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  1.  A real scream


    A very very funny film, I have to say I near wet myself in parts. Without adding any spoilers some of the ways in which the drunk is placed in compromising situations are beyond funny, and the one in the car had me in tears. Just good honest fun with lashings of the politically incorrect we expect from such movies it is a real treat, and features A J Cook in an early role, she is an absolute delight.

  2.  Massive Space Saver


    OK it is a flatpack but I am now ordering my 5th one and they are pretty straightforward to build. I like the fact that the footprint is so small. It is a perfect storage solution given its height and adaptable. I am refitting my entire storeroom out with them and increasing my stockholding capacity by around 30% in doing so. For the money its a good deal.

  3.  A taut watch.


    This is indeed a thriller in the darkest traditions. Though predictable to a point as these films always can be, it is nonetheless a gripping view with enough edge of the seat moments to keep the viewer engaged. The plot has been done before (and since), and the acting on the whole is of a very good standard. Wahlberg is indeed exceptional within his role and carries the menace required to great effect. I have 3 daughters myself, this film makes you worry that little bit more about their progression through life than from before you watch it. You have been warned.

  4.  Modern Day Death Wish meets Taxi Driver


    Most of the previous reviews reflect this is a good film. The concept is not new, a loved one senselessly lost for no good reason, no justice to speak of bar that served by the victims of the crime.

    Bacon is supreme, his transition from mild mannered executive to avenging angel reflects heavilly on the Death Wish series and has tones of Taxi Driver thrown in for good measure.

    Well worth the time to watch.

  5.  A good watch


    Yes, previous reviewers are indeed correct in citing that the twists etc are very readable, they are. Nonetheless the film itself is a decent thriller with enough in it to provide interest. The film has not been produced nor indeed promotted on the sex club angle, it is as it pertains to be a crime thriller that uses the "list" as its vehicle to ensnare McGregor.

    I enjoyed the movie for what it was, if you do likewise and not expect earth shattering twists then you should enjoy the movie to.

  6.  Wow


    I was not sure but decided to watch it as I had some spare time and what a revelation. A truly sublime piece of film-making that conveyed a taboo topic expertly throughout. Some of the scenes are quite chilling and are expertly portrayed. Wishaw is outstanding and just has that menacing look with boyish innocence that his part needed. Also of note is Hoffman's portrayal of an ageing perfumer, quite comical.
    The ending is stunning, not entirely sure the mass orgy was required but it did add something.
    In conclusion, if you do not watch it then it is your loss.

  7.  An enjoyable romp that will leave you smiling


    I often enjoying taking movies on holiday that I have not seen but would not normally watch. This year amongst said selection was Mystic Pizza, mainly because I felt it would be one my wife might enjoy.

    The film is a fun look at the lives and loves of 3 young women who live in the town of Mystic and work at the local pizza parlour with its speciality "Mystic Pizza". Each girl has her own issues. For JoJo (Lili Taylor) it is should she marry her sweetheart (Vincent Donofrio of Law and Order fame), Daisy (Julie Roberts) falls for a rich kid and has a feel of "Pretty Woman" about it and Annabeth Gish plays her sister Kat who falls for a married man.

    The story twists and turns from point to point as the three stories intertwine.

    A very enjoyable film that is surely worth passing a couple of hours with when you are at a loose end.

  8.  My all time favourite


    One reviewer eludes to this film as a chick flick, but in common with another reviewer I am a man and this is without doubt my favouite film (and I have seen many). Bates is quite simply masterful and the way the story weaves between past and present is a thing of beauty. The acting is totally convincing as are the accents of the deep south, and the harshness of issues such as domestic violence and racial tension are highly dramatic yet portrayed with great thought.

    If you never get to see this movie you have truly missed out on something wonderful.

    So stop by the Whistle Stop Cafe and enjoy a helping of Fried Green Tomatoes, you will certainly visit again and again.

  9.  Cheese We Love It


    You know it doesn't matter that the death scenes are ludicrous, that the police are useless and that exploding lorries seem to just burst into balls of fire with no real catalyst, this is a class piece of UK horror. Great concept, mark my words someone will pick it up and run with a remake. I love the soundtrack, just so distinctive and I just found it was released on CD.
    I believe that in the states the film may be in the public domain, I wonder if that is true here in the UK, as it is certainly available through limited channels.