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  1.  amazing


    I never got to play either of these games on the PS2, mainly because I was still a child then and my parents were only willing to buy me about 3 games a year. But now as an employed adult I thought I'd see what the fuss is about. So far I am greatly impressed. I'll start with ico. This game is just amazing and rather than talk about the many things it did well I will mention it's only fault: the climbing system. The animation of climbin ropes and chains is. Quite sloppy, but other than that the game is pretty much perfect. As for shadow of the colossus, so far it also has only one fault and that is the horse. Controling the horse can be a bit awkward at times, but you do get used to it. It can be annoying when you are climbing up a colossi and they keep moving, knockin you off balance, but that is a good thing as it adds to the tention and makes slaying the beast more satisfying. All in all they are both amazing games and the only valid complaint that anyone can ever say without me wanting to slap them in the face and send them on a walk of shame is that they seem to be quite short. Ico has a trophy to finish it in 2 hours. That being said, it seems like it will have great re play value when I go back to get that trophy and the fact that you het two games in one prevents that from being a deal breaker. My advice is to buy this game and if you don't enjoy them both then you should probably get your head examined

  2.  Amazing


    I actually got this game because this on ff3 are the only 2 main games that i do not own in the series. soon as i found out this will be on the psp, pre ordered instantly. i have to say it is an amazing game. in my opinion it is so much better than the ds version (i hate the graphic style on ds, i can only describe them as "those annoying nintendo graphics that every n64 game had"), this version actually feels like a classic final fantasy while at the same time still feels new. the battle system is amazing and i dont dislike a single character. better still, its 2 games in 1! I ftrongly reccommend this game for anybody, not just dans. the only thing i miss from the origional is the way the characters speak (in the origional it is more agressive and sarcastic). buy this game, you will not be disappointed.

  3.  Outstanding


    This game is a massive improvement for lbp1 (which was already a masterpiece) and the new tools allow for so many possibiities. The story is a lot better. In lbp1 I didn't even get around to finishing the story for about a year, but I saw this one all the way through in one day. The level creator still requires you to be really creative, which is where som (like myself) will have a problem. Take me as an example, I can think creative but don't have the ability to actually draw out my thoughts or I can't work out the logics to making things in my levels. Luckily there are some good tutorials on youtube and other websites to help, so I'm a long way away from making a masterpiecs, but at least a now have a chance of getting there.
    Even if creating isn't your cup of tea, the community levels are truly outstanding. For example, I cam across a perfect re-make of the origional donkey kong game and a micro machines racer. Some of the movies people make are also amazing. (speaking of movies, the game explains how to place cameras but I can't work out how to hit the "record" button or how to make an actual movie. if anybody has any advice please message me, my psn is ljhrocks).
    Overall the game is amazing with a great, talented community. If you're like me you won't be creating any masterpieces anytime soon, but i still find it satisfying to create a level that may not be visually appealing but still very challenging and watching my friends suffer as they fail to beat it. I reccommend this game to all, if you don't buy it, it's your loss

  4.  not my thing


    i am a man and did not enjoy this film one bit (i was forced to watch it by my girlfriend) but i also do study media and know not to judge it for that reason. for what it is, this film is ok. it is an ok chick flick that will seem better than it really is to fans of the series. for people who are not already fans, if you like this kind of thing you will enjoy it, but you won't be rushing out to buy it either. at this price, it is quite good so if you like film of this nature, buy it now you will like it, but as i have already said, it is only average

  5.  what fallout should be


    this game is exactly what fallout SHOULD have been. this actually combines FPS and RPG perfectly and is a very under rated game. the slow, tedious gameplay from fallout is not present ant all in this game and leveling up actually makes a difference. you get a trophy for getting to level 50, but there is also one for getting weapon prophiciency to level 10 and i now haave one on level 16, so going off that theory i hope you can get above level 50. i have not tried the co-op yet, it took me a few days to clear the single player with every side quest and i am still hooked so the co-op will probably get me even more hooked when i do try it. the character that you choose does not really affecft the gameplay much in single player, only your abilities, but even if you use Brick, you will still play the same (take cover, shoot) but on co-op you would be like a tank on the frontline. Personaly i find Roland the best as he is you general all-arounder with a sentry gun type ability that protects you, heals you, provides ammo and kills enemies. overall this is a brilliant game and i would even say that it will greatly reduce your time on MW2 if you play that, it has done for me anyway. a must buy

  6.  Amazing


    this is an amazing game. having said that, it not perfect. The campaign is way too short and also just assumes that you have played COD4. the online is yet again amazing. the main thing that makes it less enjoyable is some of the players on it, but i assume that when more people have it after christmas there will be a better balance of skill levels. my main complaint is that the levels allow too much space for camping, too many hiding places for them. I'm also convinced that some poeple have already worked out how to MOD the game, there was one occasion when i got killed out of the blue so watched my kill-cam and it was a sniper, problem is that he shot in the opposite direction to me and somehow i died. still an amazing online game though and the spec ops is simply superb, possibly the highlight of the game.
    it's faults aside, MUST BUY

  7.  Amazing


    the 2nd i thought was a bit of a let down, some of the new features were really good but it just wasn't as addictive as the 1st. this game, however, makes up for that as it has made the 2nd game SO much better. to be fair i did get all of the good new features more or less streight away as i imported my character from the 2nd which i had already completed all offline quests on and most online (yes i am sad like that) but i still find myself spending most of my time on this game.
    some of the small new features also make a massive difference like being able to buy to box or combine in box... it sounds small but fans of the game will agree that it saves SO much time and effort
    overall amazing game, but does require a lot of time to get the most out of it, especially if you are new to the series

  8.  I love it


    I love this series and will definalty buy the dvd when it is out. The character are all great in their own way, the vampire own the warewolf by default to me just for being a vampire but i actually do like the warewolf too which is a rarity for me and kinda shows how good the series is

  9.  Amazing


    This is an amazing film. Me and most of my friends agree that it is better tahn the first one because it has more action and doesn't make the vampires and lycans look like normal people, in the first one they died too easily but in this one it is implied that they are hard to kill (for example, seline gets shot by a man and it doesnt hurt her). A very good plus point to me is both underworlds prove taht vampire completely own warewolves. I can't wait for the third film, disapponted that seline isn't in it though

  10.  GREAT


    This is the first 1st person shooter i have ever bought, with the exception of fallout3 but that is more of an rpg. Cod is amazin i dont know why people complain that cod 4 is better i played it at a friend's house and the online is more or less the same except 5 has more features, which in my opinion makes it better. The dogs are amazing it's so funny watching other players get decapitated by them. The story really isn't too short, this type of game doesn't need a long stoyr and it's main selling proposition is the online anyway. Besides, if the story was long people would still complain because if you look at the trophies it requires you to complete it on the hardest difficulty, so a short story makes this a hell of a lot easier. All in all great game and is well worth the money, much better than cod 4 any day