

    The Pointless:

    The problem with fable 2 isn't its bad qualities, its more the pointless ones. For example, you can get a job and receive money and buy every house in the game, but once you make that first 150k and spend it on items, there is no need to buy anything else. I have found myself with many millions, that just waste away because there is nothing useful to buy.

    Conclude - Fable 2 is a fantastically fun game to play, I have actually played it through 4 times now and it hasn't grown old. This game is easily worth the money, all it needs to improve it is more size and more things to buy!

  4.  "Its good to be bad, its better to be evil"


    Set in the new age of the glorious golden empire, the evil overlord returns...

    Overlord 2 is set in a world where a new empire has sprung up and conquered all the lands, banishing magic from the realm. The empire itself although not good, is the main source of order with in the now peaceful, lazy, world and it is our job as the chaotic and evil overlord to bring back some of that evil old charm back to civilisation!

    The bad/okay:

    Okay for starters, for those that played Overlord 1, the controls are somewhat similar, as well as the sometime anoying camera angles. The minions are back in full force with blues, greens, reds and browns doing the same as they did before. This, i was a little dissapointed in as i thought that for overlord 2, they would possibly bring something new to the table but i suppose the old minion spec's were always quite good anyway! The armour system has been scrapped and replaced with a new and, i must admit, duller system then before! Plus your 'keep' seems to have gotten MUCH bigger then previous and... well i found it actually a little anoying. The save system also frustrated me, as you cannot save whenever you want and must return to your throne to save if your not relying on auto's.

    Also something i found quite anoying was that in the old overlord you could choose good or bad choices to determine what overlord you were going to become. BUT i found that the choices werent particularly obvious in this one... to the point that they have pretty much gotten rid of it throughout most of the game...

    The good:

    Okay so the minions might be the same, but they can now ride 3 different types of mount! Which is actually really fun to play with... especially the wolves! The game remains funny as well as challenging throughout which is always a winning combination!


    I have listed quite a few bad point i found about this game, but dont let that fool you... OVERLORD 2 is a decent game, its pretty much the same as the first one but with a few tweeks... which i suppose is good, however i just found it lacked what the first had and by the end, i just wasnt nearly as interested.

    I would advise anyone to buy this game if your want something funny and decent to play... The minion system after all is fantastic! But to be honest, i found myself loosing interest half way through and in parts, i had to force myself to play.

    Story - 2.5/5
    Visually - 3.5/5
    Gameplay - 3.5/5
    'WOW' factor - 2/5

  5.  "We're rock stars..."


    In a land riddled with poltical correctness and a world controlling what people can and cannot do... One cartoon above them all dares to show the world how far it can go... Just to get a laugh!

    South Park is back bringing with it the 11th season filled with fantastical episodes! It know's no bounds at how far it can insult all walks of life...

    With in this season you get such episodes as:

    *With apologies to jesse Jackson
    *Fantastic East Special
    *Night of the living homeless
    *Imagination Land
    *Guitar Queer-o

    There are many more episodes to choose from this season, however, i find these especially to be more crude and insultingly funny then all the rest! As per-usual South Park take events of the modern world and show how sick they really can be... Shockingly the depth in some of these episodes are quite suprising!

    Also in this season is the 3- episode long Imagination Land that is truely epic... it... it really is...

    Anyway this buy is completely worth it! One of South Parks greatest Seasons yet!

    ...And if your NOT offended by South Park, you should be! =D

  6.  Too Different for its own good!!


    Well let me begin, i liked the first Hellboy thought it was rather funky. Also the trailer for this film got me expecting an epic on the size of... I'm not sure suppose Spiderman scale! But even more visually spectacular!! Great!

    The problem occurs when watch the film, i tried to defend it from myself but unfortunatly i couldnt. This film isnt right for the world in which its set. Just my opinion. Its greathaving a big red demon hero in the modern world but this film takes that irregular character and shoves him in a different world with all mystical creatures! Sorry but it just takes the essence of it away! Maybe i'm blabbing and am not making sense, it just didnt fit... Strange thing is it wasnt that bad the story jsut not for this character!

    Anywhoo visually its fantastic but otherwise it failed in my opinion!

    Story: 2/5
    Wow factor:3/5

  7.  Devine!!


    I decided to buy this in front of all my friends (they don't watch Battlestar and also i'm 18... yes it was possibly a mistake) Anywhoo as soon as i bought it they all decided to take the mick! Now i'm fair game for it, but the only thing i could muster in my defense was... this is an awesome series and your all sad because you don't watch it. This is true. =D

    Battlestar Galactica season 4 does its usual thing by giving you the normal 'awesomeness' and i accept thats not a word, but also giving you a more spiritual light to the machines (toasters!! mwhaha)

    The very back of the case, i loved because it shows the last supper but battlestar galactica wise, fantastic! Either way this series is brilliant and if you have lost interest in this series... i do not understand why because it just keeps on going! There is going to be a final season 5 i believe and well its looking interesting at the end of this... have fun!


  8.  Just... wow


    I bought this film on a whim! Thought, had some good reviews to its named... denzel, crowe and Scott directing... its got to be worth a £5at least!

    Oh... oh my and it was! =D

    This is a brilliant film about the rise of an american gangster (shocking i know) and a police man that is surrounded by corruption and others that lack any kind of decency. Wonderful direction in this film with superb acting, Washington does not fail to provide the cold blooded and yet somewhat warm (possibly?) personna of a straight druglord killer. Whilst Crowe brilliantly shows the struggle of what it is to work with the filth of corruption....

    Fantastic till the end, the start of the film was a little confusing to get into but that could just be me! Either way i quickly settled in...

    I advise to buy specially for this low price, enjoy the ride!!

  9.  Different


    Right one word especially springs to mind... different! That is why i gave this film a 3 star rating (decent) because its way out there!! Okay, its not this amazing epic and not even that believable, can't help pointing out many flaws while watching the film... but here is the kicker! Most films have flaws... what this film gives you is action and in a completely different enviroment then usual, clever idea for a story! Its not amazing but worth watching!!

  10.  My god, your all insane!!


    I have watched this film two times now and although it was some time ago... this film still is ace! I have no idea why people have rated so low!

    Seriously it has Jet Li, Jason Statem in and everything you could want from these actors! The story line although with some holes is actually very clever!

    The idea is that there are many different dimensions and that if you were to travel to each dimension and kill yourself then you would become stronger... until there is only one then its a mystery to what kinda happens! Story is unique and very interesting to think about... i especially like the end!

    I would advise all to go watch this film and most probably buy it! Well worth it!!