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  1.  Amazing


    Best Tennis game I have ever played (and I have played loads), amazing game accuracy and great game flow - on line mode is also very competitive as you can select to play games with players who are around you ability level which allows you to train up to a better player.

    Trust me you wont be disappointed if you buy this game - well worth the money.

    Peace :)

  2.  Keeps the laptop cool


    I use my laptop (17") mostly in bed, even as i am writing this reveiew. my laptop use to extremely overheat and therfore the fan use to make quite a lot of noise, since i got this cusion it has never overheated no matter what applications i was running, but the reason why i havent give this a 5 start rating is because i would never use it on my lap when generally sitting down as it is very unstable when movements are made, but i beleive this is more to do so of the size of my laptop than the actual cusion so a guess it would be better to use on your lap if you had a 15" laptop.

    but great for using in bed or on the floor if you have a 17" laptop :)

  3.  Perfect


    This keeps the laptop nicley secure from any scratches, and the best thing about it is, the material is absolutly cool, it doesnt start to fade or get slighly worn out after so many uses, and it doesnt even get dirty (unless you spill something like tea on it).

    I recommend it :)

  4.  EH, 20-25 cm tall.


    When i got this, i was shocked to see how big the thing really is. If i had to estimate i would say it is about 20 to 25 cm tall. it looks cool but to be honest its sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing, i find it annoying as it makes a quite a lot of noise as well. its ok if you blast your music then you wont be able to hear it but otherwise it gets quite annoying. it does produce some air but not much. but then agian what do you expect from somthing at this price.

    Hope you found it helpful :)

  5.  Hope this helps


    There are problems with the product the main one being its very very very hard to get the figure to stand anyway like the one in the image, the other being the gun doesnt actually fit into his hand so it does spoil the look. *it stands about 13cm tall.

    dont recomend it

    hope that helps you.:)

  6.  Dont listen to people who say vista is rubbish coz it aint!!


    Many people hate vista because of its compatabilty issues with some devices. UNLESS your a extreme computer person who has all types of software that most people have never heard of then dont get it. But for mid class computer users like myself its absolutly fine. i have ipods, phones, games, and all sorts that work fine with it. i have had vista for about 4 months now and have to say i have had no problems at all. *(i had vista already set into my inspiron 1720 laptop so a dont know if setting it up is any hard)

    It looks amazing and has little add ons that make it even better than xp. there are add ons such as radio stations, games, videos and 100's more. dont listen to people who hate it becasue all they are doing is following the typical hate vista crowd. Trust me you wont be dissapointed.

    if you dont beleive me then type windows vista into google images and you will then see for sure. :)

  7.  Very cheap for the amount of GB's


    Very cheap compared to other pen drives, theres only one problem it feels a bit fragile, i have a feeling it wont last very long. but still i reccomend it because i have had mine for about 3 months and havent encountered a problem. * Not sure if pen drives have compatability issues but it works fine with windows vista. :)

  8.  My favourate game to date.


    My favourite game ever, graphics are amazing as long as you have a deasent computer, i have a laptop with a Ge Force 8400 M GS graphics card and it works absolutly fine. the only problem with this game is that its a bit short. but i reccomend it. :)

  9.  One of the best books out there


    Right from the start it just grabs you, its a well written book and also it aint the view of a reporter, as the people involved in killing pablo give thier point of view. Gaurantee you will not be dissapointed because its an amazingly great book. :)

  10.  You wont regret buying this printer thats for sure


    This printer is absolutly awsome, its possible to buy cheap copy ink which works absolutly fine, so u will save a lot of money in the long run. and also prints high quality at a very good speed. havent got round to setting up the wifi yet but am sure it will work as fast as the usb connection. also has a nice little screen on the printer so you dont have to have it connected to the pc to see what your doing especially if you've connected your memory card to the printer. :)