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  1.  Gran Turismo Perfecto!


    Hi There,
    Im not sure where to start as this game in my opinion is just about perfect so i will start with the graphics, simply put, best on the PS2, perhaps...
    the gameplay is challenging at times, exciting and absolutely brilliant.
    the sound is decent although some engines do sound unrealistic but i dont mind, the music is decent but sometimes there are some bad songs but that depends on what music you like.
    the range and quantity of cars is speechless there are 721 cars give or take in total, and that can range from V10 supercars to a 16 bhp 80's Honda or even a Renault Avantime MPV will suit your style, but what ever that may be, i can assure you that it will be there.
    This game has had me hooked for a very long time and im sure it will have your hands glued to the PS2 controller (or even a steering wheel, but i'll come back to that later).
    another great thing about this game is that you can tune cars to whatever level you want. You can buy a better suspension, reduce weight by taking out unnecessary equipment such as back seats, CD player etc. but i wont say any more as i dont want to spoil it for you. A perfect example of this modifying was with an old 1994 TVR Griffith 500, a great car but even better after i modified it, i could beat Ford GT's and some Aston Martins with that little car!
    i'll give you a tip when modifying older cars, either : 1. if you have a decent knowledge of cars, just simply check its RPM and if it has low revs, dont bother wasting time tuning the engine because it will only have a low top speed and although you may modify it so that the car will accelerate quicker it will only do that up to that top speed.
    2. if you arent such a petrol head go on 'power and speed' (top right in GT mode) and test its top speed and like i said in further detail above dont bother tuning it if it has a low top speed.
    now, back to steering wheels, if you have one ,great use it if you wish but if you dont, i personally wouldn't reccomend buying one because it is extremely hard and i have one and i use it sometimes but then i give up. but if you like an extreme challenge do as you wish.
    I probably have missed some more of the many great things about this game on this review but there are so many!
    i seriously recommend this game and i hope it has been a pleasure reading this.
    cheers, Jonny

  2.  Start your engines!


    Start your engines its Mario Kart wii time!
    This game is great, pretty much everything about it is perfect. Whether it is the gameplay, graphics, lifespan, controls or the like, it is just right. The wii wheel is superb, yeah ok its just a plastic shell but its more comfortable and it looks better, bikes are a superb addition and to be truly honest i prefer them in some cases,
    especially the handling but then again, the karts are stronger when bumping into people.
    i like how Nintendo have kept a balance on the karts + bikes, the bikes can wheelie ,which acts as a slight speed boost but when bikes drift they can only get blue sparks when they drift. (You will understand if you have played mario kart before but dont worry if you dont) Whereas karts can get orange/yellow sparks and when you release the drift after the sparks you get a nice little boost. I think Nintendo have done well thinking of that.
    the gameplay is fun, even if a little fustrating at times, the fustrating side of it would be falling off some tracks especially *sneeze* rainbow road *sneeze* sorry, bad hayfever i have got...
    This game will keep you entertained for hours, whether you will be trying to unlock the almost endless amount of characters or plodding on through the Grand Prix's which includes that dreaded mirror mode, when you unlock it, or even trying to get your online rating up which starts from 5000 which can either go up if you win or down if you lose, there are two seperate ratings for both 'VS race' or 'battle'. I love battle, it is so fun. There is something really cool when you are being shown the different players you are playing with/against but i am not going to spoil it for you ,it is something to do with where the players live...
    Guess who my favorite character is... My mii, yes, after you unlock him/her of course, can play as him/her and the great thing about miis are that the weight class of your mii is depended on how heavy your mii actually is, how cool is that.

    Well i hope you are now much wiser about Mario Kart Wii than you were at the start and i hope you enjoyed reading this.
    cheers, Jonny

  3.  Class rockin' action


    I bought this game because of all the positive reviews and my mate says its excellent and I wasnt disappointed even if a bit pricy. It has nice gameplay even if a bit hard when you start but thats natural, don't worry. It doesn't have the most elegant graphics on the Wii but who cares, all you look at is the notes rushing towards you!
    Rocking away to a load of famous songs is very satisfying and provides plenty of longevity and another thing that provides life is the different difficulties, on easy you'll be using 3 buttons, medium - 4 buttons and on hard and expert; all 5 which i cant do yet.
    I'll give you a tip if you get this game; go through the tutorials, they help a lot.
    Oh, i forgot one little thing, the Wi-Fi is excellent, you can battle against any random people, or do co-op with a random person in which you can choose your settings, you can also host your own game or even play with friends, there are more choices but im not going to spoil it too much!
    Thanks for reading my review and i hope you are a lot wiser about buying Guitar Hero III, oh and the guitar is awesome.

  4.  No sorry


    It wont fit a pc guitar controller bailey1234 im afraid

  5.  Classic age of empires action!


    Solid gameplay and a different way of controlling units means this is a good game but not the best, i couldnt put this game down for about a week but then the higher difficulties of campaign get sometimes impossible for me.
    i also like the set piece battles they are really fun. A decent game if you like the age of empires type of action

  6.  Half decent worms


    This installment of worms is pretty good, although it doesn't keep you hooked for ages

    i suppose replaying it is fun but unlike worms 4 there arent many 'missions' and t really doesn't last very long

  7.  decent racing action!


    I have to agree with Petrolhead, there are floating goodyears and yes, the control is a bit quere but the licensed cars are awesome and you can modify them aswell

    the game lasts a long time in championship, even if tedious and repetitive it took me a good 6 months to complete it, not that i played it constantly mind, and i still havent unlocked all the concept cars yet

  8.  Fun education!!


    i play on this game everyday, sometimes! you cant really explain how its addictive but it is.
    the games are really fun and have you thinking, (well all but 1 game is fun ,not giving any hints or anything... *cough* memorize 5 X 5 *cough*) i think anyone who owns a DS should get this game even if one utterly stupid and impossible game is in it but dont let that put you off!

  9.  Fun while it lasts!


    WarioWare: Smooth Moves is a fun game with lots of minigames you have to plough through and there are funny/random moments when there is a man describing how you do a form (e.g the chauffer) i also like the story of it, you 'play' if you like as different people and once you complete single player you unlock multiplayer which is fun withh games for many people e.g, darts but the real problem with this game is the longevity, it just doesnt last long enough, i completed it in around a total of 4 hours, i would recommend it if you dont mind doing the same thing over and over again, or if you can play with someone else

  10.  brilliant!


    I love this game, but first i have to say, this is no ordinary football game like Fifa or PES, it is completely different, the game itself is smooth, the controls work perfectly, but probably the best thing of all is the Wi-Fi, it is superb im either cheering for joy because i won a game, or im ranting at te telly because i feel cheated.
    another good idea is the type of players the characters are, for example Mario is an all-rounded type, where as DK is a Power type. it is a good idea because what i have in my team is 3 playmakers (toad) and DK it works really well but you can put together really cool combinations of them.
    Finally, the megastrike is also a good idea as it challenges to to try and make one but then the opposition could just save them all! i hope you found my review helpful.