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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo DS

    1 New from  £18.39  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.95

     Improved but not greatly improved.


    I have to disagree with the other review. Firstly the commentary is now by two personalities not just one. There's also the addition of the Ultimate 11 game which wasn't mentioned. This new addition adds a new game whereby you have to 'pay' for player cards which are then added to your Ultimate Team. You then play games within the Ultimate Arena. Totally new and quite entertaining. There's new player moves (turns, step overs etc.) which have to be mastered. So overall, compared to Fifa 10 it's basically the same with a few new and improved additions. You do need to access the web to download the lastest team, as players just like real life do leave and join other clubs. The game play is the same as before so no great improvement there. I think EA will have to do a complete overhaul for the DS next year for me to make another purchase though.

  2.  Not quite there yet


    Having read several reviews on the popular Sony model, I decided to go for the Samsung as I have a Samsung HDTV plus I've had Sonys before and they have failed on me.

    This player is very easy to use, looks good has touch sensitive panal on the front for Play, Pause etc... RC is compatible with my Samsung TV although it should operate other brands it says in the manual.

    Connected to the internet with no problem (wired connection). Blu-rays are stunningly good and DVDs are upscaled and look good too! In some cases better than on a DVD player.

    The only downside is the Internet@TV that Samsung have. BBC iPlayer isn't available yet! LoveFilm, Facebook and the TV guide thingy aren't working either. Yes, YouTube is and a few others, but without the BBC iPlayer it's not worth connecting to the Internet for!

    Yes you also get 6 films free with it. That must be a value of sixty pounds, so in terms of money, grab a bargain while you can!

    Great for watching Blu-rays and DVDs not so great for the Internet@ TV as of yet.

  3. Fallen



    1 New from  £19.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.25

     Good but not Great


    I purchased this DVD for two reasons. 1) how cheap it was 2) the reviews were great. However, after watching this film I have to say it was good but not great. 5 out of 5 stars? Not for me. Only gets 3.

  4.  Fifa 08 € Not that good


    I have been playing this game for a while now and although overall its pretty darn good, there are some fundamental faults which I have made EA Games aware off.

    These being, in Manager Mode when playing a Cup Match, if you beat the team, you end up playing them again in the next round up until the quarter finals. (Obviously, in real life once you beat a team they are out of the cup, and you play a different team)

    Also, if you train your team to increase the overall team stats(%), they don't increase, no matter how much training you do!

    The game play itself is very good along with the graphics and you can't fault the amount of detail thats gone into the stats. A good effort, but EA Games have overlooked some serious omissions in their programming.

    These are faults only in the Manager Mode, if you can live without it the rest of the features and game play are very good and I would recommend it.

  5.  Tennis Masters review


    This is the first Tennis game I have bought for my DS, and what a game it is. Unfortunately I haven't played any other tennis games on the DS to compare it to. However, if anyone has played the FLASH games on the BBC sport website, its a bit like the Tardis Tennis on there. I found this game to look great, the controls are easy to get a hold of and the play is very addictive. You have the choice of Exhibition or Tournament matches. The latter opens up new venues once you have completed the first ones. Overall I liked this game, it wasn't an expensive one to purcahse, that's probably why I went for it. Graphics are good and like I have said before the game play is brilliant. Highly Recommended!