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  1.  Great film but nothing like the book.


    Loosely Based in the max Brooke's novel this is a great zombie action film. Very up close and personal throughout the film. A decent storyline coupled with several outstanding set action pieces. There is a distinct lack of gore compared to similar films and shows in the genre such as the walking dead and Dawn of the dead. This is more than made up for by the action, effects, acting and for once in this genre even decent dialogue. All round an excellent zombie action flick.

  2.  As good as the first


    I absolutely lived the first iron man film. Iron man two I thought was good but lacked something. Following on from the awesome avengers assemble iron man 3 is back in the game. Great story. Amazing action and a return to the humour that makes iron man stand out. And includes a 15 min mini movie following up on agent carter - captain Americas love interest from the first avenger. Excellent.

  3.  Already said many times


    Enough has already been said in previous reviews so I shall stick to a simple comment.
    If you are a fan of the series you will not be disappointed with this box set. The quality and detail are absolutely stunning. It is quite a dark show but the imaging quality is flawless. Compared to DVD the picture quality and fine detail is simply stunning.

  4.  gave me the creeps


    a well acted film, a decent enough story line through to the end

    what i really liked was that it was really creepy, made me jump a few times, a decent ghost story at last not reliant on blood and excessive gore like saw etc. it genuinely made me feel nerve wracked by the end. i even kept checking how long it had left to go, not because i was bored but i wanted to know what happens but was getting the creeps too much.

    Is it a vengeful ghost or all in the mind.........watch and see.

    (as for daniel radcliff excellent acting but i did expect him to start doing spells all the time or for ron and hermione to pop up, too type cast by harry potter) unfortunately)

  5.  shockingly bad


    with a foe that is invisible and kills by touch ( only slightly different to final fantasy the spirit within ) should have and could have been good but it isnt.

    ok the special effects are great but the story line is so old and unoriginal and the dialogue and acting is really third rate. by the end i hoped they all die and within an hour so i would save a part of my life i will never get back. save your money and watch on tv. you will only watch it once. will not be long before you can buy second hand for postage costs from those who bought it.
    as bad as-
    night watch
    day watch
    shark night
    anything on scifi channel involving mutated sharks
    Battle FOR los angeles (not to be confused with Battle L.A)
    really really poor movie

  6.  The culmination of great films in one super movie


    This is the tie in movie. Since the end scenes of the hulk, iron man, Thor and captain America. My expectations were very high as it was the ultimate sequel to some seriously good marvel action films. I have to say I was blown away. Mark ruffalo and Robert Downey jr are two seriously great actors. It was hard to say who eventually stole the show. The action and plot are outstanding. This is an ensamble cast with no weak links
    This is by far the best action film of the year. I can't be bothered writing more. It's all been said. I'd rather spend the time watching the film again.

  7.  Action stations


    Was hesitant after some of the reviews. Lower scores than transformers films and other of the genre. Have to say I LOVED it. Tonnes if action and big booms. Surround sound earned its pay playing this one. The combat sequences are amazing and way better than transformers. Yes it's not particularly original and the acting is fine but not Oscar winning ( even Rihanna acted well contrary to other opinions ). If you like action scifi I can't see how you wouldnt like this. The blu ray is top notch. And you get iTunes version plus ultraviolet.

  8.  Disney back to what it does best


    Disney has gone back to its best with this film. Back to disneys true style. A love story with brilliant storyline, great musical soundtrack. Plenty of action and humour. A brilliant baddie in mother Gothel. And in blu ray an absolute stunner. Outstanding picture and sound. The male lead is an aladinesque thief who steals a diamond tiara from the royal palace. While fleeing the palace guards he stumbles across a hidden tower where rapunzel has been kept hidden away since mother Gothel kidnapped her as a baby, from her parents, the king and queen. Desperate to see the outside world rapunzel forces the thief Flynn Ryder to show her the world outside and so the adventure begins.

  9.  Now that's how you make an animated film


    From the opening scene I was blown away by the quality of the animation. In full hd it's glorious. The storyline, plot, action and humour grips you throughout the entire film. It was easily understood by my 5 and 6 year old but it's not what I'd call a kids film. It truly is an animated Indiana jones type action adventure romp for the whole family. The voice casting is spot on. After a while you forget it's an animation as its that good. Utterly brilliant. The picture quality on the digital copy for iPod touch 4th gen and iPhone 4 via iTunes is amazing.

    Believe the reviews it really is that good.

    One gripe..... Where's the sequel. Come on Spielberg, get on with it. I want to know what happens next.

  10.  Not like it's predecessors


    Nothing like scooby doo the movie or monsters unleashed with freddy prince jr and sarah Michelle geller. None of the previous cast appear and it is very quickly apparent why. Poor script. Terrible acting and poor effects. The cast are aweful. Daphne is bigger built than Fred who is now a brunette. Shaggy is aweful and the scooby effects are rubbish. The other films had something for all ages. This one is aimed at no one older than five. Even my six yr old said it was rubbish.

    Save your money and get the original cartoons or the freddy prince jr films.