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  1.  Had me on the edge of my seat.


    Fast moving, engrossing, clear style and great characters you learn to care about. I finished it quite quickly since it's a very easy read. However this does not mean straightforward, since the novel twists and turns in quite unexpected directions and when you think you have an idea where it goes next, you are soon confounded.

    Also the novel takes place across quite an extended period of time, so we see characters change, grow, children become adults, babies become teenagers and that adds a lot to the depth of the novel in contrast to many series that compress a lifetime worth of events in a short period.

    AVOID GLOSSARY. Has spoilers, so if you do need to check something, be careful

  2.  Fantastic


    This series is very gripping and the first book only introduces you into a vast universe and deep and gripping story line. Anyone who likes this series should also read eve.

  3.  S'alright


    well, it's not one of the best FF games out there, but you should consider giving it a shot. It is quite fun, though i'm not sure what twistednibble is saying about FF and multiplayer seeing as there are more FF single players than multiplayer and they're excellent.

  4.  What a Game!


    I have been waiting for this game to be released for ages and I'm so glad it's finally happened. It's a great story line that will keep you hooked and you also get dialogue choices during conversations make it much more interesting. Being able to dedicate deeds to Gods is also a great part of the game and you haven't got to worry about leveling up to keep up with the competion. A great game, one you can't miss. (Also recommend Prince of Persia)

  5.  Amazing


    Seen the first Appleseed? Then you'll definetly want this. If not, it doesn't matter. The story line is great and easy to follow, there's enough flashbacks for those who haven't seen the first one and the Anime is brilliant. You need this!

  6.  Amazing


    Wow. This game does it all. Don't bother getting grand theft auto, because this way better. You don't have to do the missions, you can just go have fun, abd when you do follow the story, its very versatile.

  7.  Dissapointing


    I bought this game because they're really wasnt anything elso going at the time, but its a waste of money. Its to arcadish. Bang Bang shoot em' up. You know? If you like that sort o game then by all means buy it. Its also right about the "simple controls over your squad" they are really basic, but definetly not complex in their actions. Only buy if its your type of game or you hate the person your buying it for.

  8.  Stunning!


    This game has no faults! There are so many different ways to complete the game! The graphics are great, although sometimes it takes a ew seconds to load the detail into it. The story is great, I have completed it three times and i'm still playing it! The story can go a number of different ways, its all up to you!

  9.  Great Read


    Another great novel by Dan Abnett. I was so pleased to find a novel which soley covered the aireal side of Warhammer 40,000. You feel like your in the cockpit. A great buy.

  10.  Another Great Read


    Like i say "Another Great Read". Sometimes you might be annoyed that gyour favorite character is about to die, and sometimes thats what happens! In this book you really can't put this down for fear that in that second Gaunts gonna take a bolt to the head! And its not even the last in the Series!