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  1.  One of those games you don't forget easily


    This is a great game. I have loved Tomb raider from the first but this one has to be my favourite. It has the best tomb raider theme yet and it is a pleasure to have Lara finally come to next gen. The graphics are a nice change from the older boxy games and the game play is alot faster. Lara has never looked so good and moved so well 5/5.

  2.  4 Discs of glory


    When i first played Lost Odyssey i thought oh god its going to be like Enchanted arms (which i don't like too much) but after about 30 an hour i was hooked this game is awesome if you give it the chance it deserves well worth the full retail price in my opinion so at this price it is a must buy!

  3.  Hooray Splinter cell


    This has to be my favourite game i own for the 360. It has great gameplay in both SP and MP modes. The story is good not the best of the seires but still good and the new multiplayer changes make this a great game.

  4.  It was more then a little disappointing


    THe game had some good potential in my eyes. I love the idea of fighting vamps in the streets but.. This game lacked good gameplay and as many other reviewers have said it lets the 360 down. The game is like Splinter cell with Vampires but the stealth system on this game doesn't seem to be on par with Splinter cell and multiplayer is realy realy underpopulated making it immpossible to find a match and unlock most of the acheivments. If you want this game i would suggest you buy it cheap or rent it first.

  5.  A gore ridden epic!


    This game is nothing short of Excellent. The graphics of this game are good and gameplay is good and has great replay-ability as Killng your XBL friends in MP will surely keep you playing this game gor a long time to come.

  6.  A great revisit to the streets of sin city


    This game is great. for all those that loved the original vegas you will love this. The games single player is rather short but multiplayer will keep you playing this game for months to come.The steelbook (Exclusive to play) is of a great qualtiy as well.