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  1.  Grower not a Shower


    Cheesier than a hair metal reunion in a wotsit factory is how i first described this film. After a number of years and repeated viewings i am happy to put the record straight. This film is brilliant, if just for the series of one liners fed to the leading man. Concerning a character namerd sub zero, arnie remarks "He was sub zero, now he's just plain zero!". Perfect.

  2.  Beautiful


    A wonderful, beautiful book that is a joy to read. Stephen captures the true spirit of America in this book and shows us a side of the states that is mostly ignored by the British press. Simply fantastic.

  3.  The Sounds of the Steel City


    For me, as a Sheffield lad this album captures everything great about the city. The vibe, the people and the excellent social commentary from Turners at time genius lyrics.

  4.  Beautiful


    It's not very often an album can be described as such but Kings Of Leon's latest output truly is a thing of pure beauty. The album flows perfectly and would have recieved a full five stars were it not for people proclaiming it "like Omgz this is like best thing evarrr" and generally having a fanboygasm over it. To the people who have proclaimed this the greatest album they own i seriously question them as fans as music.
    Please go out and buy Dark side of the moon, The White Album (in fact any beatles album) Appetite for destruction, led zep 4, definetely maybe, purple rain or anything by Queen. Then we'll come back with our sensible shoes on and talk about this in the correct context as a great album. But definetely not the greatest.

  5.  Buy QI's Books Instead


    An insightful book but too difficult to read, try QI's books for better joy

  6.  Fantastically Humourous


    A fantastic insight into the world of the heavy metal loser, it's so easy to place yourself into Seb's shoes. This is an excellent book if you're travelling and one of the best rock books of recent years. Better than most of Seb's famous counterparts.

  7.  Better than the film?!


    The Godfather is one of my favourite films of all time. The book is even better, i don't think there can be a greater compliment than that. However, if you are yet to see the film i endorse reading the novel first and thus improving your viewing quality of the film ten fold.

  8.  Fantastic


    If you haven't already seen this film already then i can't recommend it enough. The acting is superb throughout and the dialect is so memorable you'll be quoting for days. In my opinion, this film represents some of Pacino's best work.

  9.  The Best.


    The greatest autobiography i've ever read. Roth's storytelling qualities and his 'Unique' sense of humour make this a must for any serious fan of rock music. Not reccomended to Sammy Hagar or James Blunt fans.

  10.  The Best


    Chris Eubank would like this t-shirt because its simply the best