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  1.  Excellent but be warned of wires


    Yes, this is Twin Warriors, but with the original title, language, and soundtrack. Plus, Twin Warriors cut some of the scenes where Jet Li goes mad, which are very funny.
    This version is the ultimate version of the film- with its original title, original language (not the overly cheesy American dub), and far superior musical score.
    The only 2 things against this film is the over-use of wires making some of the fights a little silly (including the finale), and also the fact the wires can easily be seen, which spoils the effect. They didn't use CG to remove them when this film was made.
    Other than that, its a great story, with likeable characters, plenty of humour, and loads of action (with plenty of variety in the action too- no 2 fights are the same).
    An absolute classic.

  2.  Almost top marks, due to awkward fit. works great though


    There are two ear attachments for the device, and neither actually fitted my ear perfectly, and both are hard plastic that i felt a little worried about bending into shape. Although i wouldn't recommend it, i did just that to one of the pieces, to make it fit better. Now I have it is more secure and doesn't stick out as much.
    That's the only reservation I can say about this device. Other than that, the charge lasts long, it is one of the more secrete designs and looks good, and best of all it works an absolute treat- with easy connectivity, reliability, and good quality audio.
    Despite the fittings, which may work properly for most people- who knows, this is a recommended device from me.

  3.  Uncut, but not US Director's Cut.


    There has been some confusion here. This new release IS UNCUT. It is the full original US release of the film, including the small clip involving an arm and a machete that has always (until now thanks to the BBFC) been cut from the UK version. However, in the US a Directors cut has been released with a little more gore in the shed sequence, and a couple of extra lines. From what I have seen and heard of these, we are not missing much, so this is the best version of Commando to buy at the moment in the UK, and certainly the fullest version we have ever had in this country, thanks to the BBFC being more lenient.
    With regards to the quality, the picture is good enough, but not the best disk to show off Blu-ray capabilities with- some scenes (due to how they were shot) can be quite soft. The extras are also non-existent too, with only a couple of trailers, hence 4 stars instead of 5. Classic film though- full of mistakes, bad acting and cheese, but excellent entertainment.

  4.  Average imagination compared to Series 2


    I was VERY disappointed with this series. My favourite series by far is series 2, as it had so much more imagination and great stories. You just can't get much better than the Old Gregg episode or Milky Joe. Then they did this series, which is full of old ideas or just not very good ones. What happened to the wierd and wonderful creatures? Okay, we get a fox with needles for fingers, but he wasn't funny at all. Then the crab in the last episode, which was just okay. Bringing the polo guy and the jazz guy back showed they were running out of ideas. But what the hell was the birthday party episode about? That one just bored the hell out of me, and didn't seem like typical Boosh at all. The one thing I did like about this series is compared to series 2 it seemed to have more banter between Howard and Vince. But where are all the musical numbers? They seemed to have been ditched. Hopefully the boys will have more imagination for their upcoming movie.

  5.  Fantastic FPS for single AND multi-player


    I have been looking forward to getting this game for over half a year, and was disappointed to find it's release date delayed till Feb 08 (was planned for 07 release in UK). However, it is here now, and it is brilliant. Firstly the 2 negatives. The AI is not the best ever, but not as bad as the reviews are making out either. It is all too easy to creep up on Axis soldiers, and sometimes they will stand right in front of you shooting in another direction (but that is rare). However, one time I noticed a soldier attempt to throw a grenade back at me before it blew him up, and one time I threw one they ran and hid in another room till after it exploded, so it isn't too bad. The other downer is SOME of the graphics. They are mostly great, but close up you tend to notice VERY blurry textures and lack of textures themselves in places too. One good instance of this is the start of the city level. If you turn around to the truck behind you and look at it's tyre, it is almost hexagonal in shape, and the texture of the wheel is just one big smudge. Poor. Okay, the good points now. The graphics in general are very good for the Wii, and graphics at a distance are very detailed. There is a long draw distance- in fact, in certain areas of a mission you can virtually see the whole map. Control is perfect as you can change everything regarding aiming sensitivity to your liking. Gameplay, other than dodgy AI is superb. You have quiet moments, and you have frenetic moments, and all of it is great fun. There are plenty of checkpoints to keep you moving forward when it gets tougher later on. There are eight missions in all, and all bar the first take quite a while to complete. Even once you finish the game, there are secrets to find to get 100% in each, and medals to earn too, so there is plenty of replay value. Then there is the ONLINE multiplayer. Wow. Up to 30+ players online at a time in Death Match, Team Death Match, or Capture The Flag. This is exactly what the Wii needed since it's launch. Superb.

