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  1.  Did I see a different film to the other reviewers???


    Catfish, "The best Hitchcock movie Hitchcock never directed" the throughly misleading spiel on the case reads. The only slightly Hitchcockien thing about this film is how these glaringly inaccurate comments have ended up on the case of clearly the wrong film...
    (I'd love to see the actual film these where intended for!!!)
    If you've seen the trailers and think you're in for a gruelling, nerve shredding ride through the human condition think again, this film is only a 12 certificate.
    Think boring documentary, remove any sense of purpose or allegory and your still not even close. Although the film is well acted and directed, I still don't think this is purpose to mislead with frankly untrue slogans on the box so this is why I give this film the lowest possible marks...

  2.  Fallout from my tattered social life II... A warning


    OK, first the plus points:
    This game is very good, it has loads to see and do. The level cap has now maxed out at 50 and thanks to the add-on packs, you've got even more reason to carry on playing.
    Now the bad:
    Without giving anything away to first time players, once you complete the final mission, you are offered the chance of an earlier save point or you are whisked back to the main menu. In other words (and unlike Fallout 3 with the add-on packs), this game does not continue...
    That was a major bummer for me after finding that out after 80 hours.
    Old Fallout hacks - beware!
    It's still a top game however but slightly overshadowed by that for me

  3.  Back from the dead


    Horde of Zombies,
    After the disappointment that was Darker Days Ahead, (well for me anyway) this is a proper return to form. A consistently heavy album from start to finish and its actually nice (in a cheesy way), to see a band singing (growling) about fictional horror like zombies and radiation.
    This album actually takes me back to early 91 when bands like Massacre, Cancer, Nocturnus and of course the mighty Morbid Angel all had CD covers with demons and zombies on and wrote/played about these things in their work. it's a bizarre thing to get dewy-eyed about I know, but music is a very personal thing!
    This album is so consistently fast, aggressive and frantic throughout that it almost becomes funny - this is not to say its comical, far from it. The album is technically amazing and the powerhouse drumming of Sandoval (drumming God), Dave Vincent's crisp strumming (bass maestro) coupled with superb production and sound make this a triumphant return to form.
    Nostalgic while being fresh, heavy whilst being subtle, this is an amazing 3rd album and Terrorizer, I salute you... A must buy

  4.  Two Worlds apart


    As being probably one of only 3 people that actually played and liked the first game, this was an obvious no brainer that I would be getting the 2nd instalment. I didn't really expect to be blown away by it and was just hoping for more dungeon trawling and orc bashing with a slight graphical spit and polish. What an absolute difference this game is to the first, the graphics are superb, the areas are massive and the main story quest appears to be of similar scope.
    I've only just completed chapter 1 and unlocked 2 of the 3 islands and that's taken the best part of 15 hours. The script this time round is much tighter and while we have not got the complexities and twists associated with Fallout New Vegas, the main storyline and the hundreds of side quests keep it interesting. Gone also are the mock English `versooths' and `mayhaps' and a much more believable dialogue has been written in and acted. The main character still sounds like a prat but if all he's ever done is shake a giant axe around, he would hardly need to be a bard!
    Overall, a very good effort and well deserving of my score, I would recommend to any RPG fan as this ticks most of the boxes. You've also got to applaud the game producers who boldly made the game without the obligatory `giant rat' killing tutorial!

  5.  Can be watched on fast forward and you won't miss a beat


    I bought this film on the strength of fact that I am somewhat familiar with some of the directors previous works such as Larry Clark (kids, Bully and Ken Park), Matthew Barney (the frankly weird Cremaster series) and Gaspar Noe (Irreversible).
    I was utterly disappointed with this though. One man punching one out in the desert or another man rubbing his parts on moving machinery till he shoots doesnt quite count as entertainment to me. Its not that I am shocked by any of this, it just seems pretty pointless?

  6.  This is about the actual DVD, not the film


    If you were lucky enough to see this in the cinema and are thinking about buying this DVD then beware.
    This has to be one of the worst DVDs for picture quality that I own or have ever seen; it would actually be fair to say that I own VHS cassettes with far superior picture quality to this. Even on the film menu screen, the faces of the four characters are hard to distinguish and when the film starts playing, it gets even worse.
    Any straight edge, be it the side of a building or a window frame is jagged and blurred and appears rough. If the camera then pans across any items and/or scenery in the film they shake and jiggle terribly. Any action sequence becomes a chore to watch as you realise Blu-ray owners have been given a much better transfer of the film, (I proved this too!) and ultimately a better deal.
    I got 20 minutes into this film and turned it off as I have no intention of ruining what will be no doubt a master piece.
    Thanks Warner Bros for ruining my most hotly anticipated film of 2010. Time to start saving for the Blu-ray player methinks...

  7.  Hilarious!


    If you find this funny then buy!

    Hi Edwina (Currie), I got an Uncle Sam and an Aunt Ella and they're big fans of yours. Could you look in there and say "I love you Sam and Ella!"

    It's that infantile but very funny and a steal for 4 notes!!!

  8.  Once again I feel let down by another zombie film.


    I am sure I will get lots of negative feedback for my review but as I bought this DVD based on all the good reviews, I think Im entitled to vent my spleen!

    This film is OK, its not brilliant but its certainly not bad.
    The good:
    Very good cast and very well acted throughout.
    Very gory and very fast paced with some pretty good special effects.
    Some genuinely funny moments and very inventive set pieces.

    The bad:
    Pretty much no explanation as to where The Horde have come from and why?
    Occasionally a bit silly like Braindead but nowhere near as good.
    Overall; A bit of a let-down.

  9.  5 stars to rule us all and in the darkness bind us


    It is often said that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery; well if this is the case, JRR Tolkien and/or Peter Jackson must be very proud men indeed.
    Castlevania LOS is a fantastic game with some beautiful level design; some top notch voice talent, a very stirring musical score and some brilliant creature design to boot. The only place where the designers seemed not to have strived for 110% is with originality. There are some glaringly obvious nods to a certain fantasy book or film trilogy including Wargs, Giant Spiders (not unlike Shelob) and even vampires that bear more than a passing resemblance to the Uruk Hai. We even have a main narrative character called Gandolfi! You cannot help but smile at these things and yet, this does not detract or make the game anything less. If anything, the game is stronger as it feels that little bit familiar especially to anyone who has seen the films. With Old Skool game design right at its core and in the very best traditions of Devil May Cry and Onimusha, this hack and slash game spread across 2 bursting at the seams discs really is value for money! If you fancy a bit of story driven fun, albeit a little bit Lord of the Rings inspired, then this may just tick some if not all of the boxes!

  10.  Bah Humbug - a classic re telling


    Well, I can't really give the plot away of our most famous and beloved Christmas story as everyone in the world surely knows the heartwarming tale of a Miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge and his ghostly visitors! This 1999 'made for TV version' does nothing special or particularly inventive it does however portray a pretty accurate description of Dicken's Victorian London. Patrick Stewart is on top form as Scrooge and so is Richard E Grant as Bob Cratchit. The Special effects are solid and the sets look great too, the soundtrack is also memorable and fits the film well. If you are a fan of this Dicken's classic and you have seen all the others then this I'm sure will do the trick. All in all a nice Christmas tale updated and done well! I heartily recommend