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  1.  Fit for its purpose


    It all depends what do you want from a screen protector.

    If its just protection againts scratches then go for it.
    If you want some kind of second coat to your screen that isn't noticeable don't.
    That is because it wil show around the led and is cut EXACTLY to measure so even if you go off by a 0.01mm is not going to be a perfect fit.

    Personally i remove all screen protective foils first thing when I buy a phone and don't bother about minor scratches that appear during use. I thought to give it a go with the desire but not satisfied by results. Decided to use as it comes with no protectors and see how tough the screen is.

  2.  Very stylish and full of specs


    Short and to the point:
    -superb screen with vivid colors, crisp image clearly above the competition (i'm very objective saying this) and that fingerprint proof really works
    -great looks with the metal body and slim build, love the usb sliding cover (love that about samsung putting covers on all conection ports)
    -camera is very good (more than you need from a phone) and video recording in 720p is quite impressive
    -UI (user interface) seems very comprehensive and very pleasant to interact with( i'm a first time samsung user). It keeps things simple and straight forward
    -that 1Ghz processor really does its job. Everything just flows without any stutter whatsoever
    -love the swipe feature in call list to either ring or send a txt to a contact

    -not being able to put on the home screens shortcut to applications only the widgets which is not always what you want
    -earphones come only with one size ear tips
    -no hot swap for sd card. You have to turn off phone and remove battery in order to acces the sd card.
    -samsung app store has only a few apps

    If all you are interested in is a phone with top hardware specs (it beats most of competition on that) and you are not to much bothered about extra apps or ultra customization then this is the phone for you.

  3.  Good sound quality


    Very good sound quality and this is not the first pair of brand headphones that shouted in my ears. They sound even better after the burning in process.
    Probably a lot of people don't realize but headphones (and any other speakers) sound better after they're used for a while. That's called the burning in process, after which is considered that the driver reaches the optimum performance. Some say this is the first 100 to 200 hours.
    Coming back to the actual headphones I just love them. They are comfortable to wear. But that is for me and it might not work for everybody. Saying this they are not comfortable at all for my wife which couldn't hold them on the head for more than 10 min complaining about being way to tight for her.
    My ears fit nicely inside the headphones cups wich helps isolating the outside noise. The feeling you have when you put them on without any music playing is like you are entering into a diferent room that is sound isolated and you can hear like the noise is coming from somewhere far away. I'm not talking about when you actually turn the music on and you are really amazed by the sound.
    Of course it matters on what kind of source you plug them into in order to fully benefit of the quality of the speakers but put it like this changing your old headphones with these you'll hear an improvement.

  4.  Touch phone, stylish and cheap


    This phone is for those who want a touch phone at an affordable price. You're not supose to buy it for its memory, for its camera or mp3 player. Yes it has them all but does not excell on any.

    Memory is 47mb but it has a microSD slot and you can add up to 8gb using the microSD cards.

    Mp3 player is good you can create playlists very easy and it even has a 5 star rating system. Using that you can rate your songs while you play them and after that listen to the highly rated ones. The quality of the sound is about average. Especially if you use the headphones provided you won't be satisfied ( it depends on your espectations of course, i consider myself a bit fusy regarding sound quality) But using the phone with a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones the sound is getting better. It's worth saying that the phone has no ordinary headphones conector (3.5 or 2.5 mm jack) using instead their one type. It means you can't use it with your favourite pair of headphones. Then again it wasn't built to be a music phone.

    Camera is 3 megapixel. Very important about the camera is that it is no autofocus. This means that sometimes you can get slightly out of focus pictures depending on the distance of the subject and other things. Not having a flash or at least a led light it means pictures in low light will really disapoint you. When in good light the pictures look good enough. Again it's not a phone built for taking pictures. Very surprised about the picture editing capabilities. You can adjust loads of parameters and add quite a large selection of filters to your pictures. The ones that like playing with photos will be very surprised about this.

    It records 320x240 on 12fps. It's not a high frame rate but the videoclips don't look very bad. You can succesfully capture scenes but not high moving ones. At least the size of the video is decent.

    The touch screen is big, clear and with nice colors. It comes with a protective film on it and a spare one in the box. I wouldn't recomend taking the protection of as you barely notice it and it doesn't seem to affect to much the touch function. The phone is quite responsive. You have to get use to it a bit but i didn't find any difficulties at all in dialling numbers or texting. It has a qwerty keyboard that helps you writing emails or texts faster. All you have to do is just to tilt the phone in landscape mode and it automaticaly comes on screen. It doesn' work both ways just if you tilt your phone to the left. To tap on the qwerty keyboard you should really use the stylus and not the fingers. For most of functions and menus using your fingers it's enough. All in all happy about the screen and its touch functionality.

    My conclusion is that this one is a very cheap touch phone that offers all tha BASICS you can ask from a phone. If you are asking about GPS navigation or Hi-fi you are not looking at the right category. You want those and better camera, more memory or high quality sound you have to dig deeper in your pockets.

    I wish people wouldn't compare this phone with the iPhone. I don't know why would you want to do that in the first place....just because it has a touch screen?

  5.  Fantastic


    i've read a lot of reviews before decided to buy them. Only good things about them. They were right. Smaller than i thought, louder than i thought. The sound it is very good quality and they can really handle the bass. More than impressed. i'm using them with a K800i.

  6.  excellent


    I bought the card for a K800i model to replace my old 2 GB sony card. Initially i thought that being a bigger one in size and not a sony brand it will make my phone slower. Not true. It works more than perfect. My phone feels like with my old card just with extra space to store things. Strongly recommend.

  7.  not impressed


    First of all i want to say that the remote works just fine with my K800i, no lags or anything. You can change tracks, vol up and down, play, pause but you can't rewind or fastforward. Disappointed about the earphones. I'm sure are my ears that there are not good but i can't manage to fit the earphones properly. Even when i do, it's quite painfull and they slip out of the ear shortly after. Therefore i can't say much about the sound quality, but what i heard wasn't very good. I think it's my ears. Anyway, glad that they have jack in. :) (back to my old in ear buds)
    Note: Try these type of headphones first, maybe your ears are not compatible like mine are.