  6.  Can't recommend highly enough!!


    I previously owned the Harmony 525 all-in-one remote, which I thought was superb. The good thing about it compared to others is it remembers what devices are already switched on/turned off. ie If you are already watching Sky and have the tv, receiver, and Sky box switched on, then you select to watch a dvd, it will turn Sky off, and leave the tv and receiver on, and select the right inputs on them too. Then when you press the stand-by button, it remembers that Sky is already off, so it just switches off the tv, receiver, and dvd player! Excellent. The only downsides with the previous remote was the mono screen, the colour buttons (for Sky) located to far to the bottom of the remote, and the need for AAA batteries. NOW, I bought the 785 from Play (arrived by Parcelforce) and am even more impressed. Not only has it got a lovely crisp colour screen, the colour buttons are moved more to the centre, and it also has a rechargeable dock! And (and this is the biggy for anyone who has owned a previous model like myself) it uses the same software, so when you load your Harmony software on your computer, there is an option to change to another remote. All I did was click that and it asked to connect my new remote. Guess what- it put all of my device settings and activity settings on my new remote for me and I didn't have to do a thing other than disconnect and use it!!! Absolutely amazing- Well done Logitech! The build is top quality- it feels great! The software is easy to use to set up your remotes devices and activities. It even works on Apple Macs as well as Windows! What more is there to say? If you have the cash- GET IT.

  7.  I couldn't believe I was playing a game this good on the DS!


    Sure I read all the reviews of this game, but nothing prepared me for some of the experiences I had playing this. Sure, this stuff has all been done before on home consoles, but when I played some of the missions on this, I couldn't believe I was playing it on the DS. There are the usual on-foot missions where you basically follow a set path through an enemy infested area, picking them off while sneaking round corners. But then you get missions where you are on the back of a truck shooting at helicopters, or in a helicopter shooting at soldiers on the ground. The scope of these levels are vast and they last quite a while. But most importantly they are GREAT fun. The controls are spot on. In all missions you use the stylus to control aiming with the L button to fire. On foot, the D-pad controls movement, and double tapping the screen allows you to look down your rifle or use your scope for better more precise aiming. This is essential for one-hit-kills to the head. Sure, the game doesn't take more than a few hours to complete, but the amount of fun I had playing this was huge, and so I will play it again on a harder setting. You can play any level you complete if you want a quick blast too. The only thing I would have liked (and this is being a little picky) is to be able to play a completed level but with randomly placed terrorists to make it different every time you play. This is something the original Ghost Recon games did which I miss. But basically, if you have a DS and you love shooters, you simply MUST buy this.

  8.  Double-edge sword


    It is such a shame that there is just as much wrong with this game than there is right. It has great realistic graphics, decent sound, and realistic (for the DS) gameplay. The handling of some of the vehicles is great. Designing your own tracks is also good fun, as is multiplayer. However, there are two BIG problems with the single-player game- Firslty, your opponent cars (and there are a lot of them) don't have any hesitation banging into your car if it is in the way of their racing line. In this respect, the AI is rubbish and unfair- sometimes you feel like the whole pack have teamed up against you. Secondly, and this is the biggy, the other cars do NOT take damage, unlike yours!!! Yes, not only do they take pleasure in banging into your car, but they never get penalised for it. Too many bumps, and it's into the pits for you to carry out repairs. And not ONCE do you ever see a computer controlled car going into the pits, simply because they never have to. This really knocks the score down for me, and makes the game frustrating, especially when the control is so good.

  9.  Fantastic for your young kids


    I have a 4 year old daughter and have been struggling to find the right game for her, that would be simple enough for her to play, and fun too. This game is ideal. It has some of her favourite Disney characters in it, and the ones that you care for (Stitch, Winnie, Simba, and Dori) all talk too. It's basically Nintendogs with Disney characters. You can pet them, give them food, give them toys to play with, talk to them (tell them you love them, ask them to dance, etc etc), do activities with them like drawing, and even go on little adventures with them, which usually involves you completing a task like collecting wood for a fire. All in all, a brilliant game for a young audience, and a must have for the price Play are asking at the moment.

  10.  Great series but packaging is flawed


    The Carry Ons are of course classics, and you'd need to be a fan to spend this amount of money on them. But at least you are getting virtually everything you could want from the set, bar Columbus and the Christmas specials. However, the packaging really lets this down, and stops the boxset getting 5 out of 5. Basically, there are 3 internal boxsets inside the one big box. And each of these three boxsets includes 10 dvd's, each with a film on, plus maybe some extras. The first problem you come across is the films are in no particular order, so it can take you a minute to find the right box with the film in that you want to see. The next problem is when you open the box. The dvd's are in 2 rows of 5 disks, but the top row is behind and above the bottom row. As the title of the films on the dvds are at the bottom, the titles of the dvds on the top row are therefore concealed by the dvds on the bottom row, so you could spend another minute or so finding the film you are after. A way around this is to turn the top row of dvds upside down so the titles are visible, but the titles will of course be upside down. The next problem with the packaging is, on the back of the main box, it states that all 13 episodes of the Carry On tv series is included. What it fails to tell you is which dvds these episodes are on!!!! So we have 30 disks, of which 13 will have 1 episode of the tv show on as well as the film, and nothing to tell us which disks have them, let alone tell us which particular episode is on each. Absolutely ridiculous.
    My review is only giving this 4 out of 5 due to the classic films included, but the set could be so much better.