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  1.  Definately my favourite!


    If you're a Jimmy Carr lover and have yet to buy any of his material, start with this one! The extras are certainly the most bargain for money, and the actual show is utterly hillarious! Some of the best jokes are here, constantly keeping you attentive so that you don't miss another fab one liner.

    I'd put it in order (from best to worst):

    In Concert


  2.  Nostalgia? No - sheer excellence.


    I've had this problem recently. I'm so fond of the memories i had as a young boy that when i come to rewatch certain Disney classics - i find them either bizarre, strangely frightening or just plain dull. The magic seems to have died out for me.

    Hercules was always my favourite Disney movie, it was just fantastic when I was little - running round the living room punching the air like he does, fighting an invisable Hydra. This is why i was very worried about rewatching it the other day.

    I am delighted to say it's still as perfect as it was back then. Even more so actually - as Meg's song about 'i wont say im in love' i actually found really lovely and quite mature for a kids film, and i can imagine i fast forwaded parts like that as a child.

    Overall Hercules is a great film. Full of lovely emotional moments, great comedy from James Woods as Hades and great action with the well animated Titans. A great family movie that you'll want to own to watch over and over.

    Definate 5/5. x

  3.  No doubt about it, best £4.99 you'll have spent this year.


    Absolutely quality film. The script, and acting is phenominal and in my non-fanboy eyes, very well deserved an oscar.

    I watched this movie with hesitation at first, because it had been pinned a 'black comedy' and I feel 'black comedies' are rarely funny at all. However this one kicks all those doors down as this is one hillarious, moving, exciting, compelling and twisted film.

    Not a LOT happens, so for someone with a James Bond our Bourne fettish who wants another two hours of shoot-em-up action this sadly isn't the film for you. There are about four scenes i counted which involved any action - but that's not what this film is for. Truly gorgeous dialogue and real chemistry between the two lead actors made this a highlight of this year for me.

    Funny, enjoyable and quite sad - In Bruges is money well spent.

  4.  Almost perfect.


    Like most comedy, this is another 'grower'. Unlike Peep Show and Flight of the Conchords, i really had to watch a few episodes of this before i found it enjoyable.

    It's completely entertaining, not once will you be bored in any episode - but it's not all that hillarious. The script is constantly on it's toes, and the dialogue between characters is very realistic and responsive. The character chemistry is brilliant, and you really do feel as if the group of actor's are best mates.

    Overall - not the most hillarious comedy, but very quirky, quick and enjoyable. 4 out of 5.

  5.  Strange, average movie, but with heart :)


    This isn't a bad film, or in any way an amazing one,

    but it is a film with heart. The passion in the directing and script is very clear, and the acting is fantastic. As a solid Jack Black fan (saw Tenacious D live in Birmingham, UK), i was extremely excited about this film.

    It looked like it had great comedic potential, remaking old movies - however, this seems to have very little to do with the narrative.

    Sure, the entire premise is about two guys remaking films to save a business, but the real narrative is about a jazz musician who they want to celebrate in their final film.

    It's touching, albeit a little dull - but provides some great comedy moments (try and watch the 'Driving Miss Daisy' remake without laughing).

    I would say this is a rent, or watch it on tv if you can wait a while. If you love extras and such, then im sure you will like the dvd. It features a lengthy 'making of' which is good for a die hard Gondry fan.


  6.  Another fantastic Superhero movie.


    The Spider-man series seems to have got it nailed for me.

    When i go to see a superhero movie, i want something mature. Comedy is great to have in too (and is apparent in this movie when Toby McGuire starts strutting his funky stuff), but overall I find i want something dark, mature and not silly.

    Spider-Man seems to have this mixed brilliantly, and the special effects are superb. The story is very interesting this time around - with numerous different sub-plots, and remains faithful to the comics and that cartoon series.

    It strikes me that this film is so hated by numerous people. It is in no way a bad film. The dialogue isn't corny, the special effects are superb, and even though it may be the worst spider-man, it is still one of the greatest superhero films out there to date.

    I highly reccomend Spider-Man 3, especially for a fiver, however - if you have SKY television, it will be arriving on Sky Movies very shortly this summer - so there may be no need to fork out the money for this film.


  7.  It really doesn't get better than this.


    As far as modern comedy (or sitcoms) go, this has to be one of the best shows around.

    It's original, it's hillarious - and every episode is brilliant. The writing is constantly fantastic.

    This has to be the best series of the lot in my opinion - just every episode has non-stop laughs.

    Also, the characters are ones you connect with, and not ones you find highly irritating like you do with some shows. It's not like those programmes where a character almost says something to advance the story, then decides to keep it to himself, with Peep Show - if they have something to say, they'll just say it.

    It's fantastic.


  8.  It's legend.


    Urgh, again - this film seems to have developed a bad case of the 'bad review' desiese.

    I don't understand how people can dislike this enough to give it 1 star?

    Will Smith acts brilliantly, and emotionally. The story is really interesting, and for horror fans - the monsters really are quite menacing. It's a brilliant thriller, with the audience guessing what caused the post-apocalyptic world, and it's a brilliant horror - with the audience wondering whether Will can survive the monsters' attack.

    It's a real gem of a film, with fantastic acting, directing and story. One of the highlights of 2007.


  9.  A pleasant film, which will leave you with a smile.


    This really is one nice, happy film. I don't really know what other way to discribe it. It has a nice story, and mixes the fantasy and romance well, but my only problem with it is that it might take the fantasy element a little TOO far.

    The ending seems really elongated, and that really ruins the flow of the film, also some characters are just annoying as hell (the kings' sons).

    A very entertaining watch, but i would only purchase if you are a gigantic fan of the film, or the book.

  10. Emergency


    The Pigeon Detectives - CD

    28 New from  £2.25  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.15

     Did i listen to the same album as everyone else??


    I don't understand really what's going on, i've listened to this album enough times to realize that it's a fantastic second effort from the Pigeon Detectives.

    Everyone else seems to feel it's a dissapointing follow up, but if you disconnect it from their first album, it's fantastic. The opening song 'This is an Emergency' (which has been played on radio 1 more times than i care to think of), is a really catchy, simple song with a great chorus.

    Other songs on the album such as, 'I'm a liar', 'Keep on your dress' and 'Everybody wants me' are brilliant 'single worthy' songs, and all the others are fantastic album-fillers.

    This really is one of the better albums of 2008, and thanks to seemingly bad reviews, the cost has been lowered considerably. For £7, you really can't go wrong with this album!!!