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  1.  good but not tough


    ok the good points,
    a realy comfotable mouse with excelent features and control along with a fancy customizable light display and custom buttons .

    the bad points,
    ive had two of these and both broke witin 6 months of use,
    my first was the scroll wheel just stopped working.
    the second the left tilt button on the wheel and the middle button just stopped working..

    love the mouse but just not sturdy for the price they are asking.

  2.  im confused


    I like the concept of the film and the idea that the aliens are dam hard to actually kill, but the acting is like something out of some really bad 80s teen flick. 8 out of 10 for the action and special effects 0 out of 10 for the people doing the acting.

  3.  good


    as good as a 80 quid pair of headphones because these have replaced my old headset. 17.99 is a fine price and plantronics name doesnt have anything bad against it either, only quibbly is that the cable could be a foot longer.

  4.  Could have been more


    if you was lucky enough to play AVP or AVP2 on the PC then you re understand that though this looks better it lack someting that i cant put my finger on, but as this is the only AvP game available it still pretty decent but also pretty standard. dont expect a COD4 or MAG but because of its licence it manages to capture some of the original AvP

  5.  Cant belive its being re released


    As a wise man once said " Worst Game Ever!!" even your quad core SLI graphic cards and 4GB of ram wont be able to Run this.

  6.  kids between the ages of 2 and 9 should enjoy this


    to start with this game is for the young children in your life and so the score i have given this reflects that,. My 2 year old daughter just loves her Eyepet and has managed to almost complete all of the challenges by herself. just watching my little girl play this is great as its almost like watching her play with some puppy. she washes it styles it and plays games with it. and she misses it when its not on. for the adult there is very limited fun to get from this and the what fun you get from it will be watching your kids enjoying themselves.

  7.  has the most annoying charactor since Jar Jar Binks


    The adventure elements of star ocean are sound along with its combat style, the charactors drivel on about nonsence to each other and the monsters are all pretty much the same, anyway a few hours into the game i reluctently recruited the most annoying charactor since jar jar binks opened his mouth for the first time and ruined a franchise, this destroyed the scifi feel of the game and so the game all of a sudden turned into japanise style game that has you looking at young boys and vunrable younger girls type video game. Suffice to say that the game was very quickly traded in the next day.

  8.  5 star


    ive been using a one of these and they are great. after telling your sky box that its atttached you can then control your skybox from another room. if someone is watching discovery in one room, you cant view a different channel in another. all this gizmo does is allow you to view and change the satalite channels in another room. still i find it serves my purpose

  9.  A headset is a must during multiplayer


    Calling all Call Of Duty Fans, do you feel that the intense fighting and great multiplayer matches of COD are not enough, do you want more, if the answer is yes, then Operation Flashpoint (OFP) isn't the game for you.
    OFP is a masterpiece of warfare realism, those of you who have the attention span of a gnat will find the scale and pace of flashpoint so overwhelming that you will trade it in and write a scathing review of how boring OFP is. Don't buy this game if you are looking for a in your face MTV style FPS as OFP isn't one. OFP is a War Sim, and when I use the term SIM I mean it's a Sim like a Microsoft Flight Sim or Gran Turismo. This is a game where if you get shot one of two things will happen, 1 you die or 2, you bleed to death unless treated by your medic, don't get this game if you like quick games with quick results as OFP is a slow burner and requires patience and a strategic mind to enjoy it.
    one thing i will suggest is that when playing multiplayer a headset is a must, this is because of the play modes available and you dont want to be typing in "stop people enemy at 3 oclock" only to be killed while typing.
    This is a tactical game and will be accepted by the thinking gamer.
    Now the only bad point I have with OFP is the menu system, its complex and issuing simple orders like heal me is hidden away within the control interface, what would have been a great idea would have been some voice recognition like that used in the tom Clancy end war game, this would have made commands a little easier, but OFP doesn't have this so we are stuck with the complex menu. Apart from that Operation Flashpoint is a great game and should only be played by those who know what they are getting into

  10.  good price


    To start with the PS3 has a 11% failure rate where upon the XBOX 360 54% Failure rate. this is a REAL FACT!! Carried out by independent sources, and Microsoft at the time of these findings didn't dispute them.

    I am an owner of an Xbox360 and recently brought a 250 GB PS Slim and this is my opinion.
    To start with those coming from the XBOX environment will find the online stuff very different.
    Where you would have a lobby style menu system on the XBOX from the point of turning on your console, you don't get that on the PS3, but what you do get makes up for that.
    Here is a list of the good points.
    1)For starters Playstation Network is Free, no more paying £35 a year for the privilege to just play online.
    2)The PSN Store is easy to shop from, and they have a good catalogue of Arcade titles as well as full games like Wipeout HD and Warhawk.
    3)If you thought the XBOX Premium themes where good, just wait to you see the dynamic themes for the XMB.
    4) if you thought that the PS3 graphics are the same as the XBOX then you are right and wrong.
    Games released on both platforms are pretty much identical. But the PS3 exclusive titles realy show how graphically superior the PS3 is over the XBOX. Infact here is some news, games released on both platforms are created for the XBOX in mind, this is because when creating the code they work using the graphic capability's of the 360, this is because it's the lesser machine of the two. If they created games with the PS3 being the benchmark then the 360 would only see half the games released.
    5) having both consoles sitting next to each other does show how cheap looking the 360 is.
    6) the PS3 Slim is Silent, I mean its totally silent, the 360 when turning on or just sitting idle is noisy. When I first got my 360 I honestly thought it was broken it was so noisy.
    Overall now is the best time to get a PS3. They are now at a realistic price of £250 for a 250GB PS3 slim. Im happy with my purchase and only wish Sony had released their console at a realistic price when they first launched the PS3