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  1.  Disappointed


    I went to watch this in Birmingham, and it was a brilliant show, but when i brought the dvd the best part was cut out at the end with the tape recordings, that was the funniest part of the show. Why cut out bits when your paying 13 quid to watch a show on dvd, its not right. The same has happened with the Lee Evans - roadrunner dvd too, can someone please explain to me why this brilliant show is cut. Apart from it bein edited its a really good show.

  2.  Totally sick but very curiously watchable


    I watched this film on the tv monday night and it was slow but sick. when the sick doctor sows them all together and they show it then the chinese man poos into the womans mouth that is sick. who ever thought this film up is twisted but he has made a film that is very watchable, cus you will be curious what it looks like. anyway they are making a second sequence and they say it is more twisted than this one. enjoy

  3.  Generous giving it 2 stars


    Im sorry but the first film was a pile of trash this has gone the same way. you can all slag me off all you like saying i dont no what im talking bout etc. well the first film wasnt scary it was rubbish and this one is just as bad. im sorry i am a big horror movie fan this is not horror it is just a cheap attempt to make a scary film that didnt work. i dont recommend it to anyone but if you wanna waste your money then go right ahead. Not scary, no action just a complete bore. dont bother

  4.  Rocky eat your heart out


    This film was said to be as good as Rocky well its actually better. Christian Bale is excellent in it playing the druggie and drunk mark Wahlbergs brother in the film. Mark Wahlberg plays the fighter and compared to rocky it doesnt have as many fighting scenes in it but for story wise it is brilliant. i recommend this film to any boxing fan

  5.  Not bad


    This film has been really hyped up to be the comedy of the year, but to me it wasn't that funny at all. it did have some funny parts in it but it could have been funnier. Simon pegg and Nick frost both play good parts in it but it just simply is no where near as good as Shaun of the dead which by far is the pairs best film. if your a fan of the duo then go and see it but i hope your not as disapointed as me :(

  6.  brilliant


    This is a brilliant suspence thriller. it is action vertually all the way and keeps you thinking till the end. recommeded to anyone. its brilliant

  7.  Not scary, rubbish


    Look i went to see this film at the cinema last year and after reading all the other reviews on this tripe i cant believe what im reading. it is a total waste of time i was bored throughout the whole film / documentry, and there was not one creepy or nasty part in it. this film was hyped up to be somthing else, you no the bees knees well im gonna some it up in one word its CRAP. not scary at all and just a total bore. i wish i could give it 0 stars cus thats how bad it is and i am a big horror fan. please do not make any more

  8.  The best of the lot


    Well after going to see this at the cinema, all i can say is dont stop on this one make the 8th like origanally planned pleeeeease. in this one the traps were the best its the most grusome of all 7 films but the 3d was pointless, dont no why it was in 3d but it didnt spoil my viewing. . i recommend this film to any horror fan. it s brilliant . . .please please bring on saw 8. :) :) :)

  9.  Very funny


    This film is the comedy of the year so far, and i would recommend it to any family. very good family fun

  10.  Dont even look at some of the other write up's


    This is a brilliant film, i enjoyed all 2 and half hours of it, yes it is a long in places but the acting, the story line, action scenes etc are excellent. This is a film definately not to be missed. i dont no what some of the other people who wrote up on this are watching but it wasnt the same film as i watched. they need to watch it again and see how good it really is. So for any Robin Hood fan this is excellent