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  1.  demo review.


    i have to say im amazed at the reviews so far.this is a very poor game compaired to other games out at the minute.if you want to just run around wacking and blasting everything,with no real point or challenge,then hire this game,or if you are very well off financially and dont mind wasting cash then send the cash to me and still dont buy this game.

  2.  pro evo 5 fifa 2.final result.


    I dont get the fifa hype at all.for the last 2 years i've tried the fifa demo and tried again and i cant understand why people opt for fifa over pro evo and this year i thought the gap had closed but then the pro 09 demo came out and im so glad it has improved.the game play is great although i dont like the sound when you kick the ball as someone has already pointed out.the graphics are fantastic and the in game control is in a different class to fifa.
    I have to say i gave fifa 3star coz it has improved but after playing pro 09 i now realise i was being generous,its 2 at best.if you like fifa then grow up and play pro evo,it plays better and is more realistic.
    I hope the online in 09 has improved and im really looking forward to playing the become a legend mode,sounds superb.

  3.  come on,get a grip.


    Ok lets get this right,you either love pro evo or fifa,thats a fact.for years i have tried both new games when they come out but always opt for pro evo,simply because it plays better and always has.i always try fifa because ea sports games are normally very good and i have to say i enjoyed this new fifa demo better than any other but the fifa lag is still there.you just dont have the control in game and realism of pro evo.im sure all you fifa fans will love it and so you should because this i the best fifa i have played but for the pro evo fans and true lovers of the beautiful game just wait till the 17th and lets hope the new become a legend mode is as fantastic as it sounds.

  4.  08 or 09?


    Unless you are skint,you should upgrade to 09.iwas going to stick with 08 but my ps3 broke and when i got my new 1,i didnt see the point in starting over again on 08 and im glad i didnt.09 has definietly improved on 08 and i was shocked to see the review saying the graphics were poor,what....they must have a really crap tv or their eyes need testing.i wouldnt say they have changed that much from 08 but they have been tweaked and it looks fantastic.ps.got the sandisc memory stick just incase my new ps3 dies on me.if you havent got 1,you should.imagine losing all your saved data and having to start all over again.