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  1.  Stays true to the terrific novel


    John Hurt's best performance in a feature film. Genuinely moving, depressing and unnerving, in the way the book should make anyone, without a yearning for shiny black boots and unquestionable order, feel.

  2.  In a different league of horror to the rest...


    The slowish start leads you into believing you will be safe from fright, but you'd be wrong to feel so secure, the creepy parts provide a good warm-up session for the absolutely terrifying film to come.
    A simple story to follow, but the ending is quite poignant and emotional (I won't say which emotion, but nevertheless be prepared for how this pans out is not the run of the mill horror story-telling).
    The subtitles are not hard to read, the dialogue is not the pulling power of this film, however. What you can take from the title is close to what you can expect in the film. But you will be suprised at certain points, and most of the time cowering in fear behind the sofa and avoiding creepy little children for months afterwards.

  3.  Best Sims yet


    A drastic improvement from Sims 2. Looking after your character feels more like a game than a chore. Tonnes of options to customise.
    The only let-down is the EA store which charges rediculous prices for additional content while EA is not supporting any mod community. It's a price hike but hopefully it'll be cracked.

  4.  If you haven't already bought it...


    ... get it now. A modern computer can run CoH and the expansions. Best Strategy game in years, and the WW2 setting is a sure fire hit for lovers of the most intense style of combat in human history.

  5.  Best melee combat in any game ever.


    First off, play the Trial Version if you haven't already. You should need no more convincing than that, but just in case you are worrying about longevity: there is an expansion pack coming out this holiday season and plus there are tonnes of user friendly mods out there like the "Battle sizer" mod that lets you set the limit to the number of players you would like on screen (Warning: it depends on how much RAM you got, want more enemies and friendly AI, need more RAM!)
    You will not find better melee combat anywhere, that's a guarantee! The RPG and team building elements suffice and it's a great and addicting that pays for itself for many weekends to come.
    What are you waiting for? A price drop? This is £9 for a game you will absolutely love playing and, probably, gladly pay for twice for. Get this game!

  6.  Strategy at it's best.


    This is the closest you will get to becoming a military general and gand emperor of Enlightmenment -age Europe.
    Build, conquer, prosper. Ally, betray, dominate. Pick and choose your Empire and grow it and grow it to control everything in your sights.
    This is something like what it'd say on the back of the box, except this time you get exactly what it says on the tin.
    Downsides: no major downsides.
    Want a game that needs brains to play? Look no further.

  7.  Great album


    Play it from start to finnish and over again. It's designed to go in a cycle and you'll love it so much you'll keep on going.
    My favorite song would be "Death and all of His Friends" for the way it carries the album back to the beginning and spine-fizzing melody.
    Different from the usual Coldplay, but still excellent, one of their best (after Parachutes).

  8.  The greatest lyricist since Dylan, beats are "slammin".


    Half ironic, half melodic, more brilliant than mere contemporary logic can comprehend. Real poetry is music is decaying into one man's generic reckoning of what love is like, Mike Skinner reminds us that a song is more than just a good beat with boring lyrics to listen to in a club. A good song with good lyrics can change your state of mind and make you learn something you never knew before.
    Some songs are more deep than others, some are laden with irony, some are just great tunes. It's an modern anthology of rhytmic poetry masquerading as a couple of garage albums, if you want to get smitten with the technical jargon.

  9.  They work


    That other user is an idiot. you need a Blu Ray player or a PS3 to play Blu Ray discs. If you need telling that you shouldn't be allowed to spend money without a helper *facepalm*

  10.  It can play COD4


    in response to that guy below, yes it can play call of duty 4 on pc.
    I like the 360 controller but its a bit big and not as responsive as a mouse and keyboard or the dualshock 3 controller.