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  1.  I couldn't get into this film...


    ...so I can't really comment on the quality. It's the type of film you'd find on BBC2 at 2.30am. Low budget and confusing, but it might be good to someone who enjoys that type of movie. The story line was OK but it just dragged on a bit too long for me.

  2.  If I could I'd give this zero stars...


    ...because I really did think it was that bad. The story started off OK, a typical teen slasher setup, but the story then becomes so predictable I was quoting what was going to happen. Totally unrealistic events and unrealistic responses to typical situations. Boring, boring, boring. I turned the movie off at the chase scene, where a truck could seemingly reach a much higher top speed than a souped up V8 muscle car!!! At the moment the truck rammed the back of the car and the car flipped up from the back and truck rammed the underside of the car I swore loudly at the TV and pressed eject on my DVD player!!! What was that??? I wouldn't mind if it was exagerating a usually normal crash, but it was just unrealistic.

  3.  Really enjoyed this film...


    ...but I didn't notice the excess use of yellow and blue that Stickytickles mentioned in his review?! This movie is obviously low budget from the effects but I felt the director did a really good job at hiding the 'cheapness' and actually created a unique style and in some scenes was actually really gorey, and would definitely have the missus hiding behind the sofa. Although a bit unrealistic, I think the scene when a guys head is whacked so hard his eyes 'pop' out (in slow motion) was actually fantastic and unique, especially being a low budget movie! Vinnie Jones acted his role extremely well as a bad guy, even though he literally only speaks 3 whole words throughout the movie. I thought the lead actress exagerated her emotions a little, but didn't ruin the movie at all. Comparing this movie to other low-budget scare-flicks, I thought this film was the best I've seen in a long time, and it's better than some high-budget movies I've seen. If this film had a high budget, I think it'd be a blockbuster! I score 5 stars because of the attention to detail and the obvious effort put into the movie.

  4.  A bit too much swearing...


    ...for my liking but a good film all the same. This film would NOT be good to watch with a new date because of all the swearing and 'rude bits'. I don't like Zack's actor very much and thought he was a bit too much in this movie, like Extra Strong Cheese. But Miri was hilarious and acted the part extremely well. I also loved the crazy guy who loved the 'dutch rudder' (you gotta watch 'til the end to find out what that is!). I laughed out loud at several scenes and was bored at several others, hence only four stars, also because of the incessant swearing which really wasn't needed to make the movie funny. To compare the film, I'd say Knocked Up was better.

  5.  One of the worst...


    ...I've ever seen. Well, the first half was anyway, I turned it off. The acting was poor and the film just looked cheap. The previous reviewer commented on this film being a black comedy, but I disagree. My mind switched off after twenty minutes because I didn't even know where the story was going. It was like turning a movie on half way through and trying to figure out what you'd missed. One scene involved using a nail-gun on the main characters arms, which wasn't too bad, but that was the only action I saw in almost 45 minutes, so I couldn't even be bothered to watch the rest to 'see if it picked up'. If you've got money to throw away then buy this film, otherwise wait til you see it at a car boot sale for 50p.

  6.  Made the missus sick...


    ...but this is a really good film. Effects are great for what seems to be a low to mid budget movie, and some scenes are truly gruesome and even made me feel a bit sick (and I love blood and guts). It wasn't so much blood and limbs flying but the worst (or best if you love this kind of thing) is when the girl is visibly cutting into her leg with a knife and physically digging her fingers in to pull something out. And of course, hacking off an infected leg with a rock and sealing it with a hot frying pan is an excellent new idea for a horror movie (you have to see the film just to see the gorey bits). I wouldn't call it a horror though because it's not scary, but I was transfixed waiting to see what happened next. I only scored the movie with four stars because the movie is quite short (storyline seems rushed) and could have been drawn out a bit longer, and the beginning is a bit slow and makes the movie seem low-budget. But this is definitely worth a watch and is much better than more well-known movies I've watched. Don't take any notice of the reviews that say this film is rubbish because it certainly is not! It's not a blockbuster but it's totally original and does the job.

  7.  If you hate violins...


    ...you'll hate this film. I appreciate movies that are 'different' and original but that background music/noise made by the violins, or some other high pitched stringed instrument, just gave me a headache. This movie would have been much better if the main character was likeable and I was very disappointed by Lewis' acting. The boy acted better than Lewis! However, I turned the DVD off after 20 minutes so maybe I didn't watch enough to properly appreciate it, but I just couldn't put up with those violins. This movie is either very over-rated or was actually made to be so hard to get into.

  8.  I didn't get half way through...


    ...before turning it off in annoyance. The plot is just silly, and if it's based on how things really are in Rio then I'll never visit the place. The acting isn't bad, but I just didn't understand the story line. I found a more interesting program on normal TV about salmon swimming up rivers to lay eggs and die...

  9.  Not very scary...


    ...but an OK film. It seemed like a low-budget movie, with cheap looking weapons and almost the whole movie being filmed in the same old abandoned (but strangely spotlessly clean) building. But some of the gorey bits were quite good and the blood looked real. The acting wasn't bad, although if you blink too many times you might miss Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen. A watchable film but not scary and quite predictable really.

  10.  Not bad...


    ...but not excellent. The acting is really good, and the story is original. But I didn't think it was a good as Narnia or Spiderwick. The ending seemed rushed, as if the pot of money suddenly ran dry, and I was actually sat waiting for more to happen when the credits started rolling. For me, a good ending is important, which is why this film only gets three stars. But overall, not a bad film.