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  1.  A very worthy prequel


    Picture and audio quality outstanding

    I loved the trilogy and wolverine origins films. I had my doubts about this prequel as so often they fail to measure up. I was more than happy with this film. It gives a full exPlanation of the snippets from X-1 explaining the origins of prof xavier and many familiarx characters. Excellent plot and superbly acted by all. The action sequences and special effects are superb. And as I have commented on in many reviews this version has what all blu ray films should have which is the digital version which is equally amazing on the hi res screen of the iPhone 4, New iPod touch and Samsung galaxy s2.

  2.  Best value box set around


    Four superb films for thirteen pounds. You can't get better value than that. All four films are excellent in their own right. They make up an excellent story line. The picture quality in all four is outstanding. Some box sets don't even have individual boxes. I don't care a bit about the packaging. It's the blu ray transfer that should be commented on to assist buyers in deciding whether to try or not. This set has four of the best transferred blu ray discs I have seen. A top addition to any collection.

  3.  Best thing since father ted


    I honestly thought nothing would come along in the same comedy vein as father ted. I am so glad I was wrong. I watched the 2011 Xmas special and laughed so much I had to get the first series. I can't remember laughing so much in years. It's a very simple premis but it is just so funny. Its filmed in front of a live audience and there is no canned laughter used believe me.
    You can tell when the lead character goes off script causing the rest of the cast to laugh and when a hiccup occurs it is pure genius how they laugh it off and work round it.
    Quite simply the funniest thing in years. As for the picture quality it only cost two quid more than the DVD. I didn't expect anything special but I have no complaints about the picture quality.

  4.  Absolutely brilliant


    As a big fan of zombie movies and comedies this film ticks all the boxes. Well scripted and well acted, witty and gory. A lot of comedy horrors hold back on the gore. This one does not.
    The voice over from the lead character talking about the rules to survive a zombie apocalypse is superb. It's so well thought out and truly hilarious. The cameo appearance from bill Murray is outstanding. A great action zombie comedy. And the blu ray transfer is excellent.

  5.  The best of the trilogy


    This is by far the best of the three films to date. The set pieces from the start are outstanding. Leonard Nimoy's voice over is excellent as expected. The end action sequence is simply breathtaking as the troops parachute / glide through the battle. Visual effects are top notch a superb blu ray.

    Also includes what I think all blu ray films should have which is a digital copy.

  6.  The Best action hero


    Commando was made when arnie was at the peak of his action hero phase. The set pieces are super and to this day there have been few films that get close to it for action sequences. The film is all about the action. Action was always going to take a distant second place but you don't look for Oscar winning performances from arnie do you.

    This film has several of his famous one liners such as " let off some steam Bennett " truly an action classic and worth five of anyone's stars.

    As for the transfer it's on par with predator. Better than DVD especially on a decent sized screen but as mentioned by others not anywhere near real blu ray quality. But as its the best available and at such a low price it's well worth adding to your collection.

  7.  Superb chapter in the oblivion world


    My first impressions having waited ten hours for it to download from steam despite me having mega fast broadband (steam servers can run very slow ) left me quite negative. Why get a disc at all if it will not load from it after steam had verified it (unlike mw2 and 3 which did load from disc )

    Anyway. The next morning when it was all ready I sat through the obligatory Bethesda plot intro for about fifteen minutes before the real game started. And boy was I impressed. It must have been patched sine the issues mentioned in earlier reviews as I had it on ultra high and it blew me away. I previously had oblivion IV elder scrolls on pc and Xbox 360 and always found the graphics better on the Xbox. After all that's what the Xbox was made for but in this case it is stunning on pc.
    I have an Acer 18" full hd 1080p laptop with superb graphics card. It is visually stunning and even on ultra high settings there is no frame lag.

    I'm only about twenty hours in and have barely scratched the surface. The mods are available to add things of all kinds. Walk fast is a must as it is a huge area to transverse.

    I doubt new Vegas will get played by me again now this is out.

  8.  For adults and kids alike


    A superb story about a young Viking boy desperate to impresshis father. Outstanding animation up on par with UP, toy story three and the ever underrated Astro boy.

    Very funny and the voice actors are well selected particularly Gerard Butler.

    We have watched it now many times and it still never fails to impress. If you have seen it on sky hd or virgin HD movies don't be put off. The blu ray is far superior. Definitely one for the collection.

  9.  Incredible


    Picture is outstanding as is the sound quality.
    This is an amazing trilogy. Three excellent thrillers that even stand out as single films. The action sequences are that great that certain other movie franchises changed their lead man and copied the fight styles ( Daniel Craig bond movies)

    This set has become the bench mark for others to follow.....or at least attemt to.

    And when you factor in three films for under eighteen quid, as a previous reviewer said its a real no brainier.

  10.  Simply stunning


    I just had this delivered as I thought it was about time I got the blu-ray version having previously seen the DVD version. I knew what to expect plot wise obviously.
    As for the BR version I was gutted that I didn't buy it years ago when it was released. I can't believe what I was missing. The picture quality is second to none. I thought evangelion was impressive. This blows that away. This is for picture quality in my top three with avatar and tron legacy.

    The lip sync is not great but it was originally synced for the Japanese market so can't complain. A lot of scenes are so well done its hard to believe it is anime not real. The action sequences from the start are just gobsmacking.

    I'm not fussy about sound quality normally so will leave that to others to comment but no complaints there either.

    Basically if you like anime I fail to see how this can disappoint.