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  1.  Disappointing


    I walked into the cinema with very high hopes for this film after loving the episodes and the first film, and while I did enjoy it, I couldn't help but feel disappointed, that there was something missing.
    While the film had it's moments, most of the jokes just didn't seem funny and even though it was just 89 minutes long, the film seemed to drag on and on towards the end.
    Most of the acting wasn't very good, and the script wasn't up to usual standards.
    If you love Mr. Bean, then by all means buy this film, just don't expect the world from it.

  2.  Almost as Good as the First Series


    I think as a whole I preferred the first series, bar the amazing final episode, but it was still an excellent series!
    The acting was great all round as usual, and most of the storylines were pretty good, and built on the Torchwood characters very nicely.

    If you enjoyed the first series, I highly reccomend watching this one.

  3.  No Fuss, Works Perfectly


    I was a little nervous when I first ordered Wii Freeloader incase it didn't work or it was too much hassle to use everytime I played imported games, but thankfully it works fine and is very quick.

    The freeloader just requires you to put it in your console for about 10-15 seconds, then you can just take it out and play any imported game you want!
    Note for games with updates, like Brawl, you'll need to insert it twice.

    I know it might be a bit obvious, but make sure you have your Wii set to 60hz to play the games. I never thought of it when I couldn't get my game to play at first...

  4.  Fantastic From Start to Finish


    This film was much better than I thought it would be.
    Some people say that it started far too slowly, but I found it very entertaining throughout, and I'm normally one to get restless in long films.
    The special effects are amazing, and King Kong himself looks fantastic. Brilliant acting all round and very well written.
    Highly Recommended.

  5.  Your Own Virtual Puppy!


    For Dog lovers, this game is essential!
    The game opens with you visiting the kennel to choose your first puppy. Once you're home and have named it and made it feel welcome, you're pretty much open to do whatever you want!

    Take it for walks, feed it, teach it new tricks, play, enter competitions, it's all up to you! The more time you spend with your dog, the more trainer points you will earn. Trainer points will unlock certain things to buy, including new species of dogs! Money can be earned by entering your dogs into competitions or by selling items found while walking your dog.

    There are tons of items to be found in the game, most of them while walking your dog, including dog toys, music CDs and a controllable flying helicopter!
    Bark Mode allows 2 people with a copy of the game to connect and meet each other's dogs and exchange presents.

    The only drawback with this game is the fact that, as many people say, it can become very repetitive after playing for a while.
    If this game sounds like the sort of thing that will keep you interested, then don't hesitate! Buy!

  6.  Great Value


    If you're a big downloader on the Virtual Console or want to make full use of the Photo Channel, then look no further.
    The Wii's memory can fill up very quickly with VC games, so these are very handy to back up your games without having to redownload them from the Wii Shop all of the time.
    And for this price, who can argue?

  7.  A Free Remote or A Free Game?


    A fun game, but it really isn't worth spending £35 on this if you don't really want the remote. If however, you are looking to get a second remote then Wii Play will only set you back an extra £5! Bargain!

    Wii Play consists of 9 mini-games. Most of them are actually pretty fun and will have you playing them again and again to get the platinum medals and beat your high scores, though there are a couple that get boring quickly.
    Shooting Range is my personal favourite, which has you shooting at balloons, flying discs, ducks and more with the Wii Remote!

    Wii Play is very good for newcomers to the Wii to get used to using the Wii Remote in different ways and offers a lot of replay value if it's the sort of thing you're in to.
    If you're in need of a new remote or want an emergency spare, I strongly advice you spend the extra fiver and get this with it!

  8.  Highly Recommended for VC Gamers


    This controller is an absolute must for any Virtual Console gamers out there.

    It's pretty much essential to play SNES games (yes, the GameCube controller can be used, but the controls are extremely awkward) and it works very well for most other VC titles. However, there are a few games which feel a little fiddly to play. Maybe Nintendo could include customisable controls in a future Wii update?
    The N64 games can be played more comfortably using the GameCube controller due to the placing of the analog stick, though they are still alright using this.

    The Classic Controller clips in to the Wii Remote in the same fashion as the Nunchuk controller.
    It's similar to the original SNES control pad, and feels very comfortable and natural to hold.
    The Wii Menu and Wii Shop can be navigated using the controller, which can be handy at times when switching between games.

    Mild control flaws prevent me from giving this 5*, but it is still a great controller and highly recommended.

  9. Picross


    Nintendo DS

    3 New from  £18.45  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.98

     Best Puzzler on DS


    This game is fantastic.

    For anyone new to Picross, the game is very simple once you get used to it.
    You start off with a blank grid. There are rows of numbers going along the left and upper sides of the grid. These numbers tell you which blocks to fill in.
    For example: 3 4 would mean that in that line you need to fill in 3 in a row, followed by at least one space, then 4 in a row.
    As you continue to fill blocks in, you'll slowly unveil a picture.
    To see an example of this, just enlarge the box art image.

    There are literally hundreds of themed Puzzles for you to plough through and several gameplay modes which will keep you going for months.

    The online mode is very good. You can either play against a friend or search worldwide for someone to play against. You can also upload up to 10 puzzles of your own (created offline) for your friends to play against and download their puzzles.

    Picross DS would be great value full price, but as a budget price game it is an absolute bargain.
    Buy it! You won't regret it!

  10.  A Unique Racing Experience


    One of my favourite racing games ever.
    The Wii Remote acting as a steering wheel works excellently and feels completely natural as it sucks you deeper into the pure adrenaline-filled racing experience of Excite Truck.

    Most racing games require you to finish the race as fast as you can and hit first place. However, Excite Truck takes on a star feature, which adds a lot more depth to the races. Stars are given out on a scale of 1-5 for several things, like obliterating opponents cars, staying airborne for as long as possible in a jump and narrowly avoiding multiple trees. You also get bonus stars at the end depending on your position.
    The more stars you get, the higher your overall rank for the race will be!
    Another feature that makes Excite Truck unique is the ! tags dotted around the maps that when collected will create some sort of environmental change, whether it be the ground shifting to create a ramp where there was once flat dirt, hazards like boulders tumbling down a mountain or the appearance of a volcano!

    As well as the races, there is also a challenge mode. While you won't be spending as much time on these, they are also great fun. There are a few options, like Gate, which has you driving through gates along a course as quickly as possible.

    Whether you're genre fanatic or new to racing games, Excite Truck is a real treat and should satisfy. Not to be missed.