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  1.  Not what to expect from a high spec device!


    Icecrypt t2400

    I bought this unit to replace a humax 9150 expecting to have much improved functionality and features, being a newer product with a list of features advertised. I quickly realised my error from first use of the icecrypt, and can advise of the following issues i experienced;

    At first glance the recording and playback features seem fairly straight forward however whilst attempting to watch and record simultaneously created a very jumpy and stuttery picture/sound especially when an HD program is involved. I also struggle to accept the fact that if you are watching a program live whilst also recording the same program you lose the time shift features completely, eg no ability to pause or rewind. Another annoying quirk of the icecrypt is that the menu and EPG are not available whilst viewing a recording, and any attempt to access simply stops the playback completely.
    Using the find by genre feature also has an issue where there are lots of duplicate entries listed eg a film at 9pm then another entry at 9 pm on exact same channel with a blank title.

    Another issue noticed is that this unit is incapable of stretching 4:3 to 16:9 automatically, noticed when viewing family guy or american dad. Icecrypt tech support indicated that 'their' customers have a preference to keep aspect ratio of the broadcast, maybe they do I can't count myself as a customer anymore!

    Remote control
    The remote is well laid out, however it fails to match competitors features for example there are no dedicated buttons for customised skip forward/backward, only similar feature is the yellow button can skip forward ONLY whilst the time bar for the recording is displayed meaning you need to press other buttons first, and If you skip too far there is no easy way of skipping back. I would also warn that the remote is a click type remote which makes noise on every button press, made even worse by the fact that you need to press so many buttons to skip over adverts etc.

    All in all I don't think it's cheap price and high capacity make up for these shortfalls and can gladly say that the humax HDR fox t2 1TB at a little more expense completely delivers all the features you would expect from a 200 pound plus device.