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  1.  Superb


    This is my first foray into the Sims universe and i have to say i am very impressed, I like to be able to do what i want how i want in a game and the sims 3 offers that and more!. Buy it now! you wont regret it!

  2. Mafia


    PC Games

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     This game really will make you an offer you cant refuse


    They may have called this a knock off of GTA but in my personal opinion I found this much more fulfilling, First of all the whole 1920s theme was much more appealing to me, than the bog standard modern citys in games of that time.

    The whole atmosphere of Mafia is truly an experience, with the music, the cars, even down to the tiny posters on buildings, you really believe this sprawling 1920s city.
    I have played many games that try to impress the gamer with graphics and effects over game play, But because mafia has such a detailed plot with so many brilliant characters, such as Tommy the main protagonist and his partner in crime Paulie (who bears a resemblance to Tommy from Goodfellas) The characters in this game really do make it, another key feature about this game is that it is very few games that have had a screenplay written in a movie style. Because of this the game bears a resemblance to many of the great gangster movies.

    This is a Must for any gamer who wants to play some classic games. And with the release of the Second instalment in the series on its way this will surely come back into fashion.
    This game really will make you an offer you cant refuse......

  3.  Pure Brilliant!


    This is one of those albums that i heard alot about, and didnt really give it much credit but when i heard this album for the first time i was completey blown away!!

    This album conveys so much emotion in each of the songs, which really make them special, some of the highlights of this album are Old Love, Anything for your love and the masterpiece that is Running on Faith, I really do think this is some of his best work.

    I saw him at the albert hall last year and he played alot of the tracks from this album and it made me realise how there are very few people like eric around these days. Alright there are brilliant guitarists, But there will always be only one god!

  4.  Finally adults can enjoy toys again!


    Well I only expected the best from this little box set and I can safely say that ... well.....what can i say, this is pure gold, Who ever thought that stop motion could become something more that just programming aimed at kids ( Wallace and Gromit).

    Seth Green has a real eye for satire and combining that with his love of toys has created something that challenges even shows like family guy!. The main aspect of Robot Chicken which always appeals to me is the fact that there are things that normally wouldnt be allowed on tv anywhere, or in any other form would be very un funny. Its the fact that toys can open up those doors which gives great appeal.

    The show itself is fantastic, mixing some really random sketches with some very well planned movie spoofs and parodies. There are also some fantastic characters which are now a standard in the series like The "Nerd" and even Star Wars Characters.

    Buy this Box set and you will not regret it!! there are so many laughs in each episode that you will be aching with laughter!

    I have to go now, I fancy a sandwich with some of that wonderful unicorn horn mayonase....

  5.  A landmark in music


    I had never really listened to Dire Straits before i bought this album and i did expect it to be slightly dull.... Shame on me :(

    I have never listened to an album ao many times. I love it so much i managed to by it on vinyl lol just to preserve it and keep it.

    The main song of the album " Brothers in Arms" is my favourite song of all time. The depth of the song is astounding as i have never listened to a song that had actually portrayed the emotions i was feeling at the time. Every time i listen to this song i get chills and the feeling of awe.

    The album has many other little gems such as Why Worry, Your Latest Trick which is another favourite for me and the legendary Money For Nothing. and a recent re descovery of mine called Ride Across The River.

    This is an iconic album and i highly reccomend you buy it now!!!!!

  6.  Pure Brilliant!


    The first time i heard alot of the tracks on this album was when i saw Jeff at the O2 Arena when he performed with Eric Clapton and i have to say i was blown away. When i first listened to this album i couldnt believe how close the songs sounded to the album on the night. i think thats the sign of a true master when you can emulate that sound so perfectly yet improvise and create a truely great masterpiece.

    I have a fondness for each song on this album and they have already marked some imortant parts of my life already. This is definately one of those albums that i will hold dear to me for a long long time. and as the last review said, Nessun Dorma has changed forever!

  7.  Clapton, The Man, The Music, The Guitar, The God


    I am a life long Clapton fan and regular concert goer and i have to say that this is one of the best Live albums you will ever hear in your life. This is around the time of when eric was going through some of the toughest stages in his life and the tranistion of this emotion into his music is purely captivating. The way he can transfom pure emotion and channel it through a Strat is something else i tell you..

    All of the songs arethe classic Clapton staples and it is very very difficult not to sing along lol, I have noticed that some of the songs are different to that is on the DVD however it goes to show that every version of every song he has done is definitively special in its own way

    Any Clapton fan should have this in thier collection and keep hold of this little gem of a performace!

  8.  Ah Hannibal well what can i say


    I have seen so many reviews that keep comparing it to the silcence of the lambs. If you read the book " Hannibal" then you will see that the story sticks so close to the book, With the removal of some characters such as Margot Verger and the merging of Dr Doemling and Cordell to create Cordell Doemling ( Yes strange that one).

    So the film itself is a real ride as the story is concerned ad there are so many things going on just like in the book, You have Mason Verger stewing in his bed trying to catch lector, Clarice Starling facing the dismissal for the Drumgo killing, Lector and his business with the scholars at the Duomo and last but not least disgruntled detective comendatore pazzi!.

    I found watching this film a joy as i have read Hannibal so many times and know all of the minute details and i think that Ridely has surpassed himself once again!. This is a must see for any Lector fan or Thomas Harris Fan. But please remember this is not made by the same people who made the silcence of the lambs and PLEASE do not compare it to the last film as like silcence of the lambs its an interpretation of the book!.

  9.  Absolutely spot on to the book and a fantatstic film!


    I have been a fan of Thomas Harris for many many years and all of his books and always find myself going back to them at some point and this is one of those films you will want to re visit.

    Now people have said that Manhunter was the better interpretation as it was a cult classic etc But i find it didnt stick to the book close enough, the main story was changed in places and didnt go in to the man that is Francis Dolarhyde and even changed some characters such as Dr Chilton.

    I was sceptical when i first bought this because i had not seen it on tv, Anyway after watching only a few minutes of the film i was sucked in and couldnt believe the accuracy to the book. I was actually suprised to see that Edward Norton pulled off Will Graham with not only a perftect reflection of his book interpretation but now when i read the book i imagine Edward Norton as Graham!.

    There are many aspects of the book that need to be kept exactly as they are because they offer anchors in the story which are reviewed in later books, This film is clearly a perfect sequel and the return of Anthony Hopkins as Lector brings that warm feeling of familiarity which sadly i felt Brian Cox didnt bring to Man Hunter as Lektor? (whats that all about?) ,( Still a fantastic actor and legend tho!!!).

    Before i sign off i cannot leave without mentioning the Dragon Himself, Ralph Fiennes portrays Dolarhyde so accuraely, The insecue yet almost child like mind of Dolarhyde is portrayed perfectly and along with some of the best lines in the film, you almost believe he is actually becoming .....

    I have to say that Ratner has done a fabulous Job of transferring this film to the big screen. A must watch!!!!!!

  10.  Nothing Compares!


    Well i never really took to games like Elder scrolls but as soon as i saw the trailer for this game i was like " Wow what is that?" after a long wait i got my hands on this game. I have always loved the post nuclear war theme and this game has it all!. The wasteland is one of the most amazing story bases i have ever experienced alsong with some of the best characters i have seen in a game. At first i was sceptical about trading and all that but after playing for an hour i found myself going back to this game again and again for months. I also own all of the expansion packs and definately think this game is worth any gamers time. Although i do reccomend a good pc for this as a lower spec pc may get some lag. But this game is accomodating. Cant wait for New Vegas to come out later this year, I'll definitely be preordering my copy :P.