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  1.  The Xbox thing


    This I think is the main thing on xbox 360.Theres nothing better than a blast of COD4 or FIFA 08 and to do it online is even better because if you beat the person youre vs and beat them you know you are better than them.If you read my review and have Xbox live add me .My gamertag is=:)


  2.  One heck of a good follow up


    This is one hell of a good follow up to Rainbow six 1.Its round about the same controls so if youve played the first one youll clock the controls easy also if youve not played 1 its still easy to get the hang of. I like the character thing and the online is very good .I think having to unlock some of the good guns is annoying and the new rank thing is good also the acheivements are easy to unlock.Overall I think its the best follow up to one of 360s PS3s games yet.

  3.  Very,Very,Short


    A thought I would have a change of pace,nope,shot through it in half an hour,yes you read it right half an hour.As being a fan of mario and having played it before I was looking forward to getting it but it turned out that I stopped playing it in a day becuase I completed it completely.It would of got 5 stars if it was longer but oh well,still looking forward to the wii version.

  4.  Shows why the 360s better than the PS3


    This game will be a great edition to your 360 games collection (if you have one)and I think it definately proves the 360 is better than PS3.
    You will get:
    1).Hours of gameplay
    2.)Good co-op campaign
    3.)Good acheivements
    4.)Exellent range of enemies and bosses
    5.)Great weapons.
    6.)Hillarity or funny gameplay(which I think is a must)
    Definately proves the fact.

  5.  Great Tactical shooter


    This game is a fantastic tactical shooter.The graphics and the envoiroments are good it can get you right in the action and the commands to your team mates are easy to control.The co-op play is good which allows you to play with a friend and do any mission/missions in the game in any particular order.Ive not tried online yet because I dont have online yet but thiers quite a few acheivements you can unlock online.The achievements are good anyway and the casinos are in a world of their own.A must buy for 360 gamers!

  6.  Should have been good


    We can all imagine what a wwe game should be like on the wii.With punching and lifting up the remote to lift up the oponents,BUT NO!They are wanting you to swing the wii remote about like a baby and it will get frustrating when it dosent respond to the mindlessly waving you will do.I gave it 2*'s because despite all the abuse its fun to get a mate round(like all wii games)and wrestle each other because you will both have a good time!Instead of buying this go buy zelda or mario and sonic.

  7.  A truly great game!


    Unlike super paper mario it uses full potential of the wii as it requires you to swing the wii remote in order for Link to swing his sword.The game has a nice storyline to it as you find yourself starting in a quiet wee village and soon finds you on a quest to find your friends.It has lots of historic boss battles and creatures to fight as well as bone-chilling sword attacks as well as the nice touch added which is that you can switch to a wolf.It gets a bit tricky in parts(I had the strategy guide,a must buy)and a little frustrating in parts but its a good feeling if you manage to do it.There is a giant land to travel across,a wide variety of things to collect and a good number of minigames to play.Overall a must buy for all wii gamers!

  8.  Hardly uses the wii potential


    This game is fun but you may get bored of running about , between flipping between worlds being frustrated at not being able to do a bit in the game.They could have made it a wee bit more interesting and it hardly uses the wii remotes wireless system as it requires you to turn the wii remote on its side and play like that.I couldnt even finish the game I got so bored.

  9.  Tireing but Fun!!


    This game tires you like hell god darn it!And for £40 odd pound,well my mum bought it for me.Endless amount of fun from it and the events are magic!



    All I can say to this game is -WEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    1.)The songs are really good, suits the game well really good rock songs including Through the fire and flames and welcome to the jungle.
    2.)Co-op is fun to play.Get afew of your pals round and have a goo time with it.
    3.)Storyline could be a bit better because its basically about this-Form band,Get good,Sign contract,Fight for soul.Well I suppose every game has a simple story line but this is a wee bit too simple.
    4.)Now the guitar controller is a wee bit stubborn at times.It sometimes plays up by not putting on star power and sometimes when you hit a note it dosent play it.