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  1.  Good RPG game, a few flaws...


    I was counting the days for this game to be released! (Not literally, haha). Anyway... After eventually grabbing myself a copy at a bargain price (30 pounds for a brand new copy!) I found it strange to begin with, but giving the game time (roughly 30mins, haha) I was hooked and dying to know what was going to happen next!

    In my opinion, this game offers many unique systems for the players to work with. Being good or bad, taking the easy route or the hard route towards a situation, the party system and tactic commands (it's always a pain having addtional fighters run all over the place without healing you, just as some huge ass monster is smashing your face in...) The job systems, crafting systems, they all have a unqiue twist!

    Overall, I think the gameplay in Dragon Age beats the visuals hands down. I admit, I was dissapointed with those... however, considering the game has been in development for over 5 years, this isn't a huge surprise. No online content either, which was a shame...

    Not having these features/improved visuals made me rate 4/5. I think everything that matters in the game is unique, almost perfect battle/party/other systems. Great game, a must buy for any big RPGer fans out there, you won't regret it!

    One question I would like to ask, though... does the game have significantly improved graphics on any other platform? This would be interesting to know... Thanks.

  2.  Please help, if anyone can...


    I recently bought this item and knowing I'm not the best person with this technical stuff, I thought I'd ask!

    I wasn't too pleased with the graphics card in this, but I usually play all my HD gaming on PS3/X360.

    I was wondering, with the HDMI port it has... would I be able to connect either of my HD consoles to the laptop and use it as a monitor? I'm not sure if this would work, but I hope someone can help me out. =)

  3.  Upgraded!


    I recently purchased the new 250GB PS3 console to replace my old 40GB machine. Besides from the obvious new appearance, I also bought this version for the massive HDD space that will be required for games mentioned above, such as FFXIII, XIV, and more to come in 2010.

    The fun on PS3 is virtually endless, aside from gaming you have all the extra freebies to play around with and explore. First of all you have the PSN (PlayStation Network) which is absolutely free for anyone who wants to jump right into online gaming. (Internet connection required). The PlayStation Store allows you to download a great amount of downloadable content for games, Demo's and much more! VidZone is an application which allows you to watch, or download an endless supply of artists. Overall the PS3 is a great gaming machine, as well as a media centre for anything you want to have fun with.

    If you're considering on buying a PS3, I recommend looking into the new Slim models due to the massive HDD space, (120/250GB).

  4.  Great JRPG game!


    This is a great JRPG game for those specific fans out there. It has all of the cliche and twists that makes the game worth playing. The storyline throughout the game was consistant, lacking in a few areas but overall it was a nice story from SE and it reminded me more of the old FF series rather than anything new. The battle system from the game wasn't the best, but yet again it wasn't the worst either. Once you get to grips with the different combo's you can pull off, it gets a lot more fun to work with. The only major flaw I had with this game was the SERIOUSLY bad lip syncing. I mean c'mon... you can turn a blind eye to a few words here and there, but there was scenes when someone's mouth had already stopped moving and they were speaking! =( ...but nevertheless, the game was fun and in the end that's all that counts! Great game for the price, don't hesitate!

  5.  Best Gears Ever!


    I must admit at first I really didn't enjoy playing Gears of War, but after maybe 3-4 attempts at the game it soon turned into one of those games I just couldn't put down, great achievement considering sci-fi shooters aren't my main gaming genre. If you're one of those people who don't enjoy many shooters, you should at least give it a try, the storyline alone will have you hooked.

    First of all I'd like to begin by complimenting the graphical improvements from Gears of War 1. The way buildings and walls etc would deteriorate was simply awesome. Secondly the storyline was glorious, all the different aspects were extremely appealing for the game. I admit that towards the end, it was dragged out a little... but I think in a way this was good, beacuse overall the game was particularly short and I didn't want it to end! Lastly, the online play has been greatly improved from the first series with mostly all of the same content. I gave this review 4 stars because of the length of time it requires to build a match with other players, unless you have a friends list that's overflowing lol. Overall this game is a great suggestion and a must buy for the price!