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  1.  Just a Brilliant piece of kit


    Dedicated to Blue Ray, this player extracts and shows the very best that the format has to offer. I toyed with the idea of going down the PS3 route - but the BDP-S550 is now much cheaper, less hassle and fits well in to an A/V setup.
    It is a neat player, its lightness being it only drawback. It seems incredibly light and can be easily moved if your are heavy handed with it, though it rubber feet are grippy. The blue case colour makes it a great looker. The remote is excellent and well up to Sony's best standards. The PSP/PS3 menu bar system works really well and if connected to a Sony TV can be synchronised, i.e. turn on the player and the TV turns on & Vice versa, Both remotes work with either device for most standard functions, the Player automatically switches connection to the right HDMI etc.
    I am running via HDMI to a A/V amp and then in to a Sony 40" LCD. The HDMI transfers fantastic Dolby Master sound at full 7.1 (yes I have all the speakers and it does make you glance around at those sounds..) along with 1080p pictures - and the effect is just mesmerising. The LAN connection works well and was easy to get connected to my broadband router. I cabled up to a Linksys "WET54G" Wireless Ethernet bridge to turn the player in to a wireless device, then once the network settings were entered it is straight through with no problem. Note: this is not a Web browser - but a way of extending Blue Ray content.
    It allows BD Live content to be streamed from the Internet, giving access to Previews and exclusive content. There are buffering delays - but this is down to broadband bandwidth more than anything - think BBC iPlayer to compare. BD Live previews do come in near HD quality and with Dolby Digital sound though. I'm sure content will develop further around this Internet connectivity as time goes by.
    All in all I am delighted with this player. It is simple, feature rich, performs well and looks good.

  2.  Tricky but great at this price


    A friend had something similar and it was good fun - So I bought one of these. The WASP is much better quality and well produced. But, all these small models are difficult to get set up. As someone else said if you shift the small fin up or down the tail shaft it does help to balance the forward speed. I changed the tail rotor for a new one bought as a spare and that hugely improved stability.
    In summary - great bit of fun for the price - but be prepared to fiddle about a bit, don't expect rotors to last too long after a few crashes and remember its a toy not an enthusiast's piece of kit.