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Product Reviews

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  1.  Fantastic


    Far out does sound quality of headphones worth 4 times as much. Brilliant bass response without sacrificing clarity in the mids or the high frequencies! Crisp clear sound which far surpasses the price of these headphones, would definitely recommend.

  2.  Amazing.


    This album has a great load of songs, really is the best of the stereophonics. don't bother buying them all seperately, get this album. an amazing collection. it really is great to listen to

  3.  Cool, Stylish, Great, Easy to Use


    All of the above is true. It works well, and if you like the idea of the click wheel, it has one. it works seamlessly and comes with a whole load of free tracks preloaded on it. And those tracks are great. Memory is no longer an issue. Sansa have made something, which equates with an ipod, if not better, and is not shody, but actually very good, and meets my standard. and after using mp3 players and getting more understanding of what is possible, is quite high. If you buy, you will not regret. ever. Ever. EVER!

  4.  Pretty Good.


    The single player is very good, and the multiplayer is good, it doesn't obviously have the same feel as Cod4 but,. it is great fun. A fine purchase

  5.  Based on the demo.


    This game isexcellent fun, one of the best, nothing real to compare it to. It is just great.

  6.  Based on the demo


    The controls will take time to get used to, especially after a game like cod4. The attack button isn't r1, but r2. But, once you figure the controls, you have ana amzing game at your fingertips. Omg! I cannot wait. This is excellent, it works amazingly. Just great,

  7.  Great


    Bought it as my first mp3 player, and while i want to upgrade, it has set a very high standard. Fm tuner, good capacity, easy to use amongst other things. This is great. If you need an mp3 player cheaply and aren't sure what to get, go with this. It is great and hard wearing. I've dropped it a fair few times and still excellent.

  8.  If you dont like this, i have nothiung to say to you.


    Yes, this game does lack a few things which could make it better, yes the dj is annoying, es crashing is frustratingly agonizing to watch and then be put in last place but the few things to make it better only shows it's so good we are looking for minor details because we always have to find something wrong with a game. the dj, get used to him or play online and get rid of him that way and as for crashing, it just is an incentive to get better. visually excellent, gameplay is fun on and offline and this will provide hours of entertainment. this doesn't compete with GT5 because they are different styles of games. trust me. you wont regret buying this.

  9.  Possibly THE best film all year


    an amazing film. get a cinema system, 52 inch screen and a high quality copy and sit back and watch this incredible incredible film.

  10.  EXCellent game with excellent maps.


    great game. great new maps. great fun. i would only get this if you dont have COD4 already, if you do, the maps can be bought of the PSN store. get your hands on a copy.