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  1.  Just as good as - if not better than - her first


    If you're a fan of the first album, chances are you'll be happy with this. Standouts for me are Spark, Love Love and What Happiness Means To Me (with a pretty decent cover of Dancing In The Dark at the end)

  2.  Not worth it


    Any fans of the terminator series should steer well clear of this. Pretty much just took a huge dump on what James Cameron was trying to achieve. Awful film

  3.  10 out of 10!!! 100%


    Managed to get myself an early listen. Have to say, its easily one of the best albums Ive ever heard, let alone their best album. If you thought the symphonies were going to be too pretentious and profligate, you will be happy in the knowledge that they have pulled it off exetremely well. Cant wait until I can get a copy. Wont stop listening to it for a loooong time

  4.  Look at it


    Its a really big poster of Cheryl Cole wearing a tiny negligé...

  5.  Genuinely one of the worst films Ive ever seen


    I have been on a gap year now for the past 9 months, and in that time I have watched A LOT of films in preparation for the Film Studies course Im taking next year. This film is not worth buying, watching or even standing near. The plot is ridiculous and wholely implausible and names like Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver and William Hurt make very little difference alongside despicable performances from Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox. If its an intelligent, twist-ridden film you're looking for, try Inside Man. If its a mindless friday night, try... well anything else. If its for the guy you're torturing in your basement, then this is the perfect purchase.

  6.  Bordering on Genius


    Rian Johnson's writing is impeccable, as is his direction. The cinematography makes for beautiful scenes and the actors are all fantastic. Couldnt recommend this film enough

  7.  From listening to samples...


    ... this sounds like an album to rival 'robbers and cowards'. 'Something Is Not Right With Me' threw me at first, but its a definite grower and 'I've Had Enough' sounds like it could be an immediate cwk favourite. Mexican Dogs and Dreams Old Men Dream sound like classic cwk, but a real evolution is obvious. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is an album to watch out for