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  1.  Tangled (Brilliant)


    I found this film very good,very funny as most of DISNEY films are there was so much going on its ideal for the kids,but I still enjoy films like this,its the goodies and badies type film but it kept me interested,its a Christmas film for me and should anyone like Disney films they will love it........Kathy

  2.  Kings Speech( Disappointed)


    Im afraid this film was not what I expected the hype was not diserved.I find they do this with alot of films Ive given this 2 stars only because I like the Actors.Kathy

  3.  Paul


    I found this film excellant Paul the Alien was really funny I thought very unusual an Alien being so funny the whole story was different and the acting was really good,enjoyed this film,anyone who buys will not be dissappointed,but also Ive had to send this DVD back to many faults spoilt the film.Mrs Jefcoate

  4.  Splice


    This film is very good and keeps you watching,but Ive had to send mine back as it had a really bad fault,which was a shame but I feel that any faults spoil the film.K.Jefcoate

  5.  The Time Travelers Wife


    Absolutly Brilliant !!!!!! This film was great in every way the book is also great but more detail.The story was really well done and kept me glued to the screen,sad but also entertaining we need more of these type films.The Actors ans Actresses all need a gold star for that one well done.Jaffas

  6.  Iron Man 2


    The first Iron Man was better there was alot of showing off in this film for the first hour which made the film very boring,and the story drifted off what Iron Man was about.I would not give this film a good star rating I was very disappointed with the film.Jaffas

  7.  Law Abiding Citizen


    I found this film different for Gerald Butler but very interesting as films go it got you thinking,I was confused the first time I watched it but second time around really good film this for me was a film with a difference and it keeps you gripped to the story.Jaffas

  8.  Robin Hood


    I thought this film was on leval pegging as Gladiator just as good and lots going on ,and for a change the story changed a little from the old robin hoods hats off to Russel Crowle he has never disappointed me his films a great Actor.Im hoping he will bring another film out as great as this one.Jaffas

  9.  Shutter Island Jaffas !!!!!!!


    This film was not Leonardo Docaprio best it just didnt do anything for me as thrillers go ,I was very disappointed and wished I hadnt bought it as I will not be watching it again.There was nothing gripping about the story and it was lucky to get 1 star this is only because I like the Actor thats all.

  10.  Distict 9 (nine)Jaffas


    I liked this film as it was different as Sci Fi's go it kept me glued to the film,its hard to explain but worth watching at the price it is now I didnt know any actors in it but that didnt spoil the way the film was made.Kathy