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  1.  fantastic 5 star blu-ray player


    Went for this player as its the only one i could find that you can wall mount.read loads of reviews on this blue-ray player good+bad.it was easy to fit the attachment to the back of the player.the bracket that goes on the wall does;nt come with rawl plugs or screws so you will need 4 each of your own.the player was easy to fit to the wall.connected it to my wall mounted toshiba 37inch 1080p lcd tv with a 1.5 metre fisuall install series hdmi cable. Played the dark knight +knowing blue-ray discs.the picture quality was outstanding so clear, sharpe and detailed.even my other half was impressed so its got to be good.there was a slight fan noise but once the movie starts you dont hear anything.i had no lip sync issues like some people have had with this player.the player looks great with its glossy black piano finish.glad i got this player picture quality is outstanding

  2.  excellent 42 inch toshiba lcd tv


    I did plenty of research on this lcd tv from various sites+reviews all very good it took me about 10 minutes to unpack the tv and fit the stand to the tv with the 6 screws provided {allen key provided to }i switched the tv on it searched for all available freeview channels and picked them all up no problem. The freeview picture was very good theres loads of settings for the picture+sound i went on-line to avforums and got some settings there but im still tweaking them to my taste i connected my samsung blue-ray player and watched troy and kingdom of heaven blue-ray discs the picture quality was outstanding so clear so much detail the sound quality for me is spot on to the tv looks good to with its glossy black piano finish you even get a small cloth to clean the tv to. The toshiba name lights up on the tv but this can be turned of if you go into the settings.the instruction manual is pretty basic but a more comprehensive one can be found on toshibas website this tv beats some of my mates more expensive lcd 1080p tvs if you can afford it get one 5 stars

  3.  excellent while they last


    Have used these earphones with a creative x-fi+sony mp3 players and they are fantastic great bass but ive had 2 pairs in 5 months and both times one of the earphones has gone alot quiter than the other [perhaps ive just been unlucky ]

  4.  super sony


    Read loads of reviews on mp3 players after my creative x-fi stopped working after only 6 months and this sony stood out a mile i connected it straight to my vista computer used windows media player and synced 80 albums+7 playlists over with no problems+it synced the music very quick to the sony+all the album artwork was there to [heard a few people have had problems with artwork ] the earphones took me a while to get used to , set the equaliser to my prefarred settings and the sound quality is outstanding ive heard stuff i never knew was on the songs i thought the creative x-fi had good sound quality but the sony,s is excellent buy this sony and enjoy listening to all your music again

  5.  blood n guts


    got this on standard dvd enjoyed it so much so got it on blue-ray the sound, colour, detail is outstanding you can really see the blood+gore in great detail now the film is excellent loads of action in the 90 minutes the film lasts well recommended

  6.  great mp3 player


    Ive just got one of these great mp3 players it was easy to sync songs from my computer to the mp3 the sound quality is fantastic though i did buy some skulcandy earphones to go with it ive got 360 songs on mine so far and theres still plenty of memory left [who listens to more than 360 songs in one go ]? A fantastic bargain at this price when you consider what you can pay for a mp3 player

  7.  5 star box set


    didnt watch sharpe the first time round but have watched a few episodes on uk tv history recently so i went for the 15 disc box set great price to so far ive watched 5 episodes fom the box set and theve been excellent great acting scripts scenery and battle scenes hope the rest of the episodes are as good the picture quality and sound have been fantastic on both my samsung blue-ray player and even my samsung f1080 xeu upscailing dvd player one of the best dvd purchases ive made this year

  8.  rent dont buy


    i cant believe i just paid £14 for this dvd it was slow going took about 35 minutes for the first bit of excitement it had a few funny moments +some gore but apart from that i found it boring cant believe it was hyped up to be a great brit horror comedy [dont believe the hype

  9.  fantastic for the price


    just got these today took me a few minutes to get the right earbuds fitted on the earphones you get 3 sizes with the earphones it felt a bit strange at first after pressing them into my ear canal but you soon get used to them and they are very comfortable and they dont fall out not like my old phillips earphones used to they cut out some back ground noise which was nice {just have to be more careful if you are walking with them on and crossing the road ] the bass is great on them to ive even heard stuff on songs my older earphones didnt pick up ive had no problems with noise coming from the cable moving when im walking with them on as ive used a small clip to connect the cable to my shirt defo 5 star earphones for a fantastic price

  10.  tosh tastic


    just got this tv read loads of reviews there all spot on this is a fantastic lcd tv ive wall mounted mine it looks well smart with its gloss black the freeview picture is great easy to set up and it picked up all the tv+radio stations on its 1st scan nice to have the speakers at the bottom of the tv so its not as wide as most of the other tvs this size loads of settings for you to get the best picture and sound quality ive had no problems with the remote a few people have on various sites reviews ive read this tv beats hands down similar samsungs my friends have got a fantastic tv 5 star if you get the chance wall mount it {its well sleek and sexy even turned of }