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  1.  Great bust


    I got my bust the other day and when i saw it i was like wow! it has a great likeness of kit fisto and a brilliant edition to any star wars fans collection!

  2.  It was ok but...


    There seemed to be something missing. the acting was brilliant, the sets, the costumes etc were all brilliant but the plot didn't seem to be full.

    Also the opening scene looks terrible. There are ships battling and firing their cannons at a castle but for some reason it just didn't look real at all.

  3.  AMAZING!!!!


    I went to see this not expecting much but I actually came out wanting to go back into the cinema to watch it again. From start to finish there is action romance and amazing special effects.

    The city of Alamut which was constructed using live action sets and then CGI looks breathtaking. Ben Kingsley was the best choice for the role of Nizam, Dastan's uncle.

    The acting however did get a bit wobbly at the begining but that was it. Once we got into the story the acting got better and the storyline just became deeper and deeper.

    I wont talk to much about the plot for obvious reasons but I really enjoyed the movie and hope they do a sequel.

    5 out of 5!!!!
    Can't wait to get this on blu-ray!!!!!!

  4.  Really good


    I had never been a fan of sherlock holmes before I saw the movie. The movie is great with a gripping storyline. Can't wait for the sequel!!!

  5.  The best in the series so far!


    Wont talk to much about the story incase I start talking about the end of the film.

    Certainly the most enjoyable film in the series with great acting and amazing special effects.

    Now this really is the beginning of the end....

  6.  Not as good as I hoped


    After seeing the other positive reviews I thought I'd look into this movie.

    Dont get me wrong it is a lovely story with brilliant acting but I felt as if the movie hadn't been given the time and money it deserved. The story, lovely as it is, seems... hollow. At places you forget what is happening and because of this you tend to switch off.

    Of course this is only my opinion and its really up to you to decide whether you want to see it or not.

  7.  A nice relaxing story!


    This is certainly one of those sunday afternoon movies! A nice story that slows everything down at the end of the week. A plot that isnt to complicated but enjoyable and fun.

    I have never read the book but the movie is great and the acting is brilliant!

  8.  Boring and annoying!


    After I herd that the books were good I decided to go and see the film. Waist of time, the film itself is only around 90 minutes long which is not a good time to tell what is supposed to be a long story.

    After I saw it I read the book and saw how completely different the two stories are. In fact the only thing that links the two is the title and the names of the characters!!!

    The lead role was given to someone who didn't care for the story, in fact he is a model and has no acting experience at all. His portrayal of Eragon was rubbish and boring.

    The other actors however seemed to be better. Sienna Guillory was brilliant as Arya but the character wasn't in the film for long. Jeremy Irons was good as Brom but again his character was stripped down and barley featured in the film.

    In total a boring film that makes you turn off as soon as the story begins. Its a shame because this film had so much potential but the film makers didnt care about the story and decided to do their own thing with it.

  9.  Best Film I've seen in a while


    I know the movie isn't the best but its the most refreshing film I have seen since the Lord of The rings. The story is original and exciting.

    However there was a lot of room for improvement, which in a way is a very good thing because at least it could be improved where as some movies they don't work and cant be improved at all.

    A lot of people say that fans of this film have no movie taste, which is incorrect because this shows that we have a larger variety of films we like.

    anyways back to the film. Really good storyline, the acting is a bit wobbley but is good in other areas. Overall great film!

  10.  One of the best wands


    I love this wand. Allthough it is plain and simple it is very elegant and fits incredibly comfortable into your hand. I was really happy with this wand. If you a fan of Harry Potter you should definatly buy this wand!!!!!!!