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  1.  A breath of fresh air...


    All the Small Things is a breath of fresh air from the BBC. With a brilliant cast, simple storyline and wonderful array of characters, it's a show to become easily absorbed in. Two rival choirs start to battle their way to the finish line of a regional competition. In every episode we're treated to some beautiful pieces of music and song from both choirs as well as follow the various tales of the people involved within the choirs. It's a simply relaxing, enjoyable TV show to become engrossed in and I would recommend it to people who simply like to watch good, simple, interesting drama.

  2.  Addictive, Entertaining, A must for any fan


    If your a fan of the movie you will love this game. The game provides an indepth backstory to the Warriors gang as it starts several months before the big meet. Each 'level' sets you up as a leader of a war party, sending you on missions to retrieve information, take on other gangs (all given more detail and backstory in the game than in the movie- The Furies are still damned scary!) and get the word on the streets. Each level you play a different member of the gang and each member comes with their own unique fight moves.

    Aside from taking you through the levels, you can also delve into the more intricate details of each Warrior and how they joined the gang. You have several 'goals' to acheive to gain extras which you can choose to complete or not. The game itself takes you from the inception of the Warriors, leads up to the big meet at the park and right to the end where Swan and Luther face off in fight on the beach. The game keeps you immersed in the look, feel and sound of the movie that you become hooked instantly.

    All in all it's one of the best games to be played and will keep you entertained for hours. A must for any of fan of the cult hit!

  3.  A Magical Duo


    This Peter Pan/ Tinkerbell duo boxset is a must have for any Disney fan. The classic Peter Pan will delight any viewer wishing to relieve childhood days as Peter takes three children on an adventure to Neverland with the sassy and smart Tinkerbell at his side.

    Tinkerbell (the movie) is set before Peter Pan. Following the myth that fairies are born of childrens laughter, Tinkerbell comes ot life in Pixie Hollow and starts on a journey about being yourself. A lovely colourful movie, great especially for young children to give them a good outlook in life of being who you are. Funny, sassy and delightful to see this little Tinker Fairy given a long awaited backstory.

  4.  Well's is back with a bang....


    The third in the series of the 'Heather Wells Mystery's' , once more we're following Heather as she attends college, works at college and solves murder cases at college. Okay so the Dorm is officially the most cursed place to be working (really, you'd think the woman would have a compelx about it by now) and you really can't be that optmistic about Heather maintaining her calorie controlled diet, and who is this new boyfriend anyways? If you've read the firs two books, then you'll love 'Size doesn't matter'. There's something addictive about the reading of these books, Heather is a delightfully wonderful, relatable character. and her exploits aorund campus are 'die with laughter' moments.

    A must read for anyone who's read the first two books. I eagerly and impatiently await the fourth installment, currently being written.

  5.  Heather's back in all her glory


    A welcome return to the dorm director turned detective, the indominable Heather Well's in Size 14. Once more Heather is dealing with dorm life, trying to figure out where her career is going and will her love life ever get off the ground. Call it fate, or curse, Heather is once more plunged into a mystery as yet another death occurs on her watch. Unable to resist to intrigue (she really can't help herself sometimes), Heather gets involved in the investigation, if only to stop her dorm from getting a bad rep, (death dorm really isn't the type of place she wants to be working in).

    I will advise people to read 'Size 12 is not fat' first before you start this as it gives you a great background to the Well's character. If you have read 'Size 12' then you'll love 'Size 14' which is another fun, witty, insightful, laugh out loud read. Again, Heather is insatiably loveable, you can't help but enjoy her antics and thoughts.

  6.  A murderous riot...


    Meet Heather Wells, a woman dealing with life not quite going her way. After a short lived music career Heather is back in college, only she works there and is yet to start her own studies. Between putting off changes in her life, dealing with the many problems of interns and college students she finds herself suddenly turning detective after a suspicious death in the workplace.

    I guaruntee you can easily fall in love with Well's and her slightly zany ways. As she gripes about fashion sizing of jeans(what do you mean they are a size 14? it's says size ten on the label), falling in love with her landlord, (believe me by the end of the read you'll love him too) and tracking down murderers (keeps you on your toes till the very end) Size 12 is a perfect introduction to the female detective with a good appetite and great sense of life.

  7.  A relatable classic chick lit


    When reading about Rebecca Bloomwood, the 'Shopaholic' of the book, you can't help but relate. You either 'know' a Rebecca Bloomwood or you 'are' a Rebecca Bloomwood. Whilst her adventures border on fantastical, certain situations are blown to such a proportion that it's keeps it well within the confines of fiction while at the same time has us wondering if it could really happen. Becky is full of flaws, but they are wonderful flaws and you are pulled into this world she's living in without much resistance.

    If you're a fan of chick lit, Shopaholic is a definite must for your reading matter. And if your not a fan, I'd again reccommend and advise you to give this a chance. Chick lit isn't my usual reading material, but I decided to give this series a go after many of my friends fell in love with them. I wasn't dissapointed! I'm now hooked on the world of the Shopaholic!

  8.  A must have for any Betty fan


    A perfect companion piece to the show, 'Mode: Ugly Betty, The Book' is a clever, fun way pf presenting in detail the info we want to know surrounding the show. 'Mode' is presented in a colourful, fun and sassy form, to talk us through who's who and what's what within Betty's world. Not only are we priviledged to cast interviews but fashion tips, quotage galore and a fa-boo episode guide to the first season. And at this price, it's a steal! Kick off your manolo's and enjoy the read!