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  1.  Hardly worth it


    I was really excited when I read the reviews and saw the screenshots and downloaded for EA the first day it came out. After hours of gameplay I realised EA had come up with great ideas to further your sims careers. Instead of sitting at a house view of your sims you can now follow them to work and depending on what career you choose you can follow them into the building also.

    In these career professions you can also take the 'evil' side by stealing things from the sims houses that you're meant to be helping. Or leaving sims trapped or on fire.

    However good these perks may be though, there are always downlfalls. Game play with one sim starts off amazing but tires quickly when you cannot have more than one sim on your lot with the new professions provided. I tried bringing up a new born baby with two parent sims. One of my parent sims was a fire fighter and unless you are constantly there with them when they're on a call out, they start up conversations, take showers, watch tv or just come home. I personally find this a BIG FAULT. I and others I have spoken to have found this almost impossible to have a normal family sim life with these new careers.

    As for the new 'stuff' they include, there's not much, a few odd bit's of furniture. A few new changes off clothes and maybe a few new hairstyles. Is it worth the money?? I would say.... No.. But maybe if it was closer to 15 pounds rather than 25, then yes.

    But I'll let you be the judge of it.. All I'd say is that they NEED to bring out Pet's again! (I'd rather save my money for that expansion pack instead)

  2.  Seen it Live


    Wasn't as good as the 1st show but still good. If you like their music you'll love this. I'd say it was more of a chance to kick off their band rather than an actual story line.

  3.  Best Book I've Read In Years!!


    I was 1st in to meet Russell Brand to get this book signed at Lakeside. If you like Russell Brand, you'll love this book. It made me literally cry with laughter! When reading this book it really felt like Russell was sitting beside me reading outloud his troubled life. VERY well written in that sense! Although his life is full of sex, drugs and disturbing childhood memories, it's a good read and rather interesting, I personally found it very difficult to put down, even when falling asleep after reading for many hours straight.

    I don't suggest under 18's reading this however, as it's a little bit disturbing at times and very detailed.. I would recommend to anyone above the age of 18 though! I even got a workmate to read the first few pages of 'My Booky Wook' and even he laughed out loud and he despises Russell!

  4.  Brilliant!


    I read all the books so when I discovered a film being made for this I was so excited!

    Although the 'sex god' wasn't nearly as good looking as I thought he'd be considering how it was written in the books, the film was very well made. Very impressed with how it turned out. Although if you havent read the books, I do suggest reading them first.

  5.  Wild Child


    I saw this film in the cinema and was expecting a complete chick flick and although it was a bit, it was also funny and entertaining. I definatly recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of romance and comedy squeezed into one.

  6.  Brings back memories


    I remember this from when I was little! One of the classic films along with the wizard of Oz and all the other great films from around those times!