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  1.  hit and miss.


    Robot chicken is great for 15 year old boys with no attention span because blah blah blah blah blaaaahhhh im bored. Its great but some bad jokes drag and that sort of ruins the blah and makes the blah blah blah bad. But overall its alot of fun.

  2.  spot on humour


    If youve never seen a wallace and gromit film i pity you. These are the very essence of good british humour. For all who have seen it im sure you will agree that wallace and gromit is one of the greatest if not the greatest british animation to come to our screens. My favorite being "the wrong trousers" because it is a comedic masterpiece that must be seen whether you 5 or 85 any age will enjoy its wit and charm.

  3.  john woo. chow yun fat. guns .explosions. doves.genius


    This film shows hong kong is an excellent film source and makes any hollywood action director look dumb. Its set pieces of gunplay is coreorgraphed beautifally and really cool to be quite honest. Im glad john woo actually holds the record button longer than any bourne film director. He shows the action in such a clever way he doesnt need 1 second shots to make it feel realistic and intelligant. Its not its just annoying. So heres to you john woo and chow yun fat you brilliant men who make basically really really cool films.

  4.  funniest cartoon around


    Who doesnt like south park? Its just too funny not to laugh. Even the bad episodes you still giggle at and when you see a excellent episode (most are) theyre the funniest cartoons around. If you havent seen a south park you need to. Youll never look at other cartoon s in the same way.

  5.  a personal favorite


    this truly is a sublime album by the john barry. Lots of songs here to enjoy

  6.  this is seriously good


    SOUTH KOREA is making some amazing films at the moment watch this for a world cinema gem. its becoming huge this film (even cloverfield nicked the monster design) its one of the most original brilliant films i have seen in a long time and have really been struck by the sheer excellence of the monster and characters in this truly great south korean hit!!!

  7.  yeeearr this is bad yarrrr!


    why cant producers now days handle a good film without having to make 3 or 4 more, it ruins it and taints the goodness of the first one. Ok i admit it the first p.o.t.c was fun. It was original and yes a bit silly but who cares its just plain fun. what the foolish director thourght was that he could make it more serious and complex. still just leave it at one please and not parade 2 more wastes of money just so they can make more greedy money. i walked out along with my chums from the cinema only 30 minutes in thats how bad this sequel is and how boring it is. the film was a mess and i struggled to actually care about these pirates and whatever happened to them.will hollywood ever learn to keep a good film at one. i flippin hope so.

  8.  king of cartoons!


    remember king of the hill? it was a great little tv cartoon what mike judge created after the classic beavis and butt head. it involves hank a texas gas salesman who has a wife called peggy and a son called bobby. its hilarious in a different way from how simpsons or family guy is. its slower and less hectic and you can find youre own laughs almost anywhere. its sort of an aquirred taste like the great mighty boosh but if you like it then king of the hill is one funny cartoon.

  9.  extemely different


    This is a powerful and refreashingly cool film with many moments of genius. i have given it the 5 stars because it is a fascinating story and has tremendous shock power. In a scene which involves the lead character entering the real world again, he goes to a sushi bar and orders anything "LIVING". this turns out to be a wriggling gooey octopuss. The actor actually ate it on film. Thats just a taster on how extreme this film is. it maybe a tad strong for me but thats fine because what the director has done is he has balanced it out with slow arty moments and character depth which makes the film more enjoyable.

  10.  this album is MENTAL


    i only posess 3 or 4 dance albums and out of them this is the master. the greatest dj's ever? arguably YES in my view because these guys make some wicked songs. compare them to other bands what produce music of the same genre and really . they just arent as good. The energy in there sound is huge and is isanely catchy. buy this album!!!!!!!!