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  1.  better than the secondn not as good as the first


    to give a fair review i have to say that the original film was awesome, the second film heroes of the revolution was aweful. This the 3rd installment is what i can only describe as a "fan film" if you are troopers mad you will get over the low budget sets, less than perfect cgi and average acting, there is plenty of bug action and a half decent story line. people say its cheesy but hang on..........that was the whole point of the first film. The adverts to "do your part" are brought on into this film, no-one expects oscar standards in a film like this. all in all worth watching but as i often say " try before you buy " you will love it or hate it. if you made it all the way to the end of troopers 2 you will enjoy.

  2.  very impressed, a good action thriller


    I was firstly impressed by the opening scene, tense action which sets the background to the plot for the film, the plot itself if not wholly original is done in such a way to keep you guessing long enough to maintain the tension. interesting twists to the plot that you shouldn't see coming unless you saw / read spoilers. Good action, good acting and nice to see michael chicklis from the shield in a solid movie role ( instead of the thing in fantastic 4 )

  3.  I cant remember laughing so much


    i had seen the original version so instantly bought the blu ray with optional extended version (about 8 mins ) i loved blades of glory, talledega nights, anchorman and kicking and screaming. However for me this is farrells best by a country mile. The way farrell and riley portray two forty year olds who still live with thier parents is unbelievably brilliant, they totally nail thier roles acting like a pair of two year olds. the verbal exchanges are awesome as they insult and try to out do each other is hilarious. Extras include out takes and a compilation of scenes called " sibbling rivalry " which includes some even more extended scenes that were cut which should have been left in but as part of a "mini montage" they come as a brilliant surprise extra.

  4.  Hmmmm ????


    First of all, anyone who even remotely compares this shoddy storyline and film overall to the chronicles of riddick is talking utter rubbish. The chronicles of riddick was a fairly original storyline, superb visuals and not bad acting, this however was a plot line i thought we had seen the last of in the mid eighties, came across as a low budget post apocalyptic old hat story of "get the girl to wherever on a tight time frame" which looked like it was filmed on a building site. So so dissappointing, almost seemed that the director tried to make it a bit of everything but to me its a whole lot of nothing, saying all this it is worth watching but only once for the limited action scenes which are done fairly well, you will probably regret buying it as it will likely remain at the back of a cupboard till you clear out blu-ray for whatever replaces it in the future. Try before you buy

  5.  love it.


    At last, superb action, great effects, awesome gadgets and jason statham acting like an actor not a cheesy accent in sight. Race sequences are superb inter-cut with tongue in cheek pay per view adverts and character intro's like wwf wrestling. As said in other reviews in the style of mad max / fast and furious / running man etc lad film. Superb.

  6.  worth watching.


    I actually quite enjoyed the film despite the style issues. Cgi intense. Baddies who look the same as bad guys in blade 2 and i am legend, shot in cgi studio in a cross style of sky captain back drops and sin city (for the really bright red blood spray) plot is good v evil save the world, team of soldiers formed from warring factions to come together and put differences aside etc etc. I would say if you liked blade 2, league of extraordinary gentlemen, sin city, sky captain and hell boy etc you will probably enjoy this. Not the greatest film but didn't leave me feeling i had wasted a couple of hours . I will watch again. Very dark film so not the greatest on blu-ray

  7.  Blu-ray was made for this or vice versa


    Many blu ray discs impress but this one is truly stunning, as it is so cgi intense there are no grainy picure issues, the sharpness of the picture and the quality of the sound just add to what was a brilliant sci-fi thriller anyway, over all i would rate this as a great film made much better by high def.

  8.  Such a sharp picture.


    As blu-ray depends on bright and vibrant colours to impress i thought this may be a bridge too far considering how dark the film is, unlike other films such as alien v predator requiem the darkness does not make this disc a waste of time and money, the opening shot of the joker holding the painted mask is so sharp it has to be seen to be appreciated, well worth the money getting the double pack with batman begins which is equally good in blu-ray.

  9.  Superb


    Firstly yes dutch subtitles on the play.com version. Also french, italian, finnish,norwegian, portuguese, greek and traditional mandarin,
    To the film, awesome blu-ray high def, sound is awesome dts hd 5.1 digital. With over 20 mins additional footage in the directors cut. Some good extra features too. Cheap too at 13.99.

  10.  finally it's here.


    Having seen the blu-ray version i thought the fast moving scenes were blurry on a 60hz 1080p tv, just watched it on a 100hz 1080p, awesome, a must have blu-ray film if you like action sci-fi like matrix, riddick etc. people have in the past commented on why it was not as hyped as matrix trilogy was, who knows.Especially when you consider Matrix was so cgi intensive and Equilibrium uses little or no cgi characters. Get this one 5 stars for film and quality.