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  1.  an absolute classic action movie


    its funny its fast paced and crammed with so many action sequences, a real bench mark setter for the police acton genre.
    superb set pieces, well acted, simply awesome. excellent blu ray transfer.

  2.  In the line of fire meets 24


    Again will leave out the plot other than to say its an assasination attempt on the American president. i loved the Clint Eastwood film In the line of fire and also am a huge fan of 24. this is an outstanding combination of both, although not in real time like 24 Sutherland's character has some of bauers charachteristics although this time its by the book, Michael Douglas' character is the lead, the veteran secret service agent at the middle of the plot. Excellent plot, twists and turns and plenty of action throughout. Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame is also very good as the rookie secret service agent caught in between her partner Sutherland and her academy mentor Douglas. An allround great and tense action thriller and stunning in blu ray.

  3.  So much effort


    I picked this up out of pure curiosity being a fan of good quality zombie films. I was struck immediately by the intense level of obvious thought that had been put into this book. Every conceivable issue has been meticulously examined, explained and broken down into categories cross referenced etc etc. Even if you aren't into zombie flicks this makes fascinating reading because it is so in depth.The Mind of the author may be one scary scary place.

  4.  Superbly funny


    Firstly I will say how funny I found the film. I loved the series and was glad they didn't change the style at all. Some truly hilarious moments.

    What I will say us the reason I only gave 4 stars is that I found the quality of the transfer quite poor. Yes it's a bit better than DVD but nothing really stood out at all about the quality. Yes you get the 18 certificate extended version (4 mins) but nothing of the extra footage was particularly noteworthy

    Secondly it is a triple play so you get a digital copy. It is NOT compatible with iTunes. You extract the file to your pc with a programme called flux player. You then use an app to extract from your pc to iPhone etc. the video is accessed via the flux app not the standard video app. Unlike movies like Thor, Tron legacy, iron man 2, toy story 3, star trek (2009) and many other triple play discs which have very high quality digital versions this one does not. On iPhone 4 the others are crisp and sharp. The inbetweeners digital copy is low quality and almost blurry. Watchable but still a let down. I don't know why they use the flux player instead of iTunes like everyone else has.

    So overall a great film but not a great blu ray or digital version.

  5.  Excellent series but not really a blu ray set


    I gave this five stars because it is such a good series. Even as the eighth outing it is still original, action packed and tense as ever.

    If I was reviewing purely as a blu ray product I would give three stars. The picture is marginally better than DVD. Other tv series in blu ray have excellent picture quality. This does not. At under twenty five quid it's good value as that's little more than the DVD price. At its original rrp of nearly fifty I would be very annoyed.

  6.  A masterpiece


    When it comes to classic zombie horror films Day of the dead is definitely one of the best. I love dawn of the dead and think it set the real bench mark and has been a really hard act to follow. Day of the dead is bang on as a worthy sequel. Although the characters are different the essence of dawn of the dead carries through the storyline and character behaviour. Leading on from the on the run style of dawn of the dead the plot now follows the characters effectively trapped inside a sub teranian military base. It conveys so well the emotions of the characters from hopelessness to despair and then to full blown paranoia.

    As for the blu ray quality the picture is sharp and the colours really vibrant. Amazing considering the age. As good as dawn of the dead superb picture and sound.

  7.  Outstanding series


    Coming along after saving private Ryan and pretty much in the same style which was amazing this has to be the most compelling series I have ever seen.

    There are reviews aplenty about the series but I will concur with a previous review that whilst this is a must have series if you like war films such as when trumpets fade and private Ryan having had it on DVD first I can't really see much difference. Similar to the superb series the pacific. The film style is deliberately grainy which goes against the point of blu ray. But at this price you may as well get the blu ray set.

  8.  It was about time.


    With all the zombie films it was about time someone did a tv series.
    The pilot episode was superb. Setting the scene of the zombie apocalyptic world. It also humanised the story as one of the first issues it showed was what if one of the zombies was a loved one. Throw in some stereotypical plot lines of any show like the hero looking for his lost wife and child and you have what is a short but brilliant series. Now mid way through series two on uk tv and series three commissioned already in USA.

    Gripping, tense and very very very gorey. Definitely not for the squeamish. Way more gorey than the likes of dawn of the dead remake.

  9.  Excellent value box set


    For all 8 films the set represents excellent value for money at under 5 pounds per film. From the first film the picture is excellent. Obviously the most recent 4 films are the best quality as the film industry went hd.

    The story needs little or no commenting on being as its the biggest movie franchise in history now. My only gripe is that as the Potter character grew up the stories got darker and grittier. Great for me but my kids can only watch 1-3 as after that they are rated 12-15.

    Overall an excellent series. Well acted by all including some show stealing performances by lesser cast members in the final film(s).

  10.  Simply magical


    I expected great things from the third instalment of the amazing toy story series both in story and picture quality on blu ray. I was overwhelmed by both. Right from the start Pixar excelled in picture quality and the story line is funny and very emotional right from the start. A fantastic story line culminating in an end scene that will have the hardest person welling up with tears. Simply put not only the best film of the three but one of the best films in years.