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  1.  Jennysman


    One of my favourite films of all time, wonderful sets, beautiful music
    but,why oh why couldn't they give it the full hi-def treatment it richly
    deserves. The Blu-Ray disc is most definately not the best that could be achieved, just compare it with Gandhi that was issued about the same time. I agree that most Blu-Ray discs look good on
    your 42" flat screen telly but when projected on a 7 ft screen it's a
    different story.
    Amadeus- such a shame!

  2.  from Jennysman -poor Blu-ray transfer


    An interesting new concept of time travel which throws up too
    many inconsistancies. How can a man interact with himself as a
    younger person in previous years? Suppose he decides to kill his
    younger self- the future is unchangeable presumably.
    This is one of the poorest Blu-ray transfers I have seen.
    Quite a few dark 'muddy' looking scenes without the sharper
    definition we have come to expect from Blu-ray. I should have
    bought the standard DVD and saved a few pounds.

  3.  Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Blu-ray)


    I was looking forward to the Blu-ray release of this entertaining
    action film because the DVD version was so poor visually.
    I was horrified to find that the Blu-ray version is equally as bad.
    I realise that some HD discs are better than others but this is the
    worst quality Blu-ray disc that I have seen so far.