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  1.  Nice gimmick, but doesn't stand up to official controllers.


    I bought this from a high street retailer and at first I was delighted. The light is bright and very nice to look at and the cable is a good length.

    However, when trying to use the controller for Battlefield 3 I noticed that the analogue sticks are no where near as sensitive as the official Xbox 360 controllers. This issue may not bother some people but it is very, very frustrating when you're trying to aim in a precise manner or having to react quickly.

    Other than that it's a good controller and nice to hold. I just wouldn't recommend it if you're a serious gamer.

  2.  Good game but quite clearly rushed.


    X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a good game, the cinematic cut scenes are great to watch and the combat is really fun ...

    ... however, the game is quite clearly rushed with graphical glitches all over the place, the story is so mashed up it gets quite annoying and the inclusion of certain characters made no sense what so ever!

    People have complained about the gore but I really don't understand why ... if you slice open a human with very sharp blades, there will be blood. Deal with it.

    Like I said before, the combat is really fun. The many different ways you can dispose of your enemies is entertaining, however, it does get repetitive.

    Once you've finished the main story there isn't much point in playing the game again, unless you want to run around hacking people to death. I thought they could have included some extra enemies to fight in the Danger Room where you can unlock extra costumes, it would have been night to fight Cyclops, Storm and loads of other characters.

    Overall it's an enjoyable game.

  3.  Enjoyable but no where near as good as the first


    With all it's flaws ... and it does have quite a few, this film is still enjoyable.

    The acting is alright, nothign flash but it does the job. The gore effects are really good, probably the best thing about the film ... however, the special effects aren't all that impressive and the plot twists aren't surprising either.

    I still recommend this for anyone who is a fan of the original and would like a little continuation of the story.

  4.  Great representation of William the Bloody!


    I really love this statue, it really is a very detailed and accurate representation of Spike.

    The base looks great and the display surrounding Spike is very well detailed. The only downsides for me is the fire behind Spike and the fire coming from the lighter. The fire from the lighter is way to big and over exaggerated. I don't think the fire behind Spike looks all that good, especially when it is illuminated.

    Despite that I think it is still a great statue and a must purchase for any fan of Spike.

  5.  Absolute bargain!


    For £39.99 you really can't go wrong.

    From the pictures I was a little cautious about what to expect when actually having the statue infront of me but those cautious views were blown away when I got this statue put together and displayed on my desk.

    The pose of Spiderman is something that I love and the detail on the base is excellent. One fear I had is that I thought the statue might be a little un-stable and could topple over but the base takes care of that and is very sturdy.

    Overall an excellent bargain in my opinion and I would recommend this to anyone.

  6.  Words cannot describe how good this statue is.


    This statue is by far one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

    It is absolutely huge, I honestly did not think it would be as big as it is suggested but it is towering. The detail is excellent and the colours really make the statue stand out. The base is stunning as well. I really didn't expect the base to impress me as much as it has.

    The base has a fabric underside which includes all the details of your statue. Mine is number 1,026 out of 2,500. At £44.99 you really cannot go wrong.

    Delighted with this purchase.

  7.  Superb!


    Firstly, this statue is not 12 inches, it's more 9, 9 and a half inches but please, do not let this be a put off.

    I am so impressed with this statue, it is so detailed and an excellent representation of Venom. The underside of the base has the number of the statue, mine is 503 out of 1,000.

    The statue is permanently attached to the base, which in my opinion is excellent, it really adds stability to the statue.

    A fantastic purchase which I am so pleased with, I would recommend it to anyone.

  8.  Very good console


    I've had my console since August and for me it is the best console out there at the moment.

    It looks very nice in black, the 120GB Hard Drive comes in handy and all the games look fantastic when played on a good HD Television.

    However, having to pay for Xbox Live just to play games annoys me a little. I know it's only £40 for the year but having to pay to play games online is a joke in my opinion. The PlayStation 3 gets free internet and you can actually surf the web in a browser.

    The only other issue with this console I can think of is the noise, it's overly noisy, but then again that could just be me nit-picking.

    Apart from the issues with Xbox Live and the noise I can't think of any other bad thing to say about it. The range of games is good and paired with the future releases I can only see the Xbox 360 Elite becomming more popular.

    Definately worth purchasing.

  9.  Enjoyable but nothing flash


    When I first heard that Timothy Olyphant was playing Agest 47 all I could think was 'Oh no'.

    However, he has proved me wrong. I was extremely pleased with how well he played Agent 47. He was the only thing that really made me enjoy the film. The story wasn't fantastic, they didn't stay completely true to the game's origins and I was very dissapointed when they only showed one of his previous missions.

    However, the portrail of Agent 47 was good, it was the little things that I really liked, for example, how uncomfortable he was around women was good and the use of the garrote wire and all the little places he would hide his weapons, it all felt like it was from the game, which is a good thing in my books.

    I did really enjoy this film for what it was and I think people just expected too much from it but lets face it, it was never going to be Oscar material.

    So for what it was, I think it deserves 3 stars.

  10.  Excellent film and some great performances.


    When I first watched this film I was blown away with the performance of Jennifer Carpenter because she was absolutely fantastic.

    As ever Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson are both excellent and the performance of Campbell Scott was an extremely good one.

    I personally did not find this film all that scary, but, that does not mean it wasn't entertaining. It does have it's jumpy parts but nothing that really should frighten you. The only parts that startled me were Jennifer Carpenter's scenes when she is possessed. She does a fantastic job at making you believe she is possessed.

    Overall I think it is a great addition to any film collection.