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  1.  Worth a try...


    I found myself watching this just before Christmas and it makes good viewing over the festive period. The storyline is simple yet effective. It's very well paced and there's a good mix of humour and more serious moments.

    The acting is fantastic, especially the lead guy who really reminded me of Brad Renfro.

    It's not the kind of horror that's going to scare the hell out of you but it's much better than I was expecting. Worth a go.

  2.  Very good


    Just watched Demons for the first time and loved it. It has a good amount of 80s cheese without being too lighthearted.

    I actually think this is a lot better than the likes of Evil Dead because there are no slow parts and there's enough action as well as suspense to keep your attention throughout.

    I would definitely recommend this film.

  3.  A good effort


    I'm generally a little tired of comedy horror but this film strikes a nice balance between humour and a good story. Buy it expecting a few laughs and a lighthearted easy-to-follow story and you shouldn't be disappointed.

    One of the main plus points is the lead female, who is cute in the extreme and certainly adds to this visually pleasing film!

  4.  Average


    The Virgin Suicides will provide a decent evening of entertainment for the majority of film fans. I can see how people might find it a little slow as it does seem to amble along at times, although maybe that's part of it's beauty.

    It's the strength is definitley it's humour. At times it almost reminded me of watching Heathers, especially with the suicide theme, although perhaps a little less quirky.

  5.  Excellent film


    Watched this last night and found myself repeatedly recommending it to others this morning.

    I did find the start a little slow and the first half a little formulaic but once the story develops and reaches it's distrubing depths then it really grabs you.

    Martyrs has a realism which is perhaps missing with the likes of Hostel. It's true that this is very disturbing and graphic but not unnecessarily so.

    Martyrs is an excllent movie which will stick in your mind and leave you thinking.

  6.  All the usual fun and games


    Although it's far from being the best in the series, Saw 5 is definitely an improvement on the previous installment.

    As well as the usual fun and games there's a decent storyline, although Hoffman and Strahm look a bit too similar for my liking which can make things a little confusing to begin with.

    Definitely worth buying if you're a fan of the previous films in this great series.

  7.  Time for another game...


    I've now seen the first four Saw films and I would rate this as the weakest. At times it really felt like they were clutching at straws to keep the storyline going and some of the links between characters seemed a little too stretched.

    However, you still get all the gore and lovely games we've come to enjoy and expect, so definitely still worth buying.

  8.  Definitely worth a try


    I was never too impressed with the original Hills Have Eyes but decided to give these more recent releases a chance.

    The storyline of the first film has some interesting variations on the original movie. I liked the way they fitted in the nuclear testing angle and there are some beautifully eerie scenes involving mannequins in the nuclear testing village.

    The second movie isn't as bad as a lot of reviews seem to indicate. Yes, the plot is very thin but there's enough action and suspense to keep most viewers entertained.

    These are from from being the greatest horror films you'll ever watch but for most they'll provide an evening of decent entertainment.

  9.  Could have been better


    I bought Bronson thinking it would have more of a documentary feel but this is more of a dark comedy.

    It's enjoyable enough but seems like a wasted opportunity as we never really learn much about Bronson as a person, which I was hopng for.

  10.  Night of the boredom


    Okay, so Night of the Bloody Apes is funny for the first 10 minutes or so but basically it's a really bad film and I soon got bored.

    I only bought this as it's on the Video Nasty list. And that's the only reason I could possibly recommend it. Don't buy it expecting a great horror movie.