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  1.  GTA:TLAD and BOGT great games


    Well firstly I should point out that these games are simply not your average expanded add -ons , they are 2 completely new and different games set in the Rockstar Universe of the original GTA4. Expect all the same humour, wit and playability as the original but with 2 different characters to play with.

    The first game the lost and the damned (TLAD) follows the exploits of a Liberty City biker gang called the Lost. This is very enjoyable as you have all the sandbox action of the first game but you are now a hard ass biker, which is pretty cool. Stealing bikes, bike races and shootouts with other biker gangs are excellent additions to the game, and there's even a cameo from some of our much loved characters from the original.

    Second game is the ballad of Gay Tony, you play not as Gay Tony but as his bodyguard, which again is pretty cool. This means taking out hostile forces, keeping the club (which Gay Tony owns) safe and basically being a bad ass. In this game there is the added Fighting championship game in which you pay a few dollars to enter and you stay in for as long as possible being pitched against various different guys (first with fists, then knuckle dusters, then baseball bats and knives)

    All in all its a great game sequel to an already much loved sandbox drive-em-up...

    Great game that's why I gave it 5*'s.

  2.  a must buy game for tps fans


    Ok so firstly I came late to the splinter cell party, I have played ALOT of computer games in my time and this is a fantastic game. The only negative bit in this whole review is that some of the levels (which involve not only blasting your way through countless bad guys, puzzle and probelm solving and stealth and tactical solutions to problems) can be quite tedious to replay if you die, take for example the level which you enter your old workplace (3rd echelon) - you have to walk across the lobby, wait for a stupid receptionist to answer her phone and then have the same long and boring conversation with her everytime you die, before you get to the next checkpoint/auto save location... This was quite annoying for me that there was no skip to this pointless cut scene...
    That is why it only scored 4 stars (I would possibly have given it 4.5 stars if I had been given the option!)
    apart from this it is an excellent game which involves you taking on all the odds as sam fisher trying to reconnect with someone he thought was dead...

    AND it's now at a great price so there's really no reason why you shouldn't own this game or at least give it a go...

  3.  Alright


    Sppoks code 9 was an ordinary spinoff from an extraordinary show, I mean it was alright in places, the writing wasn't much to write home about and to be honest it was hard to really care about the characters. Even in a post apocalyptic Britain, I don't think that MI5 would hire teenagers to do espionage and play spy games, so this is completely unbelievable, as was the twist at the end of the show. Who was behind the London Bombings of 2012? Who really cares?

  4.  Good film better book!


    TBH I was disappointed that the screenwriters deviated from the story in the book "bringing down the house" which was totally more believable and was true instead of being "based on a true story." I was also disappointed that the main character, didn't look like he was described as in said book. In my opinion the film was good but the book was better. So go and see the film and then read the book and you can tell me if I'm right or wrong.